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C13 Depression

Su Yan listened quietly. She finally understood why there was a saying, 'words are like knives'. Some words are even fiercer than swords. They can pierce through your heart and make you bleed.

Hehe … Su Yan smiled.

She remembered.

She was something he'd bought, not his wife.

In fact, she had known it all along, she just hadn't faced it.

She was truly foolish, naive enough to think that there would be a day when she would be moved by him. Truly … Dreaming nonsense!

Gu Chengyu stood up slowly, looking down at Su Yan's decadent face with a sense of roguishness. He viciously threw his room card at her, "Don't think that I'm afraid of you just because you asked for a divorce. Su Yan, even if you threaten me, I have to weigh my own weight!"

The man strode out of the room.

The scene before her eyes returned to darkness and silence. Su Yan silently stared at the ceiling as tears streamed down her face …

For three days Su Yan stayed in the hotel, day or night, with the curtains drawn, she liked the color of darkness.

Because it was only in the darkness that she could no longer see herself, covered in sin, nor could she see the unhappiness of the past.

Lu Qian had called her countless times and she hadn't answered, Gu Chengyu had said, not to let her get involved with other men, or else they'd be worse off than dead, and she didn't want to bring Lu Qian any trouble, so she'd just cut the connection.

She did not eat, but she did not feel hungry. Instead, she felt her stomach churning and she wanted to vomit. However, she could not vomit when she reached the bathroom. It was extremely uncomfortable.

Maybe she was sick.

Su Yan checked on the internet and found that this symptom was called depression, but it belonged to the early stages.

Heh heh, so she was suffering from depression.

On the fourth day, Rong Jinxiu called Su Yan. Actually, Su Yan didn't want to answer the call, but when she thought about Gu Chengyu's "You are something I bought for a huge sum of money", she still pressed the answer button.

It was just a bought item, how could he not pick up the phone?

Rong Jinxiu asked Su Yan to go to her old residence. Su Yan carefully dressed up before taking a taxi.

When they arrived at the old residence, Rong Jinxiu noticed that something was wrong with Su Yan. She looked at her daughter-in-law with suspicion, "Yan, did you have trouble with Chengyu recently? Why do you look so bad?"

Su Yan subconsciously touched the side of her face and shook her head. She intentionally avoided Rong Jinxiu's gaze and said mechanically, "No, Chengyu treats me very well."

"That's good." Rong Jinxiu didn't pursue the topic any further. She instructed the servant to bring the prepared lunch. "This is the food I ordered my servants to prepare. It's Chengyu's favorite food. Send it to him."

In a split-second, Su Yan's heart abruptly constricted.

Are we going to see that demon again?

She nervously swallowed her saliva, stretched out a trembling finger, and took the food box. "Thank you, thank you mother, then I'll be leaving first …"

With that, Su Yan stood up and hurried out.

"Yan, let Cheng'en send you over." Rong Jinxiu said from behind her.

"No, thank you, Mom." Su Yan left in a flurry.

Gu Chengyu had said that she must keep her body and mind clean and not be confused with other men. Gu Cheng'en was also another man, so she had to keep her distance.

At this time, Gu Cheng'en had already come downstairs. He also saw Su Yan's flustered and panicked back view.

He came to his mother's side and said in a low voice, "Sister-in-law doesn't seem to be right."

"You saw it too?" Rong Jinxing took a deep breath and said helplessly, "This brother of yours, he really doesn't let me worry."

Gu Cheng'en stared at the back view that gradually disappeared into the distance. He suddenly tightened his grip on the car keys …

In order to hide things from others, Su Yan called a taxi to Gu's Group, but she got off the car halfway.

Sitting on the roadside, Su Yan opened the food box. Inside were a variety of delicious foods, which were a bit wasteful to throw away.

Thus, she slowly ate them one by one.

A black Bentley slowly stopped on the other side of the road. The window rolled down revealing Gu Chengyu's handsome face.

What was this woman doing? He was actually sitting by the roadside, eating. Was he not afraid of the wind blowing his tongue?

"What has she been doing?" Gu Chengyu asked lightly.

Jing Xing immediately answered, "Miss Su has been staying in the hotel for the past few days and hasn't gone out."

"Yes." The man nodded, obediently.

"CEO, do you want me to go down and take a look?" Jing Xing said.

The man didn't say anything, admitting it.

Jing Xing pushed the door open and got off. He crossed the road and walked to Su Yan's side.

Sensing that someone was approaching, Su Yan slowly raised her head. When she saw Jing Xing, her black pupils suddenly contracted. She abruptly stood up and the box of food on her body fell to the ground. The food inside was scattered all over the floor.

She squatted down in fear and picked up the food box in a fluster. She put the food back one by one and mumbled, "I'm sorry, I didn't do it on purpose, I didn't do it on purpose. You, don't be angry. Don't tell Gu Chengyu, don't tell him …"

Jing Xing looked at Su Yan, who was full of fear, and frowned in confusion.

She looked very strange. She brushed the dust off the food, arranged everything neatly, and then rearranged everything again. She had to be exactly the same as before.

"Miss Su, let me help you." Jing Xing squatted down and was about to pick up the food on the ground when Su Yan pushed him away, "No!"

This time, Su Yan's strength was not small, so Jing Xing just sat on the ground. Su Yan's eyes were wide open, pale, and filled with fear, "Don't touch it, don't touch anything! "If I do, I will rather die!"

"Miss Su, you …" Jing Xing looked at Su Yan in shock. What was she saying?

At this moment, a deep shadow pressed down on Su Yan. She raised her head and saw a pair of gloomy eyes. Su Yan was so terrified that she fell onto the ground, with only terror remaining on her face.

"Gu Chengyu, I don't have any problems with other men. I don't have any problems. I don't, I don't have any …"

Seeing her terrified expression, the man felt a wave of annoyance. He walked to her side, forcefully lifted her up from the ground and pulled her in front of him, "Su Yan, are you acting like this on purpose for me to see?" "Hmm?"

Su Yan trembled like a sieve when she saw his anger. "No, I didn't. I didn't have an affair with a man other than you. No, I didn't …"

As if she couldn't hear what Gu Chengyu was saying at all, Su Yan kept repeating, "I'm not, I'm not …"

Gu Chengyu was thoroughly infuriated by him, "Su Yan, you …"

"CEO!" Jing Xing quickly walked over. "Miss Su doesn't look right. You should take her to the hospital."

Hearing that, Gu Chengyu turned to look at Su Yan. Her face was pale without a trace of blood. Her eyes had no focus. Other than fear and uneasiness, there was nothing else.

The man squinted his eyes, bent down and picked up the trembling woman, then said to Jing Xing, "Take your things and go to the hospital!"

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