Love is a bet/C1 The cart sisters
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Love is a bet/C1 The cart sisters
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C1 The cart sisters

Love is a bet - chapter 1.

The Cart sisters.

My alarm rang and I managed to get to the bathroom, After carefully watching my steps not to wake any of my siblings,it was midnight and my reading time, I got a bucket of water and I put my leg inside the bucket of water my aim was to drive sleep.

Khloe!!!!! Wake up,Khloe!!!!! my kid sister was trying to wake me up.

Aliya !!!!!! What do you want ????? I yawned.

The lamp caught fire,Aliya screamed waking up the rest three of my siblings.

Fire !!! Fire!!! Fire!!!! My sisters kept shouting terrified at the sight of the fire. I was furious, I had put my siblings and our precious house in danger.

Listen you all evacuate the room, Ella get the fire extinguisher, if wasn't a huge fire, I had an ancient kerosene lamp because we were shot on electricity bills and my mom promised to get it fixed,so I was just managing the lamp and it fell on my books and caught fire while I was asleep. In few minutes I already put out the fire,My mom was on a night shift and I know I was dead,If she finds out.

Guys we have to keep this from mom,only my books caught fire, so please girl code,I pleaded with my sisters.

Sure, We can help you tidy up,Aliya said. Aliya is ten years old, Goldie is seven and her twin gabby and Ella she was fifteen and I was just two years old than she was.

No way!!!! You almost killed all of us,Am not going to be part of such lies, Ella objected, Ella was kind of the grumpy one,She was rude and she was the only one that was a blondy, We all had black hair color and that made her feel more prettier..

Ella !!! It was an accident, I said opening all the windows.

And she's asking not to tell mom, Gabby said.

You are always reading every single time and now you almost killed us,We all know you won't get the scholarship so beat it,Ella said picking her nails.

I felt bad but it was true, I have been applying for this scholarship since junior highschool.

You are such a bitch,Goldie cursed at her.

Girls it's enough, Let's all go back to sleep I tried to calm the atmosphere.

Let her go,Let's help khloe clean this up,Gabby said.

** The next morning **

Mom was a lower class workwr, She was a cleaner at a company,Her salary could just feed us,Clothe us and pay bills, we all attended public schools. Me and my sisters assists too,Am always winning cash prices from school competitions and also had multiple part-time jobs, Ella was a babysitter and Gabby, Goldie and Aliya runned a lemonade stand front of our house. I was waiting for matt at the bus stop,The look on my face was pale and I was in a bad mood, Matt realised at his first gaze.

Hey what's wrong???? Matt asked me.

Something really bad happened, I fell asleep and my lattern caught fire,explaining what happened last night to my best friend was very emotional, I would have hurt my sisters and our house.

Geez that bad,Matt hands were on his head,It was obvious we were in big soup. We got to the library and librarian was on the front desk,Jack the librarian was just a few years older than me and matt,He has been hitting on me for a long time,He would always tell me I was good looking, Nice and a beautiful long black hair and how my skin was glowy.

Khloe!!!! I was just thinking about you, Jack wasn't someone I want to go out with, He is a womanizer and a Playboy, Rumours says he just got in to college and he had dated multiple women.

Oh really!!!! Matt scoffed, Matt doesn't like him,They exchanged fist's a lot because they were enemies.

Are you here to return the books???? Jack said ignoring matt.

Actually something came up, I was involved in a fire accident and all four of the books caught fire, I was waiting for what Jack would say.

I could pull some strings but you have to eat dinner with me and after that we can make a quick stop at my house, Jack was already putting his hands around my shoulders, I felt irritated and I was about to shout at him but Matt was already on it.

Take your hands off her and I believe this is the fine for misplacing a book,Threw the money at him and dragged me out of the library.

Matt that was the money you intended to use to fix your skateboard, Why did you do that. ????? I asked.

That scumbag wanted to take advantage of you,I wasn't going to just watch matt said.

Thanks I never imagined that was going to be Jack's reply.

Well you heard him anyways am in the mood for lemonade and I have some change, So let's go home, Matt said putting his hands across my shoulders. Matt and I walked home and we met my sisters except Ella at the lemonade stand. I told matt about Ella not accepting not to tell mom about the fire and Ella has a huge crush on him so he was the perfect person.

Just make her not tell mom about the fire accident, I explained.

You know I don't like being around Ella she is weird and crazy,Matt said.

Matt please !! Please !!!! I pleaded.

Fine but you owe me, Matt took a lemonade and approached Ella.

Matt !!!!!! Ella arranged her hair and face when she saw matt.

Isn't she pathetic ???? Aliya who was beside me asked.

Aliya yes she can be annoying but she cares a lot about us she's just too toxic I said watching closely at matt and Ella.

I could see it in Matt's face that she was fed up already.

So khloe told me about the fire incident, Matt said.

Oh yes,She almost killed us all,Ella exaggerated.

No way !! But can you not tell your mom, I already scolded her Matt said.

Matthew !!! Why do you want that ???? Ella asked.

Just don't okay, For me please……. Matt pleaded.

Okay so are you free now???? Ella asked.

Uhmmmm I have to help my dad later. Matt left her and met me at the back.

Well seems like she isn't going to tell,Mart said.

You think so,Aliya pointed at Ella who just ran to meet my mom,She took her bag and flask and was acting all nice.

That bitch,I had no choice but to curse at her, Damn she's annoying.

Khloe !!!! Mom is searching for you,Gabby ran to me.

It's now or never I rushed in and I met my mom in her favorite chair and Ella was beside her.

Khloe what am I hearing from Ella ????? Mom questioned.

Mom I can explain, I fell asleep and the lantern fell on the books I borrowed from the library, it was a minor fire,I explained.

Honey you could have hurt yourself and your sisters, Be careful next time, Mom said and left for her room. I wasn't expecting such response from mom.

Mom is that all ??? Ella felt embarrassed

Yup that's all,Aliya replied.

Hmmm someone is disappointed, Matt burst in laughter.

** The next day at school **

matt and I arrived at school, We were always late as usual it's a public school and we get into detention if we cross our pass.

So uhmmm do you want to grab ice cream after school ???? Matt asked.

Did the modelling company pay you ??? I knew that matt was expecting his pay soon but I didn't know when.

Yup,Matt said flipping cash on my face.

You!!!!! I jumped and hit his head,He was way taller than I was.

If it isn't the couples pretending to be friends, Natasha said from behind. Natasha was Matt's ex and I didn't know why they broke up he just told me one day that they were no longer dating.

Am busy, Come on khloe let's go, Matt said dragging me along.

Really you heard what she said, Are we just going let her go without saying a word to her,I was sick of Natasha's words.

Let her be she's just crazy, Matt said.

Why did you even break up with her ???? I know I was being too nosy but I had to know.

Well it's…….

It's because of you, Natasha heard my question and cut in.

Me !!!!! What the hell ???? I was shocked to my bone, I didn't like that Matt was dating Natasha but he really liked her so I decided to let them be.

Yes you, Natasha said slowly walking towards us.

Don't listen to her, Matt for some reason didn't want me to find out.

Oh she will, I told him I didn't like him around you and you guys should cut ties, Natasha was rolling her eyes irritably.

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