Love is a bet/C8 The guy behind me
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Love is a bet/C8 The guy behind me
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C8 The guy behind me

Love is a bet chapter 8.

I sat at our soccer field, I was on the phone with Matt.

" Wait you didn't tell me how you got a new phone, Matt said.

" Well it was sorted out…..

" How ??????

I wasn't going to lie to my best friend.

" Well I got a refund…

" Hmm nice,Ella wants you to know she finally got in the Cheer leading team…..

" Oh My God !!!!!!! Am going to call her later,It has always been her dream to be in the Cheer leading team.

" Matt I look good in my Friday wear right, I stood up showing him.

" Am not sure if that's the only thing you want to show me,Matt said.

" What do you mean ????

" Who is the guy behind you ???

I looked behind me and Adams was standing there like a statue.

" There you are,I have been looking for you everywhere, Adams smiled.

" Why exactly ?????

" I need you, Adams whined.

" I will call you later matt,I hung up.

Matt was confused, Why did khloe hung up so sudden and who was the guy looking for her everywhere.

" Hey son, Matt's dad woke him from his dreams.

" Hey dad are you back from patrol ??? Matt asked.

" Yup,Why are you sitting here ????

" Oh!!! I was on the phone with bam bam,Matt said.

" You still call her bam bam,I thought that went away with childhood, Matt's Dad laughed.

" Oh no it didn't, I prepared food am off to soccer practice, Matt said leaving on his bike .

" He reminds me of his mother…..

I was looking at Adams confused at his statement.

" What do you need me for ???? Adams asked.

" Am going for a run, I need your company….

" And who says you can just invade my privacy by interrupting my call, I scolded.

" Hey !!!! It's not my fault your boyfriend couldn't help but notice my divine presence, Adams was narcissistic, One thing I couldn't help but notice.

" Boyfriend !!!!!! You should stop poke nosing in my business,I was trying to fast walk him but he kept following me.

" If he isn't your boyfriend, Why were you different when you were chatting with him not the way you chat with me…

" First I just met you and you are difficult, Second are you seriously going to follow me to the ladies dorm, I rolled my eye's.

" Aisshhhh!!!! I can't stand them squealing,I will wait here..

" You can as well do your run without me, I tuned my voice.

" That will be going against our contract….

" God you are annoying, I said dashing inside the dormitory letting my hair dance along.

" Gosh!!!! What's his problem, I banged the door.

" Khloe!!!!! You ruined my video, Laura nagged.

" Sorry……

I was trying to pick out something to wear fast.

" Why are you in a hurry ??? Laura asked.

" Mr rude pants wants to go for evening run and I have to go with him….

" Why ????

" It is part of my job as his assistant…

" Uhmmm I see,That lemon short look's good on you anyways, It's exercise wear's, Mine is kinda of baggy, Laura already stopped her live stream she was applying her face ointment.

" Well khloe is quite a model you know…

" Miley is right,Do you intend on going for modelling, I know one or two people, Laura smiled.

" No thanks, See you guys later I hugged them both and rushed outside.

" What do you think is going on ???? Adams is not acting like the Adams Walter we know, Laura stroked her chin.

" Well maybe he just really likes that jacket and also wanted an assistant, So he just put two and three together…

" Hmmm that's true, Mikey do you want to be on my next live stream, It's about two hours from now.

" No thanks, Miley blocked her ear's with pillows.

" Oh come on !!!!!!!!!

" I said no..

Adams saw khloe coming from her afar, I tied my hair with the hair band matt gave me on my fourteenth birthday.

" By the way your hair look's better when it's not on pony tail, Adams said.

" Nobody asked for your opinion, I was already ahead of him.

" Hey you are supposed to be my chat partner, Adams managed to catch up with me.

The students around where all looking and staring at Adams like he was some find of kpop idol,You know more like jimin from BTS or Take hyung,No doubt he has their good lucks but everything about him disgust me.

" We should use the other track next time it's more quiet,Adams said.

" What!!! Isn't this what you like attention….

" Well for who I am I deserve better, Adams was being narcissistic again.

" Who cares who you are,Crown's lake most handsome, Rich, Popular, Sophisticated,Bla Bla,That doesn't hide the fact that you are rude and annoying, I scoffed.

" I see you did your research but not too well…

" I don't need to do my research am observant enough…..

" Well that's Adams Walter not Adams…..

I stood for a minute catched my breath and burst in laughter.

" What's funny ?????

" Sorry you sound like someone I know from a movie, That's Adams Walter not Adams I mocked and laughed again.

" None of you really understand me,Adams frowned.

" Seriously you suck at acting don't even think of it,I sat and laugh.

Adams was surprised, Does she know about the bet, But Adrian has no idea about it,Who could have told her????

" Don't give me that face,You got that line from that movie too cool to fool right, Gosh that movie,U smiled.

Adams took a deep breath.

" Whatever, Why are you stopping we haven't got to the finishing track yet,Adams said.

" Well you can finish, I am exhausted, Sitting for some time wouldn't stop you from being Adams Walter, I teased but he didn't seem to get the joke he just sat at the bench. I guess those benches were made for that specific reason you can't keep jogging and not get some rest..

" When is Adrian coming back ???? I broke the silence.

" I see you are worried about your new friend, Adams smirked.

" I was just asking his ankles were badly hurt…

" He told me you helped him and he offered you could be his desk mate…

" Yeah until you ruined that…

" Plus I was sick of sitting with Nelly wanted to try something new….

" Something New with the New girl right…..

" I guess he didn't tell you why he bruised his ankles, Adams tried to change the topic.

" I was guessing he fell from that branch right, We were sitting directly opposite to the tree.

" Yup, He finds comfortable from the weirdest places, He was painting a mural from up there,Adams explained.

" Whoa!!! That's cool and I don't think it's uncomfortable to love nature….

" What is he the main lead from jungle book,Adams teased.

I didn't know when I was laughing, I didn't know he could be so funny,Adams loved her smile.

" You are Korean right ???? Adams asked.

" Actually am both, Korean by birth and American by registration…..

" I don't understand…

" Are you that dumb, My parents had me in Korea but am also an american citizen

" Why do you look Asian ??? Adams said coming closer examining my face.

" My mom is Korean,I said pushing his face away.

Adams was surprised his eye's trick didn't work he wasn't given up just yet.

" Can I get Adrian's digit???? I asked giving him my phone.

" Hmmmm Adrian has a secret admirer….

" I don't need a psychic to tell me you are a psycho, First am worried about his ankles because out of experience I know it hurts,Second we are friends.

" Fine,Adams snatched my phone from me.

Soon his phone beeped.

" Gotcha!!! Took your digits too,Adams cackled.

" What a sneaky face…

" What!!! I can't always search for you…

" Yeah go on try to justify yourself, I scolded.

" And yet am painted as the mean one,Adams scoffed.

" You are not only mean, You are rude,You are arrogant, You are bossy,You are narcissistic…..

" Fine we get your point,Adams cut in.

" I can go on tell it's time for dinner,I stood up and started running again.

" So are we friends now???Adams asked.

" In your dreams, I chuckled.

" So explain our relationship, Adams stopped.

" Business associate's, Strictly business associate's, I was known for my strict personality in bixler high school, Mom would always tease me and ask me to loosen up a little bit or I will have no boyfriend but bitter truth I care less about that shit for now.

" You are not only mean but a nerd,Adams said.

" Take that back, I said walking slowly to where he was standing.

" No thanks, Adams took off in speed.

" Really you won't take it back…..

" Geez!!! You scared me,Adams was surprised,Indeed I was fast.

" You still think my competitors are the problem ???? I was the one being narcissistic this time.

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