Love Is Incurable/C20 Redemption
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Love Is Incurable/C20 Redemption
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C20 Redemption

Gu Chengyu wanted to pull out the hand that was tightly held by her, but he found that Su Yan's strength was extraordinary, so he gave up on this idea. He could only extend his other hand and gently wipe away the tears at the corner of Su Yan's eyes.

For some reason, Gu Chengyu felt like there was a thorn in his heart when he heard his father called him. The pain was so painful that it pierced his heart.

"Dad, I'm sorry. Your daughter is useless …" "It's me, I've harmed you …" Su Yan whispered as tears once again rolled down her face. It was scorching hot and stinging to the skin of Gu Chengyu.

"It's not your fault." Gu Chengyu said in a deep voice, but his words didn't have any effect.

Su Yan's half-dry eyelashes trembled. With a single glance, she could tell that she was about to wake up.

The bustling streets, the high-end clubhouse, and a tall hotel stood out. Just by looking at the luxurious clothing outside, one could tell that if one wanted to spend money inside, they would have to pay a high price.

Zhang Yue purposely dressed up tonight to go to the appointed location with Gu Cheng'en. On the brightly lit street, this hotel that was entirely covered in golden lights was really eye-catching.

When they entered the hotel and arrived at the designated room, Zhang Yue noticed that Gu Cheng'en and another man had already sat down. It seemed that they had been waiting for a long time.

"Xiao Yue, come over and take a seat. Don't be so reserved. Oh right, let me introduce you. This is a friend of mine, his name is Lu Qian."

Zhang Yue nodded and smiled politely. She walked over and extended her hand, "Hello. I'm Zhang Yue, Cheng'en's classmate."

Only then did Zhang Yue realize that his left leg was wrapped in gauze, and there was even a walking stick behind him. He should be a cripple, but looking at the gauze on his leg, for some reason, Zhang Yue always felt that it was a new injury.

"Gu Cheng'en, don't say there's nothing to talk about. I didn't come here to eat with you when I asked you to help me find Su Yan." Ever since he had lost a leg, he had been trying to find Su Yan. In the end, he accidentally bumped into Gu Cheng'en, and Gu Cheng'en told him that he felt that his sister-in-law was too much and wanted to save Su Yan.

Lu Qian asked him if he could do anything about it. Gu Cheng'en's words were ambiguous and said that he would wait until after dinner. After enduring for so long, all of Lu Qian's patience could be said to have been used up.

After Zhang Yue sat down, Gu Cheng'en told her his plan.

"Don't worry, I already have a plan."

"What plan?" Lu Qian was a little skeptical. This guy was Gu Chengyu's brother. Could it be a trap?

"I'll get Ji Yunan to ask my brother out tomorrow to go to their usual nightclub. But, I need you to do me a favor, old classmate." Gu Cheng'en's gaze fell on Zhang Yue.

"What kind of help?"

"You have to go as well. Drink with my brother and then talk."

Hearing this, Zhang Yue blinked, looked at Gu Cheng'en, and then looked at Lu Qian. "You guys want to know Su Yan's whereabouts?"

"That's right, sister-in-law has disappeared recently, my brother and I are quite worried about her. I just want to ask my brother if there were any abnormalities before he left, my brother and I have had some conflicts recently, I'm afraid of asking openly, he's too considerate …"

"I know where Su Yan is." Gu Cheng'en and Lu Qian's gaze instantly froze on Zhang Yue's body after she said that.

"Do you really know where my sister-in-law is?"

"I saw her yesterday, how could I not know?" Zhang Yue asked.

Without waiting for Gu Cheng'en to speak, Lu Qian rushed to ask, "Where is Su Yan? "Hurry up and tell me!"

Lu Qian was obviously very excited and almost jumped up from his chair.

"She's in the hospital." Zhang Yue added the exact location.

When Lu Qian heard this, he instantly got up from his chair, picked up his walking stick and walked towards the door. Gu Cheng'en immediately went over to stop him, "It's useless to chase after him now. How are you going to fight my brother now?"

Hearing Gu Cheng'en's words, Lu Qian looked at his own leg, the hatred in his eyes surged, Gu Chengyu, I'm not willing to die in your hands! Just you wait, I won't let you go!

Although he hated Gu Chengyu, Lu Qian also understood that other than cancelling the contract, he had no other use for it. However, it seemed that cancelling the contract would not affect Gu Chengyu in any way.

"What do you think we should do?" Lu Qian gritted his teeth as if he was competing with himself.

"I have a way. Don't be impulsive and avoid alerting the enemy. In order to save sister-in-law, you must listen to me."

Lu Qian nodded and didn't say anything else.

Su Yan woke up. What entered her eyes was Gu Chengyu's handsome face. Her eyes were like an ancient well without ripples.

"You're awake?" He thought of Rong Anqi's words and apologized. Although he couldn't say it out loud, he still forced himself to try. "Su Yan, right …"

Before he could even finish his sentence, he felt Su Yan's breathing tighten. She had already reached out and grabbed his neck, her face as pale as a ghost.

"You demon, return my dad's life!" She had a lot of strength in her hands, as if she didn't want to give Gu Chengyu a chance to catch his breath.

Su Yan's voice was sharp and her words were loud. Immediately, a few doctors wearing white gowns broke into the room.

Gu Chengyu frowned and pushed away Su Yan's hands with his hands. Only then did he feel that his breathing became lighter.

This woman was crazy! He actually wanted to kill him! Gu Chengyu's expression was so dark that it was terrifying. The moment he suppressed Su Yan, a doctor took out a needle from his pocket and stuck it on Su Yan's shoulder.

Seeing Su Yan fall, the doctor opened his mouth and said, "I just gave her a sedative. The patient's mood is unstable. Sir, please go out for a moment."

Looking at Su Yan's expression, Gu Chengyu pursed his lips and left the ward without saying anything.

He thought about what Lu Qian had said. Could it be that Su Yan hated him that much? In a crazy situation, he actually wanted to kill him!

"You haven't eaten for a whole day. You can't go on like this." Rong Anqi came in front of him and handed him boxes of food, but Gu Chengyu didn't take them, "What? You find them hard to eat?"

"Do you think I'm that detestable?" Gu Chengyu laughed at himself.

In the dead of night, very few people moved. The doctor on duty was dozing in his office, and the patients had all fallen asleep.

The doctor on duty was alarmed when the door was suddenly opened. He subconsciously asked, "Who is it?!"

What answered the doctor was silent air. Just as the doctor was perplexed, a dull pain suddenly came from the back of his head. The world instantly sank into endless darkness …

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