Love Is Incurable/C1 Let's See If You Want to or Not
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Love Is Incurable/C1 Let's See If You Want to or Not
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C1 Let's See If You Want to or Not

Office of the Chief of the Gu's

"Young Master Gu, Miss Su and CEO Lu got a room at the Hua Ting Hotel. They haven't come out yet!"


Just as he finished his sentence, an ashtray flew towards Qi Feng. Qi Feng's body flashed and smashed the wall, shattering the ashtray into pieces.

Qi Feng broke out in a cold sweat. He carefully looked at the CEO who was covered in cold sweat, "Young Master Gu, are you still going to continue watching?"

"Watch!" Gu Chengyu squeezed out a word from between his teeth, "Watch that dog-couple till they die!"

"Yes!" Qi Feng quickly left the office, afraid that another unknown object would fly towards him.

Gu Chengyu was sitting on the boss's chair. His face was cold and filled with hostility.

Su Yan! Su Yan! [You actually dare to put on a green hat for your father. Fine, you are heartless, so don't blame me for being unjust!]

In the morning, Su Yan stood at the door of her office and took a few deep breaths before entering.

"This is the contract you wanted. I've brought it!" She walked in front of Gu Chengyu and pushed a file towards the man with her usual cold expression.

The man was still working on the document and didn't look up. He glanced at the edge of the file and chuckled. "Did you sleep on this contract?"

Su Yan's expression turned cold as if she had realized something.

"Being able to sleep with me is also my ability!"

"Hehe, as expected of the daughter of the Su Clan, she's so cheap to the bone!" The man raised his cold eyes and gnashed his teeth in hatred.

Su Yan's lips curled up slightly. She wasn't the least bit angry at his insult, as she had already gotten used to it over the past year.

"Thank you, Young Master Gu, for your praise. I have already gotten the contract you wanted!" Now, can you remove the charges against my father? "

Gu Chengyu sneered, his back lazily leaning on the chair, his face full of ridicule, "You think that I, Gu Chengyu, will be settled by a contract? Aren't you thinking too easily? "

Taking a deep breath, Su Yan lowered her head and lifted the corner of her lips.

She had already expected Gu Chengyu to go back on his word. This was not the first time this had happened.

However, every time, he would use this method to humiliate her. It really was … Childish!

Su Yan raised her head and looked into Gu Chengyu's gloomy eyes. She asked lightly, "Then what do you want to do?"

"Heh …" The man smiled, revealing a mouthful of white teeth. He had two tiger teeth, and his teeth were as sharp as a beast's. "Su Yan, I want you to die. Are you going to die?"

With her arms propped up on the desk, her usually calm eyes were now covered with a layer of anger. Su Yan stared straight into Gu Chengyu's eyes and said word by word, "Cooperation with the Lu family will earn you at least 100 million! I just want you to rescind the charge against my father and exchange a hundred million for my father's freedom.

Suddenly, Gu Chengyu stopped laughing. He got up and leaned forward, his handsome face meeting Su Yan's calm little face. His eyes were filled with a sinister and murderous intent, "Alright then, I'll give you one hundred million. Bring Yurou back!"

Su Yan's lips quivered slightly as a crack slowly appeared on her calm face. Indeed, he had never forgotten this.

"Gu Chengyu, I don't care if you believe me or not. A year ago, I did not mean to …"

"Enough!" The man's handsome face was filled with anger, "It doesn't matter if you did it on purpose or not, Yurou won't be able to come back. Su Yan, let alone taking back the 100 million contract, even if you take back the 1 billion contract, Su Yun is dead for sure!"

Gu Chengyu emphasized on the last two words.

Dead meat …

Su Yan's body swayed a few times. She couldn't help but retreat as her tears rolled down her face. Her lips quivered as she looked at the heartless man in front of her with grief.

"You want to kill the Su Clan, right?"

"A debt to pay for a debt, a debt to pay for a life. It's only right and proper, isn't it?"

Taking a deep breath, Su Yan tried her best to calm herself down, "Gu Chengyu, I beg you, please let my father go. If you have any grievances, come at me.

"Haha …" The man sneered, "An old man in his prime? Back then, when you guys joined hands to persecute Yurou, I really couldn't see that he was an old man in his prime! "

Su Yan gritted her teeth. After a year of interaction with him, she understood Gu Chengyu's personality. Since he had decided, he wouldn't change!

Rather than begging him here, he might as well find another way out!

Turning around, Su Yan opened the door to leave. Suddenly, a man's voice came from behind her. "It's not impossible to let your father go! "Let's see if you are willing to do so!"

Su Yan turned her head and stared straight at the man's astute face. "What are you going to do now?"

It wasn't as if she'd lost once or twice. In the past, she didn't care, but this time, it was related to her father's life. She had to be careful.

"Simple …" The man smiled evilly. "Take it off!"

"Take it off!"

Su Yan frowned, not understanding what he meant.

The man slowly walked in front of her, his slender fingers slid down her chin and into her collar, "You stayed in the hotel with Lu Qian last night, you probably did everything you needed to do! "What are you shy about?"

Su Yan's face stiffened when she heard this. So he …


Su Yan raised her hand to slap him, but Gu Chengyu stopped her hand halfway. He pulled hard and Su Yan fell to the ground with a thump.

"Not willing? If you don't want to, then scram! " Gu Chengyu pointed at the office's door and said, "Scram!"

Gritting her teeth, Su Yan stood rooted to the spot.

Taking two deep breaths, Su Yan raised her head. Her eyes were bloodshot as she exclaimed, "Speak!"

The man continued solemnly, "A whip to the horse!"

"Good!" I'll take it off! "

Ye Zichen turned around with his back facing Gu Chengyu.

Although they had been married for a year and lived under the same roof, they had never been in close contact with each other. Therefore, she could not face Gu Chengyu and take off his clothes!

He raised his hand and unbuttoned his shirt. Take it off!

Then the white shirt...

When she opened her shirt, peeling off her snow-white shirt bit by bit, she wasn't sure if it was an illusion, but she felt two rays of light as sharp as knives shooting towards her from behind, as if they were going to pierce through her body!

Finally, there was the flesh-colored underwear. She moved her arm behind her, but suddenly, she heard Gu Chengyu's cold voice, "Wait!"

She turned her head slightly. What was this man trying to do?

The man walked behind her and pushed her away. His slender fingers lightly hooked and with a 'pa' sound, the inner clothes were opened!

Su Yan quickly covered her chest with her loose undergarments. With a pale face, she asked, "What are you doing?"

"You!" The man's answer was simple and crude.

"Shameless!" Su Yan cursed.

"What is it? If you can get other men to do it, you can't let your husband do it? "Su Yan, the one that's despicable is you!"

"Last night …" Su Yan gritted her teeth, "Lu Qian and I didn't do anything last night!"

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