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C19 Trace

In the hospital, Rong Anqi glanced at Gu Chengyu and said with a cold expression, "You were bitten by a snake this time, but fortunately, you managed to survive. It's just that you've been soaked in the rain and now you have a high fever. What are you doing?" To treat a girl like this, don't tell me you have to torture her to death to give up? "

"It's not me." Gu Chengyu frowned when he heard that Su Yan was resistant to him, so he tried his best to not disturb her and let Zhang Yue take care of her, while he settled down at a temple at the foot of the mountain. Yesterday, when he received a call from Zhang Yue, he did not even have the time to call a taxi.

"Who else could it be other than you? "Let me tell you, this time, no matter what, you have to make her stay in the hospital to observe for a few days. Who can endure such torture from you? If this goes on, you will lose sooner or later."

"Believe it or not, I really didn't do it."

It doesn't matter if it's you or not, Su Yan's like this, Su Yan has your responsibility. Su Yan is a good girl, if you don't know how to cherish her, then it's your fault. Su Yan has such a pitiful background, and she lost her father at such a young age.

"This is my business, so you don't have to worry about it." Gu Chengyu's tone was a little impatient.

"Who cares about you!" "You reap what you sow. I told you last time that I will treat Su Yan better. It will be too late when you regret it."

"Got it."

When Gu Chengyu said these three words, Rong Anqi was surprised. She did not expect him to agree so readily to her. This was not his character at all.

"I'll go in and take a look."

"You should just sit here for a while, and when she wakes up from her fever, you can apologize to her properly."

"I... Mistaken? " Gu Chengyu blinked his eyes. When did he ever admit his fault? It was always someone else who admitted his wrongs.

"That's right. When two people are together, there must be one side that gives in. Love is tolerance, and understanding is mutual. Don't use your unique way of thinking to affect everyone."

Gu Chengyu didn't say anything else. He lowered his eyes and looked to be deep in thought.

"A person like you, if you keep going like this, you'll really die of loneliness."

"It doesn't exist." Gu Chengyu sneered, since when did he lack women?

"No matter how many girls there are, how can they compete with someone who knows how to be cold and warm, someone who can work together for the rest of his life?"

Gu Chengyu sat on the hospital chair for a long time. He thought about what he did to Su Yan before. Perhaps, he did go a little too far and never considered her thoughts.

He just wanted to keep her here and it seemed that he had never respected her thought before. Gu Chengyu rubbed his forehead and felt a little tired.

In the future, if she was obedient and didn't meet any other men, he might try to put down his pride and be nicer to her, just as Rong Anqi had said.

He only wanted her to give in. Who knew that this woman would be so unyielding and not give him any face? Who would be the one to blame?

When it was noon, Rong Anqi came out of the ward and saw that Gu Chengyu was still sitting there. She raised her eyebrows in surprise and asked, "Have you eaten yet?"

Gu Chengyu shook his head and asked, "How is she?"

"My fever has subsided and I haven't woken up yet."

"I'll go take a look." Gu Chengyu stood up and walked past Rong Anqi into the ward.

Staring at the door, Rong Anqi shook her head and didn't say anything else.

"Su Yan, how are you?" Gu Chengyu sat beside her bed and asked worriedly, as if he didn't notice that the person on the bed wasn't awake at all.

"Su Yan, from now on, I will always be by your side. Whether you agree or not, whether you hate me or not, as long as you're alive." Gu Chengyu pulled Su Yan's hand over and held it in his palm. When he saw Su Yan in the mansion, he was really scared for a moment that he would lose her forever.

That was because her pale face was like a dead person, causing him to almost think that he'd completely lost her. This feeling was unprecedented, and it seemed to be even more intense than losing Yurou.

At this moment, someone opened the door. Zhang Yue held the fresh flowers in her hands and said with a helpless expression, "Young Master Gu, I'm sorry …"

"What are you doing here?" The moment Gu Chengyu turned around, his eyes were filled with hostility. Zhang Yue couldn't help but shiver when she looked at him.

"Miss Su, she …"

"You're not worthy of mentioning her. Scram, I don't want to see you again." Gu Chengyu's voice was extremely cold and his eyes seethed with anger. He didn't expect that she would have an incident in the mansion in just one day, so how could he be at ease to hand Su Yan over to such a person.

Despite her fear, Zhang Yue still put the flowers on the bedside table and walked out.

After Zhang Yue left, Gu Chengyu knocked away the flowers on the table. His expression was exceptionally cold, unlike when he was talking to Su Yan earlier.

When Zhang Yue walked out of the hospital, she looked back with some lingering fear. Gu Chengyu's aura was too strong, making her unable to resist it. Originally, she realized that things were not going well and wanted to settle the score with her after Gu Chengyu said that.

Gu Chengyu usually did what he said. After thinking about it, it was better for her to come over to check on him. After all, she was scared to death when she saw Gu Chengyu last night looking like he wanted to eat someone.

She also wanted to see how Su Yan was doing. She had reason to believe that if anything happened to Su Yan, Gu Chengyu would definitely let her take her life.

However, from the looks of it, Su Yan should be fine today, so she was relieved. Just as she was about to go back, she suddenly received a call from Gu Cheng'en.

"Sorry, your phone was muted last night. I just saw your phone. Is something the matter?"

"Ah, it's fine now."

"Are you free tonight?"


"Old classmate, long time no see. Let me treat you to a meal."

"Oh, okay."

When Zhang Yue learned the location of the meal from the phone, she hurriedly hung up. The two Gu Family brothers felt that it was better for them to get along with each other. At least, Zhang Yue thought so because she had already seen Gu Chengyu's terror.

In the hospital, Su Yan slept through the night while Gu Chengyu sat beside her. During this time, even Jing Xing's call was rejected.

Su Yan suddenly grabbed Gu Chengyu's hand, causing his body to stiffen.

"Dad …" Su Yan mumbled. This call made Gu Chengyu's spirit rise.

"Dad, don't go, please …" Sparkling tears rolled down her cheeks and moistened her eyelashes. She looked gentle and moving, but at the same time, she could also stir the emotions of others.

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