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C14 Retribution


This was the hospital's diagnosis.

Staring at Gu Chengyu, she said in a reproachful tone, "The last time I came was because my lower body was torn. This time I came because of depression. Next time, are you going to directly send Su Yan's corpse over?"

Gu Chengyu scratched his head impatiently, "Aunt, her depression has nothing to do with me!"

"It doesn't matter, is that person doing this for no reason?" "I told you not to hurt her, but you wouldn't listen!"

"Forget about that, just tell me how can I cure this disease."

"Treat him well?" Rong Anqi looked at Gu Chengyu like he was an idiot, "Do you think depression is a cold and a fever? She needs the care and love of her family. Even if she has all these, she might not even be able to do well.

Gu Chengyu's face sank, "She still has me."

Rong Anqi looked at him speechlessly, then rolled her eyes, "You?" "It's better not to have them at all!"

The man's expression was even darker than before. Was he really that bad?

After being scolded by his aunt in the office, Gu Chengyu came out. Jing Xing walked over and said, "I've already called the old house. The old lady said she asked Miss Su to send something to you and asked if the food talismans were to your liking."

Gu Chengyu squinted his eyes.

He felt that the box was familiar and it seemed to be something from his old home, so he asked Jing Xing to call him to try it out.

The result turned out to be like this.

This woman, she would rather eat all the food herself and blow her own stomach apart than to meet him. Truly …

The man gritted his teeth. "What did you say?"

"I said you should leave Miss Su in the office. You two are having dinner together."

With a faint "hmm", the man walked towards Su Yan's room.

Su Yan's mood was unstable when she was delivered. The doctor gave her a few calm tablets, but Su Yan actually fell asleep immediately.

Lifting up the sleeping woman on the sick bed, Gu Chengyu instructed Jing Xing, "I won't be going to the company for the next few days. Bring all the documents I need to deal with to the villa."


When the servants saw Gu Chengyu carrying Su Yan in, they couldn't help but be shocked. The Young Master and this woman had never been so close before.

After entering the bedroom, Gu Chengyu gently put her on the big bed for fear of waking her up.

Su Yan tilted her body to the side and continued sleeping.

He sat beside her, pursing his lips, quietly watching her.

After a long while, he took off his shoes and jacket, pulled off the quilt, and lay down beside her. His arm naturally rested on her waist.

"Look, you came all the way back, didn't you? "Aunt said that I forced you to do this, but you clearly forced me. You forced me to do that to you."

Su Yan, "…"

She was deeply asleep and couldn't hear what he said, so she naturally couldn't give him a response.

He looked at her thin, pale face and whispered, "Any man can't stand having his woman around, and I'm not an ordinary man."

With that, he felt that something was wrong. Why did he say that Su Yan was his woman?

He immediately changed his words. "My consciousness is, since we're sleeping, you should sleep with me wholeheartedly. If you can't sleep with me and then have nothing to do with other men, I'll be angry."

Gu Chengyu had never spoken to Su Yan in such a soft tone before. He thought that this might be retribution.

He had done too much to hurt her in the past, so this time she had to be depressed.

Gu Chengyu gradually fell asleep as he laid beside her with the faint fragrance on her body.

In fact, he hadn't slept well these days either.

In the past, he had seen her every day, even when they were not in the same bed, and it had become a habit to see her. These days, when he had not seen her, he had felt that something was missing from his life, that he could not even guarantee a normal sleep.

The next morning, when Gu Chengyu woke up, Su Yan was still asleep. He stood up carefully and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

He had slept well last night, and even the bloodstains in his eyes had lessened.

He wiped the steam off the mirror and looked at his face. He seemed much younger.

He hadn't thought that Su Yan would have the ability to return to her prime.

After showering, he wrapped himself in a towel and walked out to find Su Yan sitting on the bed, looking around in a daze.

Their eyes met, and Su Yan's body trembled a little. Gu Chengyu pretended not to see it, as he walked towards her while wiping his wet hair.

Sitting beside her, the man's voice was filled with magnetism as he asked, "Why don't you sleep a little more?"

Su Yan stared into his eyes, unable to say a word.

The man didn't care. Didn't Aunt say she needed the care and love of her family? Then he would give her care and love, and besides, he would give her tolerance.

If that were the case, then it really wouldn't be his fault.

"Go wash up, let's have breakfast together." With that, the man got up, changed into his home clothes, and walked out of the bedroom.

After he left, Su Yan jumped up from the bed and ran towards the window.

At this moment, there was only one thought in her mind. Leave this place, leave the demons, even if I have to die, I have to leave!

She pushed open the window and, without any hesitation, jumped out with her long legs …

Gu Chengyu sat in the restaurant and waited for a long time, but didn't find Su Yan, so he sent a servant to call her.

Suddenly, a scream came from the bedroom.

"Ah!" Young Master, Miss Su jumped off the building!

Jumping off a building?

Gu Chengyu looked at the bedroom on the second floor in shock, got up and quickly ran up.

Lying at the window, Gu Chengyu saw Su Yan in her pajamas lying on the green grass. She didn't move at all, as if she was dead.

His heart violently heaved, clearly unable to believe what he was seeing in front of his eyes.

Why did she jump off a building? To escape or to commit suicide?

Was it just because he brought her back to the villa that she jumped down?

Was she going to use this act of self-mutilation to tell him that she didn't want to be with him even for a moment?

After being stunned for two seconds, he pushed the servant beside him impatiently, "What are you waiting for? Call the ambulance!"

Afterwards, he quickly ran down the stairs and arrived at the back garden …

Su Yan was still lying there quietly. Gu Chengyu was suddenly a little scared and didn't dare to go over, afraid that he would agree with his aunt's words …

'Next time, are you going to bring her corpse with you?! '

After a long while, Gu Chengyu walked towards Su Yan with difficulty. Finally, he came to her side.

He squatted down slowly and probed her breath with his fingers. It was very weak.

Fortunately, she wasn't dead.

It was as if he had eaten a tranquilizer, and his heart was no longer flustered.

After helping Su Yan up from the ground, the man looked coldly at her face. "Are you trying to escape?" However, your calculations were wrong. Even if I were to let you die, I will not let you escape! "

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