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C17 Zhang Yue

When Su Yan woke up, what entered her eyes was the snow-white ceiling, her eyes were still lifeless as she surveyed her surroundings, the surrounding environment was unfamiliar, the furnishings of the room seemed to have been cleaned by someone. The wardrobe, the table, the floor, the bedside table, they seemed to have been cleaned up, but because they were in a hurry to clean up, there was still some dust that was left out.

The thick golden curtains blocked out the morning light, giving off a depressing feeling.

Before Su Yan could regain her senses, the sound of the door opening came from behind. Su Yan was stunned for a moment before she grabbed onto the corner of the bed, subconsciously trying to protect herself.

It was a lady wearing a white nurse's uniform. She had delicate features and looked very easy to get along with. She smiled at Su Yan, giving off an indescribable feeling of intimacy. The dimples in her smile gave people an inexplicable feeling of comfort.

"Hello, Miss Su. My name is Zhang Yue. Young Master Gu had sent me to serve you. If you need anything in the future, just call me." She was holding a bowl of porridge in her hands. After closing the door intimately, she walked towards Su Yan's bed very naturally.

Hearing the name Young Master Gu, Su Yan immediately shook her head in resistance. "No, don't come over here …"

Su Yan pulled up her blanket and sat up, burying her head in it as she shivered.

Seeing her intense reaction, Zhang Yue sighed and said in a gentle tone, "Miss Su, don't be afraid. Young Master Gu, Cheng'en and I are old acquaintances, Cheng'en's classmate. Do you still remember?"

With that, Zhang Yue stretched out her hand to try to pull Su Yan's tightly gripped blanket, only to discover that her strength was surprisingly great.

"Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you." Zhang Yue consoled him, but her words did not seem to have any effect.

She had known Gu Chengyu and Gu Cheng'en since she was young, and she had some understanding of their personalities. Her brother Gu Cheng'en always gave people a gentle and refined feeling, and was very polite to everyone, but from beginning to end, she felt that he maintained a close distance from everyone.

As for her brother Gu Chengyu, he gave off a feeling of arrogance since he was young. He was more mature than his peers, but the older she was, the more she felt like Gu Chengyu's thoughts were unfathomable. This was truly terrifying.

She had heard about Su Yan's situation, but she didn't expect it to be this serious. What did Gu Chengyu do to her? Why she had become like this seemed to have become a mystery that she could not understand.

Although the relationship between Gu Chengyu and Gu Cheng'en wasn't very good, they still had one person they trusted, and that person was Zhang Yue. This time, Gu Chengyu specifically called her at night, which surprised her a little, because Gu Chengyu didn't go to find Rong Anqi. Instead, he directly found her.

She had previously studied psychology, so she quickly came to a conclusion. This kind of situation was probably caused by Su Yan's intense stimulation, which led to her depression. What she needed to do now was to calm her emotions.

"Miss Su, I'm Cheng'en's friend, don't be afraid, I won't hurt you, he told me to take care of you, although I don't know what you experienced, but I know that after the storm, you will see the rainbow, and at the end of the darkness, there will be light." Zhang Yue said as she placed the bowl of porridge on the bedside table. Then she walked to the window and pulled open the curtain. In an instant, the room was filled with sunlight, bright and dazzling.

Only then did Su Yan's expression change. She slowly moved her head away from the blanket as if she hadn't seen the sunlight in a long time. This light was a bit blinding. She subconsciously stretched out her hands to block it.

Seeing that she was no longer resisting, Zhang Yue walked back to her original position and picked up the bowl of porridge on the table. "Here, eat something first. Save your hunger."

Su Yan felt an emptiness in her stomach as she heard this. She was very hungry. She hadn't eaten much since yesterday. She grabbed the bowl in her hand and started gulping down the food.

As for the treatment, she would slowly guide him. Although she was not a doctor, she had majored in psychology before, so she knew that a large part of Su Yan's symptoms were psychological. Although she didn't have any confidence in being able to cure Su Yan's depression, she would still try.

After Su Yan finished eating, she put down her bowl and looked at the wall next to the bed with a dazed expression. Zhang Yue followed her gaze and found nothing but a bare wall. She couldn't help but sigh.

After cleaning up the dishes, Zhang Yue returned to her room to find Su Yan staring at the window. The bright sunlight shone on her peerlessly beautiful face, giving off a feeling of tranquility.

It was really a pity that such a young and beautiful girl could actually suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder. It was really difficult to imagine.

It would be boring for her to stay here, wouldn't it? Thinking of this, Zhang Yue turned to Su Yan and said, "Miss Su, isn't it tiring for you to stay in your room? Shall we go for a walk? "

When Su Yan heard this, her originally dull eyes regained some color. Her lips moved as if she wanted to say something. After a while, she slowly said, "Let's go …"

Seeing Su Yan's reaction, Zhang Yue was obviously surprised. In her opinion, Su Yan really wanted to go out. This kind of thought was like an obsession, a obsession to get out, a obsession to freedom.

The villa was located in the forest, and once they stepped out, they would be able to smell the smell of earth. Without the city's dirty air, the air was exceptionally fresh.

Zhang Yue held Su Yan's hand as they strolled through the villa's inner garden. The flowers, plants, and trees inside seemed to be unadorned. Some were weirdly shaped, but the whole thing looked very natural.

What made Zhang Yue curious was that there was no one guarding such a huge villa and even the rooms were hastily cleaned by her alone.

Just as Zhang Yue was feeling puzzled, Su Yan suddenly broke free from her arms and ran towards the entrance of the garden.

"Miss Su!" Miss Su! "Wait for me!" Zhang Yue quickly caught up, but although Su Yan was stumbling, her speed was very fast. By the time Zhang Yue had caught up to the door, Su Yan was already nowhere to be seen.

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