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Love Is Incurable/C12 Let's Get Divorced
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C12 Let's Get Divorced

Ye Zichen walked to Lu Qian in disappointment, then helped him up with much difficulty before slowly walking out of the mourning hall.

Gu Chengyu looked at the two of them with their arms around each other's shoulders and was about to go crazy, "Su Yan, stop right there!"

Sure enough, Su Yan stopped in her tracks. She didn't look back and just said lightly, "Gu Chengyu, we... Divorce … "

Divorce... Divorce...

These two words made Gu Chengyu freeze up and unable to move for a long time.

It had always been Su Yan who had stuck close to him and expressed her goodwill, absorbing all his cold words and insults, and then continued to stay by his side as if nothing had happened.

He had never thought that such a woman would one day ask for a divorce!

Hehe, she actually wants to get a divorce, what right does she have to get a divorce? She's a daughter-in-law that was bought with a lot of money from the Gu Family, even if it means getting a divorce, it would still have to do with him.

"Su Yan, I'll give you another chance. Take back what you just said, or else …"

Before he could finish his words, Su Yan carried Lu Qian away and the two of them gradually disappeared from his sight.

Gu Chengyu stood there, his eyes losing focus. He looked at the direction she left. Suddenly, he bent down and held his chest. Why did it hurt here?

Lu Qian's injuries were severe, and two of his ribs were broken by Gu Chengyu.

So, for the next few days, Su Yan ran around the hospital's mourning hall, exhausted to the extreme.

This morning, Su Yan cooked and brought the porridge over to Lu Qian. As soon as she entered the ward, she saw Lu Qian pulling down the bandages on his body. She quickly went over and took his hand, "Senior, what are you doing?"

Lu Qian looked at her in annoyance, "Yan, I can't bear to see you suffer anymore. You've lost a lot of weight these few days, so I want to leave the hospital."

"No!" The doctor said that you will need some time to recuperate from your injury. " Su Yan put his hand back on the blanket, turned around and took out the food from the thermal insulator and put it on the table. "I made your favorite food. If you really feel sorry for me, then eat more."

When he looked at the table, Lu Qian's eyes flashed with a hint of emotion.

Lilium and asparagus, lettuce, broccoli...

There was not a single dish that he liked to eat, but every dish was Su Yan's favorite.

That was why, in college, he had lied about his love of eating all this food in order to get close to her.

"Thank you." Lu Qian picked up his chopsticks and started eating.

After the meal, Su Yan wiped Lu Qian's mouth. Lu Qian raised his head and looked at Su Yan's pale face with his deep eyes. "Are you really planning to divorce Gu Chengyu?"

Su Yan pursed her lips and did not speak for a long time.

All these years, she was really tired. She was afraid, she wasn't afraid of unilateral sacrifices. What she was afraid of was that even if she gave her life to him, he would still step on her like trash.

So, she wanted to get a divorce. She didn't want to continue this kind of deformed life anymore. But, how could it be so easy to divorce Gu Chengyu?

"Yan, you saw it the other day. Gu Chengyu is a demon, and he didn't care about his uncle's bones. He attacked me in the mourning hall, and he even bullied you. A man like that, you won't be happy staying by his side."

"I know." Su Yan lowered her eyes. "I will handle this matter myself. Senior, if it wasn't for me, you wouldn't …" "Sorry, you should rest first. I'll be going now."

"Wait!" Lu Qian held her hand, "Yan, can you accompany me for a while longer?"

Su Yan was shocked and immediately pulled her hand away from Lu Qian. "Today is the day of father's funeral, I must leave immediately. I'll come to see you tomorrow, okay?"

"Oh …" Lu Qian couldn't hide his disappointment, "Alright then."

Not long after Su Yan left, a silver-haired doctor walked into the ward. He sat on the bedside of Lu Qian, "How much longer do you want to stay there? I won't be able to hide the matter of you feigning sickness from me for long. "

"Uncle Liu, thank you for helping me this time. Can you give me three more days?"

The doctor took a deep breath. "Well, falsification is a big deal, and I can only hold it for three days at most."

"Don't worry, Uncle Liu, I will keep my promise this time."

After the doctor left, Lu Qian pushed off the quilt on his body and got off the bed. He walked to the window and saw Su Yan's car driving out of the hospital.

Yan, I'm sorry, I lied to you, but I just wanted you to leave Gu Chengyu, that bastard …

In the evening, Su Yan came back from Qingshan Tomb and stayed there with her father all afternoon.

She didn't go back to the Su family. Right now, her mother had a crush on her and she couldn't stop crying. She didn't want to go back to Gu Chengyu's mansion. It was too depressing there, so she just wanted to be alone.

So she took a room at the hotel and stayed there for the past few days.

Perhaps because she was too tired, Su Yan went to the hotel, took a shower, and fell asleep very quickly.

Not knowing what time it was, there was a sudden click in the quiet room.

Su Yan slept soundly, and as soon as she sat up, she saw a black figure striding towards her with a cold aura.

"Ah …" "Ugh!"

Before she could scream, the black shadow had already covered her mouth and pushed her down onto the bed.

Their gazes met, and Su Yan immediately recognized the person who had just arrived. She shook her head with all her might, her eyes filled with fear.

Why did he appear here so late at night? He had clearly locked the door, so how could he come in?

Gu Chengyu looked at her rebellious expression and smiled coldly and calmly, "Where did you go with Lu Qian's gentleness in the hospital today? "What, you can't get interested if you're with a wild man and can't get interested if you're with your husband?"

As he spoke, he tore off her pajamas with his ice-cold hands and ruthlessly caressed her skin, "Have you been flirting everywhere since you were cold recently?"

In a split-second, Su Yan's memories returned to that night. She suddenly felt pain all over her body, from her heart to the seams in her bones.

Sensing her trembling, the man smiled.

In fact, he didn't want to have her at all. He was just angry.

When his subordinate told him that Su Yan had been running to the hospital every day for the past few days, the rage within him raged to the heavens. He thought that he must find an outlet to vent his anger, or else, he would go insane.

Su Yan pressed her hands against the man's chest. Her voice was soft and trembling. "Young Master Gu, Young Master Gu, don't, don't …"

Su Yan was terrified when she thought of the pain she'd suffered previously.

"No?" The man sneered, his voice low and cold, "You are something I spent a lot of money to buy, do you have the qualifications to say no to me? Su Yan, let me tell you, even if you want a divorce, it's me, Gu Chengyu, who doesn't want you! "You better give me a guarantee that you are physically and mentally clean. Or else, if I am not happy one day, I will make you live a life worse than death!"

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