Love is a bet/C7 Whose desk mate
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Love is a bet/C7 Whose desk mate
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C7 Whose desk mate

The New Girl chapter 7

Classes were over everyone was talking about what happened with Adams earlier, Adrian and Adams were playing basketball when Adams brought up the issue.

" Am taking Khloe as my desk mate back, Adrian said.

" What do you mean???? You said we could swap,Adams said.

" Yes I did but now am confused what's going on ??? All of a sudden you want to apologize to her but you can't do it except she's your desk mate, Adams what's up…..

Adams knew telling Adrian will ruin the plan so he didn't want to.

" Well her number as been registered next to mine, Adams knew Khloe would want to swap so he pulled some strings and she was his desk mate for that year. At crown lake they is a register book where you can make someone your permanent desk mate for a year,This law was brought in my the super rich kids. Adrian knew something wasn't right.

" Adams I don't know what you are doing but Khloe is a good person, She helped me when I was injured and we are….. Adrian turned and noticed Adams already left.

" Damn !!!!! He threw the ball in anger,Adrian knew something was going on, He had this feeling that Adams wanted to punish Khloe again and he is thinking it's because of the jacket. Adrian decided to stop by at the house and he called his driver to pick him up While. Adams went to their lounge.

" Lily where is the jacket I asked you to get from that junior,Adams said.

" Here….. Lily handed over the jacket.

" What's your plan ?????? Nelly asked..

" Hmmmm she's my desk mate for the whole year now…..

"WHAT!!!!! But am your desk mate, Nelly didn't like this idea.

" Calm down, Nelly darling, That is part of the plan,The jacket am going to ask her for it and then of course she won't find it and then she's going to be my student assistant and then the great seducer is going to seduce her little by little, Adams laughed.

" Are you making a video ??? Kira asked.

" Yup I want to make the last plan more interesting, We will play the video's, Jonas laughed.

" Oh Jonas !!! You are naughty,They all burst in laughter.

" It's time for phase two, Adams wore gym clothes left.

I had heard enough of my roommates talking about Adams attitude, I wore my gym clothes and left.

" She's supposed to take her walk now, So did the gardener say,Adams sat waiting.

" Who care's about this Adams guy, I have dealt with more mean people, Adams this!!Adams that !!!!! I complained as I took my walk.

" Badmouthing must be your specialty….. Someone said from behind. I turned and he was standing at my back.

" What are you doing????? I said running faster.

" Whoaaa !!!! You are quite fast,Adams was as faster as I was..

" Okay,What do you want???? I stopped and took a long breath..

" Really !!!! You have something that belongs to me, Adams said.

My mind went blank and I recalled his jacket and i wanted to do what I knew how to do best.

" If I run can you catch me ???? I asked.

" Yes you know nothing about running,Adams mocked.

" That's not true,I have a lot of medals back at home and thropies too,I scoffed.

" You have bad competitors, Anyways I wanted my jacket, Adams said.

" Uhmmmmmm….. The thing is I threw it away in the waste area and I don't know think am going to find it because it was recycled yesterday, I said in one breath.

" WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! That's a jacket from paris a limited edition made just for me,Adams yelled.

" You are making things worst,I screamed.

" Are you shouting at me for your mistake ???

" You threw the jacket at me and I dumped it,I said.

" I never asked you to do that, Adams yelled.

" I was upset about my phone, I yelled back.

" Am sorry about that, I will pay for it now I want my jacket, Adams stopped yelling at me.

" Uhmmm am sorry too but I lost your jacket, He was a rich guy I was thinking he will forget it.

" Well am paying for your phone pay for my jacket, Adams uttered.

" You just said it's a limited edition how am I going to pay for it, I said.

" Well you can pay other ways,I need an assistant for a little while, You can be my assistant am going to pay for your phone and you be my assistant, Adams said.

I liked the idea after all what's the worst that can happen.

" Deal!!!! I replied.

" Good so I still want to know if you are a good runner wanna race????

" No thank you, I walked out.

" Playing hard to get I like your type, Adams smiled.

I went to my room miley was studying,Laura was live on her social media,I threw myself on my bed.

" How was your run ????? Miley asked.

" Exhausting, I met Adams and he asked for his jacket…..

" WHAT!!!!! Laura and Miley echoed.

" But Adams isn't the type to ask you back for the jacket, Laura said.

" I know right, Adrian said so too, i thought he forgot about it,But he asked me to pay for it….

" Adams can be so heartless, Laura said.

" What are you going to do??? Miley asked.

" We had a deal,I will be his student assistant for this school year and he's going to repay for my broken phone, I said.

" That's actually cool but being Adams personal assistant in school…….. That's difficult ,Laura said.

" Don't worry I think I can handle it,Guys don't see him as a demigod that's why he's that rude, Am just going to be me,I sighed.

" But why does he care,Something's going on…… Wait does Adams like you ???? Laura gasped.

" Shut it,I threw a pillow at laura and we all burst in laughter.

The next day was social club day,I don't belong to a club yet so I sat in the class alone studying.

" Hey!!!!!!!

" Oh not you, I scoffed as I saw adam sit next to me.

" What do you mean not you, This is my desk too remember,Adams frowned and scrubbed his hand over chin and the hand was on on the desk.

" Why aren't you in a club ???? Adams said

" No thanks, I rather study here,I said flipping my book.

" You can be in the athletic club,Adams said.

" I said no thanks, I closed my book.

" Fine,Here I got you your new phone, Adams removed an apple phone from his bag and dropped it on the desk.

" Ahhh!!!! Finally my world,I beamed with smiles.

" I already did my part of the contract, Now to being my personal assistant…..

" You are such a joy killer,I frowned as I remembered the assistant thing.

" We had a deal,Adams smiled so mischievously.

" Ohhh!!!! Thanks for the phone anyways, I kept the phone in my backpack.

" This is my schedule,You can look at,Adams tossed a neatly outlined schedule.

" Really!!!!! Why do I have to follow you for shopping, And how can you go shopping ?????

" First I can carry all those stuffs and I have an executive pass I can leave school when I want, It's the benefit of being the heir ,Adams smiled.

" Whatever, And next evening runs…. Why do you need my help ????

" You do evening runs too,So we can do it together and I need someone I can chat with so I don't get bored,Adams said.

" What the hell!!!! All of these activities are not necessary and I can't even study if I have to do all these,I complained tossing the schedule back to him.

" I can give you time to study and the schedule is yours to keep,Adams tossed it back to me.

" Where is Adrian ???? I didn't see him today at breakfast…

" He had to do some stuff at home,So he drove home for a while, Adams said.

" I see he is the cool twin,I was trying to get under his skin.

" What!!!! You think so,That's your opinion none of my business..

My plans failed,I didn't get him upset.

" I have my rules,One I won't be disrespected by your friends and two am not going to hang around your lounge, I made myself clear.

" Hmmmm I will think about it…

" Now how about studying,Don't you study ??? I asked about the one thing I was interested to know.

" What's the use,I already know my grade,Fourth place….

" Fourth place you are not that bad,I smiled.

" Fourth places to the last place,Adams laughed.

" You thinks it's funny….

" What's with the facial expression, Let me guess you are a nerd, Adams teased.

" Am not a nerd,Am smart they is a difference, I stood up rolled my eyes and left.

" Let the game begin, Adams smirked.

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