Love is a bet/C2 Will I get accepted
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Love is a bet/C2 Will I get accepted
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C2 Will I get accepted

Love is a bet

chapter 2….

Since Natasha told me why Matt broke up with her, I was quiet and matt wasn't going to speak either.

" You would have never told me about the breakup right, I asked, Matt and I sat at the school library, Normally the library was meant to be calm but not bixler high school,I was elected once as the library pre8sident and I dropped few weeks later because I couldn't control them.

" I was going to tell you but not like this Matt said.

" Really, She's going around talking shit about me…

Natasha has been saying really bad stuffs about me in school and even her social media page.

" We are not done talking about this, I grabbed my bag pack and we headed for class. My class was the worst in the whole of bixler high school, They were noisy, Rude,Violent, Bullies and even Natasha and her friends who call themselves beauty club. One reason Natasha Hate's mr is because of my refusal to join her stupid club.

" Quiet !!!!!! Victoria screamed, Victoria the class president was like a competitor to me not to mention the fact that I was her vice, She was also applying for crown lake so it's either me or her.

No one paid attention or listened to her, I knew I had to help.

" Principal Mullins is a few class away,I yelled.

In no less time the whole class was calm, Everyone was retreating to their seat's.

" Thanks……

" You are welcome, I smiled and sat on the desk I shared with Matt.

Mr Drake the homeroom teacher walks in……..

" You guys are oddly calm today,Mr Drake noticed

" Someone lied princess Mullins was coming, Natasha eyed me.

" I did see the princess,I chuckled.

We all proceeded to the garden for interaction class with mr Drake, My partner was Natasha I tried my best not to worry but I was annoyed she was my partner.

" Well I just want you to know that you are weak, You think you can take my baby matt from me,Huh!!!!! So pathetic you think matt likes you, He just feel's pity for you and for the highlight you are never getting into crown lake, Natasha stood up and left,Everyone was staring at me,Tears rolled them my cheeks, Before Matt could reach me, I just ran to class.

" Khloe!!! Khloe!!! Wait…….. Matt kept calling me but I wasn't listening, I sat on my desk and lean my head on the table, Matt bent down in front of me.

" What did that witch say to you ????? Matt barked.

" Matt I want to ask you two questions and please be truthful to me,I cried.

" Yes ask me anything…….

" Are you my friend because I have no friends, Because you feel pity for me….

Matt was amazed by the questions.

" What!!!!! Khloe no,How can you say that, You are my best friend not because of any of what you just said, You are an amazing person and everything I want in a friend, Matt said in one breath.

I felt relieved and disappointed I asked such a question and because I fell prey to Natasha's minds game,She Just wanted to get back at me because of the breakup but hearing it felt more relieving.

" Next question, Do you think I would get into crown lake ????? I asked raising my head.

" Of course I do,You are so smart and I can't think of anyone that deserves that scholarship more than you do, Immediately I heard these words from Matt I fell on his arms.

" She's just jealous because you are prettier and cuter than she can ever be,Matt smiled at me and I was blushing and giggling.

Everyone was already in the classroom, I fell asleep and matt was concentrating on his mural,Matt didn't say a word to Natasha he gave her silent treatment,That was the worst thing to do to Natasha.

Principal Mullins walked in and matt woke me up

" Khloe cart,Victoria western my office now, Principal Mullins ordered.

" Another scholarship form coming up,Natasha teased and burst in laughter with her friends.

I ignored her and left for the principal's office alongside Victoria and a good luck wish from matt.

Principal Mullins was not looking so happy she handed over two envelope to me and Victoria and dismissed us,Victoria and I were trembling in fear, yes I knew today the results were coming in but I had confidence before now but all of that went out the window, We walked into a class room of anxious classmates waiting for the results

" How did it go ??? Matt asked.

" Are we seeing you again next semester, Natasha mocked.

" I still don't know, I was scared to open mine and Victoria still hasn't opened her's.

Kira,Victoria's desk mate yanked the envelope from Victoria to check for her,Everyone including me wanted to know the results.

" You got rejected again, Kira frowned, I lost hope and courage to open mine. Natasha took it from me and matt collected it from her and opened it,My heart skipped but somehow I was above the ground my legs were hanging on the air,Matt was carrying me

" You got accepted !!!!! Matt said twirling me around.

" What did he just say???? Did he just say I got in ?????

" Matt please don't pull my legs, I took the letter and a big accepted was on my letter, I did get in I screamed. Everyone in my class except Natasha was happy for me, Glitters kept for the celebration was poured on me,This was the first time I was receiving such love from my classmates.

" I knew you could do it,Matt hugged me.

I still couldn't believe it,I could feel butterflies in my tummy my greatest dream has come to reality. Matt and I rushed to go home,I couldn't wait to tell my mom and sisters the news, For the first time matt and I didn't walk home we took a cab.

" Can we get your special treat please???? Matt smiled.

" What's with the glitter, What are you guys celebrating???? Goldie asked giving matt and I a cup of lemonade.

" Did a cab just drop you guys off,Gabby noticed.

" This would answer your question, I handed over my letter,My sisters looked at me and then the letter more than three consecutive times in disbelief.

" This is your name and it's clearly stated here, You got accepted into crown lake, Goldie exclaimed.

" As seen……

" So you are going to be a student in crown lake ???? Gabby asked.

" Yup am to resume next semester clearly written here,I pointed at the resumption date in excitement.

" This is better than Good news, Mom!!!!!!!! Gabby grabbed my hands heading outside alongside matt and Goldie, Aliya and Ella was helping mom with chores when we came in.

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