Love In Spring Time/C5 Chapter 5- Approach
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Love In Spring Time/C5 Chapter 5- Approach
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C5 Chapter 5- Approach

Kierria College.

Kierria college is so big that you can't run into someone easily, familiar or unfamiliar.

Eros, a male student was on his way to class 8n a hury when he mistakenly bumb into someone and his books fell to the ground, he bent down to pick it. "I am sorry, I don't mean to." Denise who has just knocked his things down bent to assist him.

"It's not your fault, it is mine." He took the book from her and looked up to see who it was cause the sun has almost blinded his view, to his surprise, he was stunned as he saw the face of the lady. "Wow!" He exclaimed.

Dennis was surprise at the look on his face. "What is wrong?" She looked back to see if he was staring at something else, but nothing was behind her, she look back at the person in her front.

"Are you a goodness?" Eros asked her in a daze.


Eros blink and shook his head, waking up from his daydream. "I mean, you are so pretty." He flashed her a smile, still staring at her.

Dennis wonder if he had mistakenly hurt his head too, he was not making any sense right now. "I am sorry once again, I have to go now." She was about to leave when Eros held her hands and she stop.

"Wait, what is your name?" Dennis look at him and he left her hands. "I am Eros." He introduced himself. "What is your name?" He was still smiling.

"I am sorry, I don't tell strangers my name." She knew it was just a mistake to run into this person, there was no need to when there is little chance to run into him again, whereas she has class to attend too. "I will take my leave now." She walked away.

"Wow!" Eros watched her disappear, almost forgetting that he also has class to attend to. "It is getting exciting to be in this school." He smile and touch his hair.

The department was filled with student, as they wait for the teacher that will take them on the subject, the three hot boys were also in the department with their headphones on their ear while some female students stare at them and were also whispering to each other while smiling and blushing.

"You tried?" A female asked Dahlia who had gone to confess her feelings to Ramon at the library yesterday.

"Yes, I did that already, but he does not understand, he mistake my feelings and thought I was begging him for money." Dahlia told Sofia, one of her friend.

Sofia started laughing. "What? Money?" She pressed her lips together but still sniggered.

"Is that funny?" Dahlia glared at her and Sofia immediately stop laughing.

Sofia looked around the department and then back at Dahlia. "I have not seen Elvis."

"Me too."

"Wow! Ramon is very handsome." Daisy told her friends in a whisper, as she stare at Ramon whose eyes were on his phone.

"That's not true, Visayan is more handsome." Salsa argued.

Dennis looked at her two friends who have been arguing about this for quite a long time now, she wonder if they were also enchanted. "Will you both end up dragging about such gibberish?" She asked and they both look at her.

"Dennis, say the truth, Ramon or Visayan, who is more handsome?" Daisy asked her to break the tie.

"Do I even know which one bear each name?" She exhaled softly and look at her friends seriously. "I came to school to study not to look or argue about unreasonable things."

"I heard." Salsa nod. "Book lover." Salsa said sarcastically. "All I know is that Visayan is more handsome."

"Snap out of it." Denise told them and look down at her book to continue studying.

Ramon look up from his phone to Salsa's direction, he noticed something and then he turn and look around the department, he could see all the female students starng at them, then he look back at Salsa's direction.

Ramon took off his headphone and touch Alex, Alex took his off too. "Who is that girl over there?" He asked.

"Who?" Alex looked around the department.

"Look left." He told him and Alex did. "The one studying." Ramon stare at Dennis who has her eyes on her book, she was not ogling at them like the rest of the student which made Ramon more curious.

"I have not see her before." Alex said while looking at Dennis too.

"She is pretty, right?"

"Yes, just like a goddess." Alex confirm with a thin smile.

Ramon smile broadly and stood up. "I will be right back." He turned and walk towards Salsa's direction as everyone stare, curious as to what is happening.

"Look, Daisy, he is coming this way." Salsa told Daisy as she adjusted her hair and sat up straight.

"Hey!" Ramon said as he got to their seat.

"Me." Daisy pointed at herself with a smile on her lips, Ramon have been her crush since she came into this school, and having him look at her and talk to her was the most amazing feelings, he must have noticed her, she thought.

"You studying." Ramon said and Daisy and Salsa look at Dennis who has her eyes on her book surprised.

"Dennis." Salsa touched Dennis on her arm. "Look."

"Are you both done with your argument?" She asked her friends as she at them, then around the department, everyone was staring at her and the hall was quiet.

"Hey!" Ramon called out again and she look up to see the male standing in her front.

"Huh! Me?" She pointed at herself and Ramon tilt his head to the side and scan her with his eyes, sure enough she was really like a goddess

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