Love is a bet/C3 I got accepted
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Love is a bet/C3 I got accepted
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C3 I got accepted

I was excited to tell my mom the news, I ran and hugged her tightly.

" You look so happy and all those glitters I already cleaned up,Mom complained.

" She got accepted, Mom !!! Khloe got accepted, Goldie announced.

" What do you mean she got accepted, You got accepted for what, Mom already gave up on me getting into crown lake.

" I got accepted into crown lake high school , I screamed in excitement. The mop my mom was holding fell from my mom's hands,She was excited to hear the news.

" I knew you could do it, Mom gave me a tight hug and my sisters joined too and I called Matt to join and Ella who was just arriving from school dropped her bag and joined too. My mom promised to get me a congratulation gift on her way from work.

Bixler was a small town in seattle almost everybody knew each other and news about me getting into crown lake high school and college was spread all over town, I patiently waited for the next semester to come soon.

A week before I was to leave, I sat with my sisters in our room so we can have a little chat.

" Crown lake is a good school, I hope I can get in when am old enough, Gabby said.

" Awwwwn,I thought you liked pristoria,Pristoria was a rival to crown lake and Ella applied once but when she got rejected she gave up, Pristoria was another option but my main aim was crown lake because of the college benefits, Scholarship students who graduate from crown lake high school gets an opportunity to attend their college.

" Well crown lake is amazing too,Gabby said.

" More amazing, Aliya added.

" We are gonna miss you ,Goldie said.

" Oh my love, Am going to miss you all too,I hugged my sisters. My family was my shield and the reason I want to become a persecutor, I didn't mention I was a twin, We had just one brother,Ken and he was murdered and his killer was not persecuted, The way I expected and I was disappointed, His sentence was too light for a murderer that he was.

Memories of him makes me cry but seeing my sisters in my arms was too emotional I had a dry eye. My sisters left to handle the lemonade stand and I left for Matt's place. I met Matt's dad at the entrance of the house, He was a sheriff.

" Khloe, I heard the news,Congratulations, Matt's father complemented.

" Thanks am excited to attend a school like crown lake, I smiled.

" Everyone is excited especially because you deserve it,You work too hard for your age,Anyways Matthew is in the basement.

" Thank you Sir and have a wonderful day, I said running off to the basement.

" What a cheerful girl, Am happy matt has such a friend, He smiled.

I met matt in the basement packing up stuff.

" Boom !!!!! I made an attempt to scare matt but it nevers works.

" When will you give up ???? Matt chuckled.

" Never I laughed.

Matt was hiding something behind his back and made an attempt to toss it under a bed there.

" What are you hiding ?????? Huh! Huh!! I said trying to dribble him.

" Stop already, You know am taller than you are, Matt held up a pink box, it was really cute and I desperately wanted to see it.

" Fine I will show you, Matt gave me the box.

" What is this ????? I opened the box and it was a black gown, I once admired at the mall and a white slipper I have always wanted to buy.

" Matt !!!! I jumped on Matt and hugged him.

" You are choking me, Matt laughed.

" You !!!! Why didn't you tell me, Oh my !!!! This is beautiful…..

" Promise me you are going to wear this when you go to crown lake next week,I knew Matt was missing me already.

" You bet, I hugged Matt again.

" You are my best friend and the most smartest person I know, You deserve more, Matt said.

" Am gonna miss you, I burst in tears.

" Am the one left with no friends for sure you are going to meet new people, Matt sobbed.

" No one can be compared to my best friend, I wept.

A week later.

Ella helped me make a pony tail with my long black hair,I was wearing the black gown and slipper Matt bought for me,I stood in front of my mirror. Matt and my mom was helping carry my stuffs outside. My sisters were all around me including tough Ella.

" Ella you are in charge now while the lamp is on,I teased.

" Don't worry I never read,Ella's voice was still shaky. My sisters hugged me and we exchanged I love you's and we went outside together. Matt and Mom were already outside, Mom's eyes were watery same with Matt.

" Always be yourself and even if it's a complete different world make it yours, Mom gave me a hug and a locker with our family picture on it.

" Mom don't work yourself too much, That's the reason I gave you the money do what you really want to do,I gave my mom all the money I got as my price money and she let it out.

" Khloe !!!! My love, Mom finally let out the tears she has been holding in. I cried and I did our signature handshake with Matt and we smiled.

" See you during the holidays, I smiled at Matt.

" I will be waiting, Matt replied.

" How are we going to manage our lemonade stand without you, How are we even going to cope with you away, Aliya sobbed.

" You can do it if you do it together as a team,I advised.

" Young lady we have to go now, The driver said. I waved my family and my best friend goodbye, My sisters were still crying and Ella was consoling them. We waved each other till we were out of sight.

As the car move,I said goodbye to my hometown, I felt more nervous, Crown lake was one of the biggest and prestigious school in Seattle and I was a beneficiary of their scholarship.

Yeah am a scholarship student,Am not as rich as the kids there,I was just going to study in crown lake, If I wanted to have the life of highschool, I would have stayed back home with my family and my best friend and probably join the beauty club, But no this was a chance for me, After my high school,I have a guarantee of being a student of their college, So I have to do this right. I know what exactly I want.

" Young lady we are here,The driver woke me up,We have been driving for more than five hours and we are finally here.

I rubbed my eyes,As I opened my eyes I could see how glorious this place was,The building was a million times cooler than bixler high school.


The sign welcomed me,My luggage's were down so was I,I could see the administrative office, I took picture and sent it to matt and my sisters.

" This way, The driver was my tour guide,And some guy took my luggage's.

" Where is he taking my luggage's to,I asked walking to the administrative office with him.

" He has been assigned to take it to your dorm,He answered me.

" How does he know my dorm ????

" Things are in accord here,He has been given information including your roommate, You just need to be registered,After that you are officially a student of crown lake Academy.

" Woww,I exclaimed.

" You must be miss khloe cart,The administrator smiled.

" Yes I am,I how in respect, I wasn't full American kind of,My mom is a Korean and she taught us a lot about her culture not only because we had some of her looks as asian but because she loved us to be part of her culture.

" Hmmmm,I like you already, Anyways everything has been prepared for you, Just write your name here,After you try on your uniform, I will ask for a photo for you, For your school ID,That's all your fifteen school wear on that box with your name on it but first can I have your letter,The administrator said.

" Yes sir,I gave him my letter with the speed of light.

" Good this is your room number, Find your room, Your school wears will be delivered to your dorm, The Administrator said.

" Thank you so much sir but can I get directions to the dorm ???? I asked politely.

" It's just the left building, The administrator pointed out his window and I saw the building with a big sign dormitory.

" Welcome to crown lake, The Administrator smiled. It was relieving and amazing I was finally an official student of crown lake high school.

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