Love Is Incurable/C3 Lending Me 2 Million
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Love Is Incurable/C3 Lending Me 2 Million
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C3 Lending Me 2 Million

"Yan, quickly come to the hospital to see your father. He's dying …"


Su Yan's head exploded.

It was fine yesterday, but why couldn't it be done today?

She caught a taxi and quickly rushed to the hospital. At the entrance of the emergency room, she saw her tearful mother.

"Mom, what's going on?" Su Yan ran over and asked anxiously.

She clutched Su Yan's sleeve tightly and sobbed, "Just now, the detention center called to inform me that your father had a heart attack and was sent to the hospital. When I arrived, your father was already in the emergency ward."

"Mom, don't worry, dad will be fine." Su Yan comforted her mother as she patted her back.

Mother Su shook her head as tears started pouring out of her eyes, "It will be fine. Yan, Gu Chengyu won't let your father off. As long as your father doesn't die, he will torture him until the oil is exhausted."

Su Yan froze when she heard this.

"Mom, you mean …"

"Your dad's illness is not an accident. I've already asked the police about it. Your dad only had a heart attack after seeing someone this morning."

Seeing someone? Su Yan frowned. "Who?"

"I don't know." Mother Su shook her head, "But the police said it was a woman. She's young. Yan, I can guarantee that this matter is related to Gu Chengyu. After all, your father … "

"Impossible!" Gu Chengyu has already promised me to let dad go! "

Although he was uncertain, he would definitely do as he said.

Mother Su looked at her daughter in disappointment, "Do you believe Gu Chengyu doesn't believe me now?"

"Mom, I …" Su Yan sighed, embarrassed. "I just don't want to accuse him without any evidence."

"Hur hur." Mother Su sneered, "Well said, you're just using your elbow to get out, did you forget how your dad got into the detention center?"

"Calm down, mom …"

At this moment, the emergency room door opened.

The mother and daughter immediately rushed over to the doctor and stopped him. "Doctor, how is the person inside?"

The doctor took off his mask. "For the time being there is no danger to your life, but if you want to live you have to prepare for another operation." "However the cost is huge, we need around 2 million."

Mother Su's figure shook. With the current situation in the Su family, where could they get 2 million?

Su Yan immediately supported her mother. She turned to the doctor and asked, "When is the operation?"

"The sooner the better, you guys go and raise the money first." With that, the doctor left.

The mother and daughter duo stood blankly at the door of the emergency room for a long time before they regained their senses.

Su Yan escorted her mother to her father's hospital room and stayed in the ward for a while before coming out.

She took out her phone and hesitated for a moment before dialing Gu Chengyu's number. However, after the phone rang twice, she was hung up. When she called again, there was no answer.

Su Yan guessed that he had blacklisted his number.

Ye Zichen held his phone and turned around, then stared blankly at his father's ward for a long time before looking back towards the outside of the hospital.

He found a pay phone, stuffed a dollar coin in it and dialed the number. Soon, the call connected.

Su Yan lowered her eyes and covered the dimness in her eyes. The moment the phone was connected, she quickly said, "Gu Chengyu, my dad is hospitalized with a heart attack. Now, he needs 2 million in surgery. I hope you can lend me 2 million!"

She spoke very quickly, as if she was afraid that she would be hung up the next second. Meanwhile, the man on the other end of the phone didn't say anything at all.

Su Yan waited for a long time, but didn't hear Gu Chengyu's answer. She carefully continued, "Just treat it as me begging you. Help me. My dad really is about to die."

There was still no sound coming from the other side.

Su Yan sniffled and suppressed the urge to cry. She tried her best to remain calm as she said, "You are the only person I can find right now. Therefore, I …"

She was halfway through her sentence when she suddenly heard a sneer from the other end of the phone, followed by a man's voice that was cold enough to freeze people. "Su Yan, you really make me sick!"

Su Yan's legs were trembling and her fingers were trembling. She wanted to continue begging, but she couldn't let go of that last bit of her pitiful self-esteem.

"I've already promised to let that old thing go, and now you're asking me for 2 million to save his life. Su Yan, you're really thick-skinned!"

"Gu …"


Before Su Yan could say his name, the man coldly hung up the phone.

Su Yan stared blankly and stiffly at the ringing receiver. After a long time, she slowly hung up the receiver.

She pushed open the door of the phone booth and walked forward stiffly. After walking for who knows how long, she suddenly squatted on the floor and giggled.

Su Yan, oh Su Yan, who do you think you are? What makes you think Gu Chengyu will help you? He should be wishing for his father's death in his heart!

Laughing, she cried, tears flowing uncontrollably out of her eyes … Suddenly, she stood up, wiped away her tears, and lifted her chin to look forward.

Since Gu Chengyu didn't want to borrow her phone, then she will look for him!

When they were talking earlier, she heard Ji Yunan's voice. Since they were together, there was only one place she could go.

Su Yan took a taxi to the 'Those Years' bar, which was the most famous place in A City. Normally, people who passed by would have to think about it before they passed by, afraid that the waiter would ask them for a fare.

After getting off the car, Su Yan rushed straight to the 10th floor. The diamond VIP room on this floor was where Gu Chengyu had been staying for a long time.

Su Yan pushed open the door without any hesitation and was stunned. She saw Gu Chengyu hugging a woman who looked very similar to Hee Yurou, chatting with her. Besides that, Ji Yunan, who was standing at the side, was busy chatting with five beauties around him.

"Sister-in-law, sister-in-law …"

Ji Yunan was a smart person. When he saw Su Yan, he quickly greeted her and told the girls to leave.

"Sister-in-law, why didn't you say anything when you came?" I'll send a car to pick you up. "

Su Yan didn't reply. Her gaze was fixed on Gu Chengyu, who was sitting silently on the sofa, while the man sat on the sofa with his legs spread apart. He didn't even look at her.

Seeing that the situation wasn't right, Ji Yunan quickly said, "Bro, Sister-in-law, I still have things to do, so I'll be leaving first."

With that, he winked at Gu Chengyu and slipped away.

When the door closed, Su Yan burst out the negative emotions that she had been holding in. She gave Gu Chengyu a cold smile and said sarcastically, "You miss a dead person, so you have to take a double to comfort you, right?"

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