Love is a bet/C9 A bait to play with
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Love is a bet/C9 A bait to play with
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C9 A bait to play with

Love is a bet chapter 9.

Adams and I got to the finishing track few minutes before dinner time.

" See you tomorrow, Adams said.

" Wait what, I have to study tomorrow, I nagged.

" Fine I will let it pass,Adams walked out.

" Fine I will let it pass,I mocked.

" My ear's are still active and I can hear you, Adams snouted from afar.

" Who cares, I ran to my dorm.

On Adam's way to his dorm he shared with Adrian,He met Jonas.

" Hey man!!! Jonas gave him a fist bump.

" JJ why are you outside ??? Adams asked.

" I was just looking at the stars, Jonas smiled.

" Mind if I join….

" No I don't, So how is the great seducer doing????

" Hmmmm she's the kind of bait I enjoy to play with, Adams chuckled.

" Yup but damn she's pretty, Nelly isn't comfortable with you around her, I most confess.

" Nelly isn't my problem now,So how are you enjoying being single,Adams smiled.

" I can flirt around and be the Playboy I am but I miss her,Jonas frowned.

" If you like her that much, Why break up with her ????

" She doesn't like you guys remember….

" Oh yeah,I heard she's roommates with khloe….

" Yes she uploaded video of her look,Adams was watching video's of khloe laura uploaded.

" Hey guys!!!! This is my new roomie she's pretty right, Her eye's, Her nose,Her skin colour, Her hair just everything about her is pretty….

" Stop am shy…. Adams was smiling she was a total different person when she's with them.

" We have to go now miss pretty has to talk to her boyfriend, Laura was referring to matt.

" He calls her bam bam, Miley said from the background.

" I see there is a guy,Adams smirked.

" Bam Bam is a cute pet name,Jonas smiled.

" Not too cute for a master of the game, Adams chuckled.

" Laura!!! Laura!!! Did you upload that video, I yelled from my bed.

" What video I uploaded a lot yesterday, Laura answered.

" The one you called matt my boyfriend, I yelled.

" Oh yeah,It was too cute to keep.

" Aishhhhh,Miley am going to murder her..

" God you two I need to sleep,Miley blocked her ear's with pillows.

" How did you find out ?????

" Matt wouldn't stop teasing me, I yanked my pillow.

" Hmmm you guys are just friends forget it.

" Yeah but he and my sister's keeps frustrating me,I nagged.

" Ohh!!! About your sister, You know the one in the cheer leading team you told us about, I followed her,Damn beauty run's in the family, Laura squealed.

" You are deleting that video tomorrow or else you are dead,I scolded.

" Good night, Laura screamed.

Sunday morning was my highlight here at crown lake, We get to visit the beach,zoo,art exhibition and cool stuff,My class were all going to the beach today.

" Laura aren't you ready yet,Miley nagged.

" Khloe is this going to look good on you, Laura was giving me her new bikinis, I never thought about beach wear's when I was packing my stuff.

" Gosh it's too you know exposed, I was shy

about opening my body and stuff like that.

" Oh come on khloe you can't keep those legs hidden alright, Hurry selfie first!!!!!!! Laura smiled.

" The class bus is leaving, We can take pictures at the beach,Miley said.

" Fine!!!!!!!

It was quite an entrance we were the only student remaining even Adams and his friends were already there, I could see Adrian too.

" Whoaaa!!!!!! Adams she's so pretty, Jonas awed.

" Gosh !!!!! Guys Adams didn't want Adrian to notice

" she isn't that pretty, right Adams. Nelly was being cunning.

" Can I sit ????? I raised my head and it was Adrian who wanted to sit.

" Sure we have one spare chair, Miley smiled.

" Thanks…….

" Adams why didn't you sit with khloe ?????? Henry asked.

" Don't be too fast,Adrian is becoming suspicious,And other students will get the wrong idea, Adams whispered.

" So how is your ankle ????? I asked

" Ohh!!!!! It's fine now, Thanks….

" You welcome….

" So I see you got a new phone,Adrian said when he heard my phone beep,Adams name popped on the screen, He sent a text.

" I need your help at the beach……..

Adrian saw the text.

" Are you close with my brother ?????

" Who said you could look at my phone, Anyways we are not that close,We have business together, I try sugar coating it.

" I do not understand…..

" Am his student assistant

" Student assistant !!!!!! I thought he said he didn't need one,Adrian was confused.

" Well I don't know, I get travel sick so I need to sleep, I shut my eyes.

Adrian stood up from where he was sitting with me and walked to where his brother was sitting.

" Do you want to tell me what's going on ?????? Adrian asked.

" As you can see we are on our way to jande beach,You know Sunday routine……

" Adams you know what am talking about….

" Am sorry but I do not know what you are talking about, Adams knew what Adrian was talking about but he just wanted to get under his skin.

" What's up with the new girl ???? Why are you clinging to her ?????

" Anyone would cling to a pretty girl like khloe, Henry shot a look at him.

" We should be asking you why you sat next to her ?????? Knowing laura is her friend, Nelly added.

" What does laura has to do with this ????? Jonas asked.

" Hey!!!! You guys broke up already, Deal with it, Kira giggled.

" You all be quiet, Adams what are you up to,First you hate her and her guts, Two you found out we are going to be desk mates you double crossed everything and now she's your desk mate and now student assistant, What's going on ???

" Adrian !!!! Stop being witty, I needed an assistant and she fell into that position because somehow we got tangled up,I paid for her phone and she took the job, No big deal….

" If you say so, Adrian sighed.

" Now I get travel sick so i need to sleep,Adams shut his eyes.

" You all get down!!!!!!!! We are here……..

" Khloe!! Khloe !!!! Wake up,We are at jande beach….

" Adams wake up we are here……

" Whoaaaa !!!!! This is cool, We all got down. A resort was made for us, One amazing thing about rich kids school.

" We are going to have so much fun all three of us,Laura smiled.

" First let's take a view at the sea up there,Miley pointed at a tall building.

" Let's go…..

The three of us ran to the tower and Adams and his friends except Adrian were already there.

" Let's just leave, Laura was disgusted by the sight of them, They ruined her love life.

" Why ???? You wanted to see the water from here,I wrapped my hands around Laura.

" It's high time you stop running away,Miley whispered.

" Sure,We stood at the rooftop ignoring Adams and his friends who also watched the sea's, I could see our uncomfortable laura was.

" Laura that daisy flower will be the perfect spot for our pictures,Come on let's go,I dragged Miley and Laura,We ran down.

" She has guts,Nelly smirked.

Miley picked a lot of flowers, Laura and I were busy taking pictures.

" You want to get into the water ????? I asked

" No way, I don't like it, Miley shrugged.

" Come on,It will be so much fun, I held Miley by her hand and we slowly entered the water,Meanwhile Adams and Jonas were the only one still watching us.

" Cold!!! Cold !!!Cold!!!! Miley kept screaming.

" Miley!!!!! I called out and when she turned I splashed water on her.

" Khloe!!!!!!!! It was a water splash battle soon some students joined.

" Khloe is quite a character don't you think so,Jonas smiled.

" Hmmm,She's easygoing but she can be daring, Adams curled his lips.

" Come on let's go down, Jonas said.

" Am right behind you…….

I was having so much fun but I was cold already, So I took a stroll to the jande woods it was around the park just a few walks away.

" Did you used to be a monkey????? I laughed at Adrian who was resting on a tree.

" Hey !!!!!!!! Why do you say so ????

" Well you are always around trees,I sat next to him.

" Hmmmmm,It's a good view from here, I can see the beach from here, I saw how you started a splash party,Adrian chuckled.

" Told ya I will bring the party, I smiled.

" No you didn't, Adrian smiled.

" Soon how is the party around here???? I asked.

" Not like your old school huh!!! A bunch of spoilt kids always love to party, That's what sundays are for here at crown lake but the dopest party was homecoming for me but not any longer , Adrian smiled.

" Homecoming!!!! Huh,Matt and I will always go together, We never took a date…

" This Matt guy,Is he your boyfriend?????

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