Love is a bet/C4 Trouble on my first day
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Love is a bet/C4 Trouble on my first day
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C4 Trouble on my first day

The New Girl chapter 4.

Immediately I got out of the administrator office, I was making a video chat with Matt.

" Whoa !!!! It's beautiful, Matt exclaimed

" I know right, Am on my way to my dorm……… All of a sudden I was on the floor alongside my shattered phone and someone was behind me,Damn he was cute I thought to myself.

" Are you blind ?????? He yelled at me.

" Am sorry,Am sorry, I apologized trying to fix my phone but it was broken.

" Oh my heavens !!!!! Grandma just got this shirt for me,Are you blind ?? Are you dumb ?? Didn't you see me ?? This guy was throwing insults at me.

" Like I said earlier,I am sorry,I apologised because most of this was my fault, I admitted but this guy was rude.

Adams looked at her,Her shinning eyes were filled with sincerity and he most admit how pretty she was,He hasn't seen her before but she was still going to be punished for stepping on his toes.

" What's your name ???? Adams yelled at me.

" Khloe !! Khloe cart,I didn't know if I was scared or charmed by him.

" You have been marked, Adams threw his jacket at me and pushed me out of the way and walked out. Well so much for a first day. I was still holding this authentic leather jacket and the perfume smelt so refreshing. I knocked on room 304 and a girl about my age opened the door,I knew she wasn't a scholarship student like me I just knew by first sight.

" Laura who is it ???? Another girl walked to the door now I was looking at two beautiful girls.

" Hi am khloe cart I believe this is room 304,I said.

" Oh my gosh !!!! Come in, Miley the other girl said.

" You must be our new room mate,Laura smiled.

" Yes I am,I smiled.

" We knew when the principal told us,We have been awaiting a new room mate since our old roommate left,Miley said. Miley Cox is the eldest among me and laura,she's nice,smart,a typical blonde and a lover of sport. Laura Peterson, Laura is the most cheerful person have ever since, She's jovial, Nice, She has black hair and she was a public figure on social media. I love my roommate, It's being three days u move in with them and class was to start in few days time but they still didn't know I was a scholarship student. Me and my roommates sat outside in the garden and I thought it wise to tell them I was a scholarship student.

" So guys how are the scholarship student here ????? I asked.

" Hmmmmm let's say they are good but it's better when they keep their identity secret because of the super rich kids,Miley said.

" we have three types of students here in crown lake,Laura said dropping her phone.

" What do you mean ??? I asked.

" This is what I mean first the super rich kids, Two the rich kids and then scholarship student, Laura said. I noticed how they discriminate scholarship student and I wanted to know.

" You, me and laura are rich kids, The super rich kids are kids of the top board like the president, Governors, Senators, Business Guru's and the board of the school, Miley was getting it wrong I wasn't a rich kid.

" Hmmmmm actually am not a rich kid, I said.

" I knew it,You are super rich kid, Laura exclaimed.

" No !!! Am a scholarship student from bixler town, I broke the news.

" Are you serious ?????? Miley asked.

" You look nothing like one,Laura said.

" Well I am,I was looking at my roommates trying to read their expression but they look like they were okay with it.

" Khloe we have to tell you something, Laura said.

" Sure what it is ???? I drew closer to laura.

" You have to keep the fact that you are a scholarship student a secret, No one is ever gonna look down on you or bully you if you keep that a secret, Miley explains.

This wasn't my kind of person I never hide who I am or what I am but for my stay here at crown lake I have to.

" I know it's hard but we know people here at crown lake, Discriminators,Bullies, Spoilt kids and self centered,They don't like scholarship student to be here,Laura explained.

" Now am confused, I said.

" Scholarship students are mistreated and bullied so they can get enough of it and leave, Reason is this the super rich kids and some of the rich kids believes scholarship student don't deserve to be here, I wish we told nicole Miley said.

" But that isn't true,We equally deserve to be here,We study hard,so hard, I said.

" Khloe not everyone believes that but you have to be careful and we are here for you, Laura smiled.

" Thanks, I hugged my roommates and my eyes caught with him,Adams Walter he was with some of his friends.

" Who is he ??? I asked pointing at him.

" Adams Walter !!!!!

" Yup is that his name, I asked.

" Yes,Adam Walters,He is so handsome,He is crown lake most handsome and richest,His parents are the founder of crown lake high school,He is also the leader of the super rich kids but he is rude,arrogant and proud as hell,Miley said.

" He is mean,But why are you asking about him ???? Laura said .

" Come on let's go,I said dragging laura and miley back to our dorm when I realized Adams sighted me.

" This is why I asked about me,I said pointing at the jacket in my cupboard.

My roommates were looking at the jacket in surprised.

" Oh My!!!! Is this….. Miley gasped.

" This is his jacket and I want to return it to him,I said.

" How did you get his jacket ??? Lydia said sniffing his cologne..

" We bumped into each other, The coffee he was holding spilled on it because I wasn't looking, I apologized but he asked for my name and said I have been marked, I explained.

" WHAT!!!!!!!! Miley exclaimed.

" Yeah that's what he said….

" This is bad,This is bad,All of a sudden lydia was restless.

" He said that to you, Are you sure ???? Miley said.

" Yes he did….

" Khloe this is not good, Being marked by him means trouble but let's just hope that he forgets,Miley tried making me not to be scared but I was.

" Am going for a run,I said.

" Okay am going to just take some selfies and I might upload one or two or a tons of them,Laura smiled.

" As for me am going to take a long nap,Miley smiled.

As I was running around crown lake track area, I could hear someone agonizing in pain.

I checked the bushes around and I found a male lying with a broken ankle, It seemed like he feel from the tree.

" Oh my are you okay ?????? I asked.

" Please help me call for help please, He pleaded.

" Hmmmmm first can you move your legs,I asked.

" Not at all,He said.

" Please stay here,I will be back with the medical officials, I removed my jacket and placed it on the floor so he could lay his head. I was running and it happened again, I bumped into Adams again this time some other people were behind him.

" You again……..

" Am sorry,I said focusing on my run to call for help.

Adams felt insulted by my act but he shouldn't blame me I need to save this guy.

" Is she blind ???? Adams baby are you alright ??? Nelly asked.

" It's twice the target this time, Adams said.

" How come I haven't seen someone this pretty here in crown lake, Jonas said.

" Yup how did we not notice her, Damn she's cute,Henry and Jonas kept staring at me as I ran.

I arrived with medical officials and the young male was rescued, He was a student of crown lake, He wasn't wearing uniform but he had a badge on the clothes he was wearing.

I wondered if he was going to alright as the ambulance take him away, I realized what happened earlier, Laura and Miley told me how powerful he was and I bumped into him for the second time.

It was lunch time and I left for the lunch hall alongside laura and miley. We sat almost next to the door.

" They are coming…….. A student screamed running in.

" Who ???? I asked.

" Them,Miley pointed at the super rich kids, I saw just one familiar face, it was Adams and for a reason I don't know why,They were all staring at me.

" Khloe what's going on ???? Laura asked noticing their stare.

" I mistakenly bumped into him again, I said scared as hell.

" WHAT !!!!! Laura and Miley echoed.

" Is he pointing at me ??????? I asked in fear.

" Looks like it,The junior who was sitting with us said.

" And lily is walking this way,Laura whispered.

" Who is lily ???! I whispered.

" Their DUFF,Miley whispered.

I couldn't understand any of this slangs.

" D USELESS FOOLISH FRIEND, Laura whispered.

" Follow me, Lily ordered me.

" Why should I ???? I asked.

" Did she just…… Adams was watching me and lily.

" Khloe I think it's best if you do, Laura whispered.

" Don't escalate things, Miley advised.

I listened and followed the lily girl out of the lunch hall.

" What are they going to do to her ???? The junior asked laura and miley.

" Probably to take care of their assignments and project, Aishhhhh she's still new here,Miley said.

" I hope she's going to be alright, Laura worried.

" I lost my appetite, Miley dropped her spoon.

" Me too,Laura replied.

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