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Love Is Incurable/C15 Am I Going to Lose Her
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C15 Am I Going to Lose Her

Three days later

Su Yan slowly woke up.

She slowly opened her eyes and looked around, slowly recovering her memory.

In order to escape Gu Chengyu, she jumped off the building.

He jumped down from the bedroom on the second floor.

How strange, the bedroom was more than a dozen meters above the ground. How come she didn't die? She really wished that she could die. That way, she wouldn't have to face Gu Chengyu anymore.

Suddenly, she felt two cold gazes on her. Su Yan turned around and her heart tightened. It was Gu Chengyu.

"You, why are you here?"

"Why can't I be here?" Gu Chengyu stood up, walked to her bedside and sat down. His eyes were so sharp that it almost pierced her, "Who do you want here?"

"No, no."

Su Yan turned her head, avoiding his gaze, but the man reached out and grabbed her chin, forcing her to turn around and meet his gaze.

"Don't think that I don't know what you are thinking. You want to leave me and go find someone else, don't you? Stop dreaming! Even if you die, you will be my, Gu Chengyu's, ghost! "

Su Yan's jaw was pinched so hard that it hurt. She wanted to struggle, but the moment she moved, a heart-wrenching pain came from her legs. She couldn't move at all.

He must have broken it when he jumped off the building.

Seeing through her thoughts, Gu Chengyu sneered, "Don't even think about jumping off the building or running away. Your legs are broken, so you'll need at least 3 months to recover. Just stay here and don't go anywhere."

With that, the man shook off her chin, stood up, and left the sickroom in a rage.

Su Yan laid on the bed with a blank look on her face, staring at the ceiling.

This time, she completely despaired.

A month had passed, but Gu Chengyu hadn't come to visit.

Instead of coming, Su Yan felt relaxed in her heart.

However, her appearance became thinner and thinner, and her expression became more and more lifeless.

It was already autumn, and the nurse had covered Su Yan with a blanket and pushed her out to relax.

Although Gu Chengyu had never appeared before, he instructed the doctor to take Su Yan for a walk every day.

"Miss Su, look, are the autumn leaves beautiful?" The nurse pointed at a big tree in front of Su Yan and asked with a smile.

Su Yan glanced at him dumbly without saying a word.

Silence had become her way of communicating with other people, and the nurse would have been surprised if she had suddenly opened her mouth to speak.

"Do you have any other places you want to go?"

Where you want to go... Su Yan's eyes flashed. She wanted to go to a free place without Gu Chengyu and all the troubles, but she couldn't do it.

The nurse took a deep breath in the face of Su Yan's dazed look. She was already used to it.

"Yan …"

A man's voice, cold and anxious, came from the distance. The nurse turned around and saw a man with a gentle face running towards her.

When he was about to approach Su Yan, the nurse suddenly stopped him. "Who are you?"

The man pushed away the nurse and strode to Su Yan's side. He slowly squatted down and looked at the expressionless girl with a pained expression. His big hand couldn't help but stroke her thin and pale face.

"Yan, it's me, Lu Qian …"

Su Yan's eyelashes trembled as she heard the name. A trace of light flashed past her eyes, but it quickly disappeared into the endless darkness.

"How did you become like this? "That day, you said that you wanted to accompany me, but you never came. I went crazy looking for you, and couldn't find you …" Suddenly, Lu Qian's nose felt a little sour, and he could not continue.

If his friend hadn't visited this hospital yesterday and said that he seemed to have seen a woman similar to Su Yan, he might not have been able to find her now.

In response to his question, Su Yan remained silent.

"Yan, I'll take you with me. Let's go to a free place, okay?"


Hearing those words, Su Yan's eyes lit up.

Lu Qian noticed this, and he seemed to see hope, so he continued, "I know, in Provence, there is a lavender manor, there are lavender flowers everywhere. During the day, you can go to the flower fields to pick flowers, and at night, you can turn the flowers you step on into fragrance. No one will force you to do something you don't like, and no one will restrain your freedom. You are you! "

Su Yan slowly raised her bony hand and covered the back of Lu Qian's hand.

She raised her eyes, which were like dead ashes, and her eyes shone with a light she had never shown before. "Take me with you," she said in her hoarse voice.

Lu Qian smiled. She had responded to him, which proved that she had a hope of being cured!

"Alright!" Lu Qian nodded resolutely. He stood up, bent down and picked up Su Yan, then walked out of the hospital with big steps.

"Where is Young Master Lu bringing my wife?"

A cold voice sounded behind Lu Qian before he could take a few steps.

Lu Qian stopped, while Su Yan closed her eyes in despair.

Turning his head, Lu Qian squinted his eyes and looked at Gu Chengyu who had a cold expression, "Can't you tell? I want to take Yan away! Leave this place and go to the place she likes! "

Gu Chengyu sneered, "Young Master Lu seems to be very interested in robbing someone else's woman. In the past, you stole Yurou away, but now you dare to steal my wife.

"I don't have the time to argue with you, Gu Chengyu. If you still have any feelings for her, then let Yan go. Look at how you've tortured her!"

Gu Chengyu glanced at Su Yan.

At this moment, she was like a soulless puppet, quietly falling into Lu Qian's arms. Her eyes were devoid of any light. After a month, she had become even skinnier, as if a gust of wind could blow her away.

But even so, she was still his wife!

Gu Chengyu's wife was carried away by another man in front of his eyes. Wasn't he too useless?

"Let her go!" Gu Chengyu said coldly.

As he finished his sentence, he saw Su Yan's small hand suddenly lift up and tightly grab Lu Qian's clothes.

Lu Qian lowered his head and looked deeply at Su Yan's dull face. He said gently, "Don't worry, I won't give you to him."

Su Yan slowly lowered her hand when she heard this …

Gu Chengyu didn't know how to describe his feelings when he saw this.

Sad, stuffy, stuffy...

He also had a bad premonition. She, Su Yan, seemed to be determined to leave his world!

He thought of the perfect world that Lu Qian had outlined for Su Yan. Flowers, freedom, blue sky … Everything was so beautiful. A place where even the enemy could be infected, not to mention Su Yan. She must have yearned for it even more.

Gritting his teeth, Gu Chengyu clenched his fist and shouted loudly, "Lu Qian, if you don't want to die, then put Su Yan down!"

Lu Qian tightened his grip, "Remember what I said three years ago? I said, if you treat Su Yan badly, I will take her away so that you will never see her again. "Gu Chengyu, unless you kill me today, Su Yan, I'm going to kill you!"

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