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C16 Ridiculous

His fists couldn't help but tightly clench and his joints turned slightly white. His eyes were filled with hostility as he wished that he could tear Lu Qian into a thousand pieces and squeeze out a sentence from between his teeth, "Su Yan, life is my man. Death is my ghost and others have no right to interfere!"

Hearing Gu Chengyu's words, Lu Qian was so angry that he started laughing. His laughter was filled with sarcasm and sounded exceptionally harsh to Gu Chengyu's ears. Due to his excessive emotion, after a while, he finally reacted and shouted angrily, "What are you laughing at?"

You're just a devil, you're so abnormal. Heaven took away your beloved Yurou, yet you still don't know repentance. This is your life, if I were to die here today, I would have cursed you before I died. The smile on Lu Qian's face was almost twisted, as if he was already prepared to die together with Gu Chengyu.

"You shut up!" Gu Chengyu could not hold it in any longer. He punched towards Lu Qian, but Lu Qian did not dodge. Gu Chengyu punched with all his might in anger, and it could be said that he was not holding back at all.

Lu Qian only felt a burning pain on his face and a sweet taste on his throat, causing him to cough violently and cough out a mouthful of blood.

There was a pool of blood on the ground, accompanied by two teeth. Lu Qian's body shook and he almost fell down.

Fortunately, a pair of hands were supporting him tenderly from behind. Lu Qian looked back and saw Su Yan staring at him with a blank expression. A trace of fear flashed across her eyes.

Resisting the pain, Lu Qian wiped away the blood at the corner of his mouth and said to Su Yan with a gentle smile, "Su Yan, don't worry. I will protect you. I promise I will take you away. I will not break my promise."

As he spoke, he gently stroked Su Yan's soft hair. He discovered that her body was trembling, betraying her uneasiness at the moment.

His words seemed to have a certain comforting quality to them. Her trembling gradually subsided when she heard that I promised to take you away with me.

Gu Chengyu's eyes turned cold when he saw this scene. This damnable woman, how could she be so close to another man now? Wu Tie actually didn't reject her when he came into contact with her. How shameless! How could she do this in front of him? Even though she was sick, she couldn't do this! He, Gu Chengyu, would never allow it!

"Su Yan, come here." Gu Chengyu's tone was very stubborn, almost giving out an order.

Hearing this, Su Yan shivered subconsciously and walked toward Gu Chengyu out of instinct.

When she just took a step forward, Lu Qian pulled her into his arms fiercely, "Gu Chengyu, if you have any ability, come at me. If you dare to touch Su Yan, I won't let you go!"

Seeing this scene, Gu Chengyu's face immediately turned blue. His eyes almost spouted fire as his expression became terrifyingly gloomy.

"You won't let me off?! How laughable, Lu Qian, do you think you can escape? "I won't let you go. Today, you can forget about taking Su Yan away. Someone, come …" Gu Chengyu snapped his fingers and suddenly, ten bodyguards in black clothes appeared behind him. They were all tall and sturdy, and one could tell with a glance that they were experts.

"Bring the young mistress here." No one noticed anything wrong with the way he was addressed. The moment he finished his words, two big men came up the mountain and dragged Su Yan out of Wu Tie's embrace.

Seeing Su Yan's trembling and lifeless look, Gu Chengyu frowned. The two men from before had obviously used too much strength, causing Su Yan to be a little disheveled. If he didn't hate Wu Tie, he wouldn't have let the two men touch Su Yan.

At this moment, Su Yan looked like an injured fawn touching a string at the bottom of her heart. Gu Chengyu extended his hand to help her tidy up her messy clothes, but Su Yan subconsciously dodged.

Was he so terrible that even his touch had to be away from her? Seeing Su Yan's reaction, Gu Chengyu didn't know how to describe his current mood.

"Gu Chengyu, you bastard! Let go of Su Yan! " Seeing this, Lu Qian wanted to rush over, but he was stopped by two big men. His entire body could not break free and could only shout out anxiously.

Hearing Lu Qian's shout, Gu Chengyu immediately retracted all of his thoughts. Fury once again ignited in his chest as he said coldly, "It seems that you are really tired of living."

"Gu Chengyu, it's useless even if you keep Su Yan by your side. You killed her father, and this is the truth. She will hate you, and sooner or later, she will avenge her father. She will never love you!" Lu Qian shouted out these words in a nearly crazed manner. Gu Chengyu was stunned upon hearing this.

Su Yan, will you hate me forever? He couldn't help but turn his gaze towards Su Yan. He didn't understand why she was always so afraid of him. Everything he did was for her sake, but this woman always failed to appreciate his kindness!

After a short struggle of thoughts, Gu Chengyu's gaze gradually regained its calmness. He said coldly to Lu Qian, "So what if she hates me? "If you want revenge, then let's see if she has the ability to do so. Su Yan is my woman, and I want to keep her. Even if it's the Heavenly Emperor, he can forget about taking her away from me. Jing Xing, take her away."

As soon as Gu Chengyu finished his sentence, Jing Xing immediately understood and led Su Yan away.

"Young Master Gu, how should we deal with this person?" one of the men who had stopped Lu Qian asked.

Gu Chengyu lowered his eyes and did not look at Lu Qian who had an ugly expression. He said indifferently, "Break a leg and send it back."

Ignoring Lu Qian's screams, Gu Chengyu slowly left the scene.

After getting on the car, he found that Su Yan had already fallen asleep in the back seat. Seated in the driver's seat, Jing Xing apologetically explained, "Young Master Gu, Miss Su might have been too frightened today and fell asleep the moment she got on the car."

Gu Chengyu nodded and looked out of the window. The night was approaching.

"Don't call me Miss Su, call me Young Mistress."

Jing Xing heard this and was stunned for a moment. He did not dare to ask and only nodded, "Yes."

The car drove towards his home steadily. Halfway home, Gu Chengyu suddenly said, "Turn around."


"Do I have to say it again?"

"Ah …" "Alright."

This place was also one of the businesses in Gu Family, but the place they were in was relatively remote and was therefore abandoned, so very few people knew about it. However, only Gu Chengyu knew about this place, even Jing Xing had not come here, it was completely according to his instructions.

"You can go back. I'll call you if I need anything." Gu Chengyu carried Su Yan out of the car and said to Jing Xing.

Only Gu Chengyu and Gu Cheng'en knew about this place. It could be said to be the secret garden of the two brothers. Since then, Gu Cheng'en rarely came and Gu Chengyu would occasionally visit.

"Su Yan, I believe you will fall in love with this place. Even if I have to imprison you, it will be better than having you taken away from me." As Gu Chengyu said this, he fixed his gaze on Su Yan's face. It was a face of unprecedented gentleness. However, this tenderness could no longer be felt by those in deep sleep.

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