Love is a bet/C6 A better twin
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Love is a bet/C6 A better twin
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C6 A better twin

" You know him more than I do,So you are right he hates me,I said.

" Don't say it like that, It was an honest mistake, Adrian said.

" I have to go,Bye…… I ran off.

" Why does she keeps doing that,Adrian sighed.

I opened our room door and Laura and Miley were already there

" Khloe !!!!! Laura hugged me.

" Did they torture you, Imagine now hard it most have been,Miley worried.

" I didn't do anything, I met Adrian and he said I shouldn't bother so I left,I said.

" Really!!!! Adrian is the nicest guy ever, Laura smiled.

" How did you meet Adrian ????? Miley asked.

" I helped him get help when he was injured earlier today…

" Thank Goodness you have him as your friend, Adams is his twin,Laura said.

" He told me that and also asked if I want to be his desk mate..

" Whoaaaa!!!!! See who got a cool desk mate, Miley smiled.

" Oh Please !!!!!! I smiled.

" It's a good thing, Another good thing is, Adrian doesn't sit in his friends row, He seat's anywhere he pleases but the super rich squad has a particular spot they all sit,Miley said.

" Hmmmm I heard you dated one of them laura,I playfully spanked her hands.

" Yeah we broke up,He listens to his friends more than he will ever listen to me, Laura said texting.

" Am going to dumb this outside, I said holding the jacket.

" What !!!!!! Adams jacket, Why ????? Miley yanked it from me.

" He doesn't want it anymore, And I don't want to keep it,I said.

" This is authentic leather, You can sell it online and get yourself a new phone, Laura said.

" Laura!!!!! Don't say that,If it's about your phone I can get you a new one, Miley said.

" It's fine guys, And am not gonna sell it online, Miley I don't need a new phone now,I lied I wasn't a kind of person that likes to bother people with my situations.

I walked to the waste area and dumped it there.

Finally class has began, Monday wear was looking beautiful on me, It was more like a white inner,Blue sleeve and a ash skirt.

" You look beautiful, Laura twirled me round.

" Thanks….

" Nelly just got a competitor, Miley smirked.

" Oh come on guys stop it, I blushed.

" Asian American beauty, Let's take a picture, Laura took multiple pictures of us and then one or two of me. I felt bad that Matt couldn't see this my sisters too.

" Hey uhmm can you help me tag someone, I asked.

" Sure who ???? Laura smiled as she wanted to post the pictures on her page.

" Hmmmm his name is matt in uppercase on Instagram, You can follow him,His going to follow you back for sure, I told laura and she did it and matt followed back.

" He just followed back, Laura showed me.

" Yeah that's the typical Matt, I smiled.

Laura posted the picture and tagged matt.

Matt was screwing his notifications and he saw the pictures, Matt couldn't believe it,He thought phones were not allowed in crown lake,He had no idea my phone was destroyed. He quickly messaged Laura.

" He texted me,Laura said.

" What did he say ???? I was curious.

" He said hi and asked if I knew you, Laura gave me the phone and I video chatted him.

" Bam Bam !!! Matt screamed my pet name,He was so excited to see me and I was to see him too. We had few minutes before breakfast so I had time to chat with him.

" We miss you so much, Your sisters and your mom we kept thinking why we couldn't reach you, Matt said in one breath.

" Am sorry,I misplaced my phone, I said.

" I set this on screen recorder so they can worry less,You look so beautiful, Matt smiled.

" Awwn thanks, Are you set for school, I asked. Public schools don't have uniforms in bixler so I knew he was ready for school.

" Yup I see you are ready, So how do you like crown lake, Matt asked.

" Fine,These are my roommates Miley and Laura, I introduced.

" Hi!!!! Miley and Laura echoed.

" Hi!! Matt smiled. I missed that smile.

" Hmmm,Matt can we chat later,We have to go to class, I smiled.

" Okay,Later..

" Later..

Adams and his friends were walking to the breakfast hall and he saw a junior student with his jacket.

" Is that my jacket ??? Adams was looking closely at the student.

Adrian mind went to what he told khloe and he was regretting what he said but anyone who knew Adams will think that.

" Lily get that girl, Adams ordered.

Lily brought the girl.

" Yup this is my jacket, Adams said.

" Am sorry,So sorry I found it in the waste area, The junior pleaded.

" Give it now!!!!!! Nelly screamed at her.

" Let her go with the jacket, Adams smirked.

Adrian was confused, He knew Adams was going to do something.

" Adams forget it, Adrian tried to make Adams anger subsided.

" Oh I forgot it already, Adams smiled alongside the rest squad, Adrian knew nothing about the bet and they didn't want to tell Adrian because he was going to spoil the plan like the last time, He was going to tell khloe if he knew.

Adams,Adrian and their friends had breakfast in their lounge. I was scared that he might do something to me again but he didn't come. Finally class, When I entered the class with my friends, The homeroom teacher followed.

" Am happy you all are back except from Nicole,The name Nicole changed everyone's facial expression but I noticed Laura and Miley's face,I knew they had a roommate named Nicole.

" So uhmmm this is your new classmate, Khloe cart,The homeroom teacher introduced and damn the eyes on me were much but four people were smiling, Laura, Miley,Adrian and one of his friend's, I had no idea why he was smiling but I didn't care.

" Khloe you can seat wherever you want, The homeroom teacher said. Unlike Bixler high you have kind of some kind of freedom but not too much

Of course I was going to seat with Adrian but all of a sudden this lily girl was seating with Adrian, Why ???? I had no idea but I felt humiliated, I didn't look at me, I turned to search for another seat but a hand touched me,I turned and saw Adams he wanted me to seat with him and Adrian on the other hand nodded that I could seat with him my friends too,I did it because eyes were on me and I just sat next to him,At this side of the class all I could see was Adams friends and at the other side the only three people I was close with was on the other side, So much for a first class. During the classes Adams didn't speak me and I didn't want to speak to him either.

It was recess time and I stood up to meet my friends.

" Hey pretty !!!!! Jonas smirked at me,I smiled and I just walked to where laura and miley were waiting for me, Adrian wanted to talk to me but I didn't want to speak to him, I felt like a fool,Me and my friends sat outside.

" Didn't he say you should be his desk mate ??? Laura asked..

" Yup he did but he ditched me,I felt like a fool and I had to sit with his brother

" Something is fishy,Adrian isn't like this, Miley said..

" Aishhhh I was confused as a fool…

" Am sorry, Adrian said from behind.

He sat next to miley.

" Why did you tell me I can be your desk mate when you already have one ????

Adrian couldn't tell me the reason why I was ditched he kept apologizing and I felt he was hiding something.

" Stop apologizing for no reason, You did it because of something ,It's fine if you don't want to tell me,I said.

Adrian just opened up to me.

" Adams said he wanted to apologize to you and I felt the need to tell him that you are my desk mate and he asked to swap,Nelly was his desk mate and lily was kira's,So Nelly swapped with Kira and I did with lily. Everything wasn't making sense to me all of these because of an apology, This was fishy but I am just a new girl.

" Adams wants to apologize !!!!! Laura was shocked.

" I see your beauty is working magic, Miley was thinking Adams was interested in me and I just scoffed,Adrian did too.

Class was going slowly because of the bad aura around me and Adams, He fell asleep during class and the teacher asked me to wake him up, Everyone was looking at me like I was about to wake the lion up. I tapped Adam's textbook thrice and he raised his head up,He was looking so cute more like my kpop idol jimin,Adams was cute and hot but had too many flaws.

" Adams please pay attention, The teacher said.

" So sorry I fell asleep…. Everyone gasped including the teacher I was the only one not surprised, It felt normal to me a student apologizing for shortcomings but not to them here at crown lake, Adams is rude and cold hearted he feel's like he can do anything he wants because of who he was and what he was.

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