Love is a bet/C5 Am in trouble
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Love is a bet/C5 Am in trouble
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C5 Am in trouble

Love is a bet chapter 5

I followed this lily girl to wherever she was taking me too,I passed our dorm and around the male dorm just by the corner, She stopped at a building and instructed me to follow her.

" This is our lounge,I was instructed by Adams that you should clean it up,Lily gave me a broom as we entered. It was a beautiful lounge, It was big and it had a classy piano, A casino, A bar and a lot of leisure activities.

" But this room is too big for me to clean alone and am a student not a cleaner, I opposed.

" This is your punishment for being clumsy, You are lucky he gave you such easy punishment, She said and left,She slammed the door.

" Khloe !!! You are not always clumsy,It was just an accident, I said to myself.

I wonder if anyone was in the room,They was a dark place of the room,I moved closely and my legs kicked the coach and I put on the light.

" Oh Geez!!!!! I screamed in surprise,Someone was fast asleep, it wasn't just someone it was a familiar face.

" It's you, I said and my voice woke him up.

It was the guy in the bush about a hour ago.

" Can you be a little quiet…….. Adrian raised his heads and his eyes caught with Khloe, She was the girl earlier in the woods.

" Hey!!!!! Adrian tried sitting up and I helped him because he was with crutches.

" How's your ankle ???? I asked this incredibly handsome guy.

" My ankle is fine only because you called the medical officials, Adrian said.

" Yeah you were really in pain, I said.

" What are you doing here with a broom ????? Adrian asked.

" Some jerks asked me to clean this up,You know the super rich kids, Those jerks,I admit I was clumsy but really those barfs asked me to clean up,So yeah that's why am here.

" What exactly did you do ???? Adrian asked me.

" When I first got here I was having a video chat with my friend and I bumped into this Adams guy,I apologized but he was still acting rude,We are both victims you know my phone got destroyed, And then I bumped into him again while I was rushing to go get you help…..

" Ohhhh!!!! I see…

" Yeah, Wait why are you, Oh my gosh !!!! Are they punishing you too even with an injury,I gasped.

" No !! Actually this is our lounge, Adrian smiled.

" Our……..

" Yeah,The people who punished you, Adams,Jonas, Henry, Nelly,Kira and lily are all my friends, Adrian said.

" What!!!! No! Oh No!! I kept drifting from him in fear.

" No !! Am nothing like them and you don't have to clean up, I already called the cleaner,Adrian said.

" Really!!!! Okay bye !!! I dropped the broom and ran through the back road in fear.

" Did I scare her ??? Adrian wondered.

About an hour later,The squad was back. Adrian was sitting in the bean bag trying to piece together why khloe ran away.

" Hey dude !!!! How's your leg ???? Adams asked.

" It's fine bro,Did you tell mom about my injury ???? Adrian asked.

" No I didn't and that's only because you asked me not to,Adams and Adrian are twin brothers but not identical.

" So uhmmm!!! Lessons starts tomorrow, What's going to make this school year fun ??? Adams asked.

" Yup this year show needs to have a whole pack of activity so what are you guys thinking ????? Nelly asked.

" The New Girl….. Jonas said.

" What about her ???? Henry asked.

" Adams do you still have your seducing charms????? Jonas asked.

" Till death,Yes…

" Am out of here,Adrian left with his crutches,he was in the other side of the room so he didn't hear what they were discussing but he didn't like being around them.

" You still look cute even with crutches, Kira admired.

Adrian didn't respond, He just wanted to go away from here.

" So uhmmm what's the plan and who is this new girl ???? Adams asked.

" I see you don't know her,Lily bring my plan board, Henry smiled mischievously.

" We are using a plan board, This must be interesting,Adams smiled.

" Reveal the plan, Nelly instructed lily.

" This is my plan for an amazing school year, Khloe cart,Age 17, Status unknown, Hobbies unknown, Relationship status, Unknown……

" Wait you barely know anything about the target, Jonas said.

" Well that's because she's new,I did a lot to get this little, Henry said.

" Just go straight to the plan, Adams said.

" We want to place a bet on the new girl, Henry said.

" This is the only picture I can get,It was a far shot,A picture of Khloe in the library was placed on the board.

" I know this brat,Adams said taking off the picture.

" Of course you do,This is the plan, Seduce her anyway you want to do it,Make her fall in love with you, Ask her out and then you guys date for a while until the big day,Homecoming then this is the part where we come in,We will reveal to everyone it was a bet,That's only if you seduce her……

" Hmmmmm this year sure is going to be fun,Nelly smiled.

" Why must you pick that slow witted and clumsy girl ???? Adams said.

" She's pretty,Except you no longer have your charms, Jonas said.

" I think I have to learn Korean, Adams burst in laughter.

" She speaks English, I think she's part Asian, Her last name is cart,Kira said.

" I know,It was just a joke, Adams threw a pillow at kira and walked out.

" Adams are you going to do it ???? Henry asked.

" Sure,Adams said from the bar.

" One more thing,This is the only rule you are not allowed to fall in love with her,Nelly said.

Adams burst in laughter.

" What do you think of me?????? She's nothing like what I want for a girlfriend, Adams kept laughing. When I got to my room,laura and miley wasn't there.

" I guess they went for drama club, I threw myself on my bed and thought about my family back home and matt I still haven't been able to speak with them since my phone crash. I didn't know any of their call lines because I didn't master it

" Aishhhh,I need a new phone, I taught to myself but I have to wait till the next holiday then I can get a new phone and at least I backed up my contact list I could get them back.

I wanted to change into something else and I opened my cupboard, The first cloth I saw was that mean jerk's jacket.

" How am I going to give this back to him,I sighed. Changed into something fresher and went to the soccer field, Nobody.was there.

" I guess there is no practice today,Someone said from behind.

I turned and I saw the crutches guy.

" Hey, Uhmmmmm….. I was trying to get his name.

" Adrian, It's Adrian, He answered.

" Am khloe….

" Khloe…… Why did you run off like that????? Adrian asked.

" Let's just say I was ashamed,I called your friends name in front of you, Am sorry…..

" It's fine, My brother and his crew can be annoying…

" Brother !!!!! Kill me already, You guys are brothers, I realized how stupid I was I runned my mouth in front of his brother.Adrian couldn't help but laugh because of my facial expression.

" Hey!!!! Calm down am not like them, Actually we are twins,Adrian smiled. My mind flashed to my little sisters, Gabby and Goldie and how much there must be worried because we haven't communicated.

" You know I have two little sisters, They are twins, I smiled.

" Really, Do they look alike a lot ????? Adrian asked.

" Yes,Gabby is taller and lighter than Goldie but they are identical, I said.

" Hmmmm,So am guessing you are new Adrian said.

" Yes I am..

" So how do you like crown lake ????? Adrian asked me.

" Hmmmmm,The school is really beautiful, The buildings, The Gardens, Leisure area's, Lessons haven't started yet,Am hoping I will love it, I said.

" You are in your senior year right…….

" Yes..

" So if eventually we are in the same class, You can be my desk mate, Adrian said.

" Really!!!!!! I hope so,Laura and Miley are already desk mates, I was wondering who my desk mates might be…..

" You know laura ???? Adrian asked

" Yes,She's my roommate and I was told am going to be in their class, I explained.

" Whoaaa,That means you are going to be in my class,Adrian smiled.

" Really ?????

" Yup,I know laura she used to date my friend Jonas, Adrian said.

" Hmmmm I see,Am happy you get to my desk mate, You are cool,I said.

" Thank you my lady,Adrian laughed.

" So uhmmmm I need your help, I said.

" Really with what, Adrian said.

" I bumped into your brother Adams you already know that, And I have his jacket..

" Ohhhh!!!! So that's why he was upset that day, Our grandma gave him that jacket, Adrian said.

" He said so please I want to return it back to him, Can you help????

" I think it's best to forget it,He doesn't like you he made it obvious, Don't just get close to him you might get him more angry,He gets pissed easily...

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