Love Is Incurable/C6 Punishment
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Love Is Incurable/C6 Punishment
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C6 Punishment

Su Yan was startled by these words before shaking her head with all her might. "No, I didn't ask them to do that. They didn't …"

"No?" Is my mother here tonight? "

"I have, but I …"

"Don't bother explaining it to me! You woman, I should have seen through you long ago. Suddenly, Gu Chengyu laughed sinisterly, "But, don't be happy too early. Even if your parents want to give it to you, you'll have to pass my test!"

Su Yan finally understood the reason behind Gu Chengyu's overflowing anger.

However, she thought that when Rong Jinxiu said she wanted to give her share of the shares, she might not be sincere. She just wanted to use the shares to coerce her son.

"Chengyu, listen to me, I …"

"What did you call me?" The man frowned, disgusted to hear her call his name.

"Gu, Young Master Gu …" Su Yan's body trembled as she looked at the man in front of her who seemed to have lost control. "Madam Gu only wants to use her shares to force you to be together with me. I …"

"So you also knew." Gu Chengyu's voice suddenly became softer, and the corner of his mouth raised into a creepy smile, "It seems that you're not stupid. You know you can't do it, with the help of my parents. Su Yan, I've really underestimated you!"

"No, no!"

"Since you want me to sleep with you so much, I'll grant you that wish!"

With that, the man's large hands suddenly ripped apart her clothes …

This time, it was even more brutal and brutal than last time. It was as if he wanted to eat her alive and skin her alive; his actions were extremely ruthless.

Su Yan continuously resisted and struggled. However, the more it was like this, the more painful the man made her feel!

In the end, Su Yan fell onto the bed like a dead fish. Her eyes lost focus as she looked at the dark ceiling, hoping that it would end soon …

"One star, two stars, three stars... 159 stars, oh no, 154 stars... "

Su Yan's mouth kept blurring the numbers. This was taught to her by Gu Chengyu when she was young. Whenever something bad happened, she would count the stars. When she reached 200, her luck would change …

But, time, time, look at you, you turned that sunny boy into a cruel tyrant!

It wasn't until the sun was about to rise that Gu Chengyu was pulled out of Su Yan's body.

Without hesitation, he pulled away and walked into the bathroom, ignoring her.

Half an hour later, he came out wrapped in a towel and saw Su Yan lying on the bed like a broken doll. Her eyes were blank and her lips were parted as if she was muttering something.

When he reached the door, he suddenly stopped. He looked at the seemingly dead woman on the bed and coldly said, "Don't play games with me, otherwise, the punishment will be much more intense than this time."

A long time after Gu Chengyu left, Su Yan's gaze moved hesitantly.

She glanced toward the door, but there was no movement. Only then did she dare to try to sit up.

But as soon as her toes touched the ground, she felt a crushing pain all over her body, and she fell to the ground with a thump, never to get up again.

Pain, it was so painful, he felt pain all over his body.

She felt that something was wrong and touched her forehead. Sure enough, she had a fever.

He opened his mouth to call the servant over to help, but his throat felt like it was on fire. The pain was so intense that he couldn't make a sound.

With great difficulty, she managed to pull the blanket over her body. Su Yan thought that if she were to sweat, her fever would be cured. However, she didn't expect that this fever would almost take her life.

At eight in the evening, Gu Chengyu returned home. He subconsciously looked at the guest room on the second floor and asked the servant, "Has she made any movements?"

Sister Ding took his briefcase and said respectfully, "No, I stayed in my room for the whole day."

"Yes." "Yes." The man impatiently went up to the second floor. As he passed by the guest room, he took a quick glance and headed straight to the study room.

Deep into the night, Gu Chengyu rubbed his forehead tiredly. Sister Ding brought a bowl of bird's nest porridge over and said, "Young Master, Madam just called and asked if you and her …"

Miss Ding subconsciously looked in the direction of Su Yan.

The man elegantly took a sip of the bird's nest porridge. His expression remained unchanged as he asked, "How do you answer?"

"I said, Young Master and Young Madam are very close."

"Mm, you can leave now."

When Sister Ding walked out, a dark cloud suddenly appeared in Gu Chengyu's calm and tranquil eyes. He wiped his mouth with a napkin and spat out two words coldly, "Idiot!"

Yesterday, they had said that they would give Su Yan 15% of the shares. Today, how could they possibly love each other?

Maybe it was the woman blowing in front of her mother again, so she called to ask.

The man got up angrily and went straight to Su Yan's bedroom. It looked like this woman was still lacking in cleaning up!

Pushing the door open, it was pitch black inside.

The man turned on the light and his eyes narrowed.

On the snow-white bed, there was a pool of dried blood.

That pool of dark red light pierced into his eyes.

This was a testament to his atrocities.

Suddenly, Gu Chengyu was a bit annoyed. He yelled at Su Yan in annoyance. No one answered him. He pushed open the bathroom door, but there was still no one there.

Didn't the servant say that she hadn't gone out for a day? How could she not be there?

With a slight frown, the man suddenly discovered that there was a trembling quilt horn on the other side of the bed.

He walked over step by step and saw a 'trembling dumpling'!

Su Yan tightly wrapped herself from head to toe.

"Get up!" the man ordered coldly.

Su Yan, "…"

"Hurry up, I don't have that much patience to waste on you."

Su Yan, "…"

The man's eyes darkened. He reached out his hand to tug on the blanket. "Su Yan, let me tell you …"

Before he could finish, he was suddenly stunned!

Su Yan curled up on the ground, violently trembling. She was completely naked, her pure white skin was imprinted with bruises, and the dried blood on her thighs was especially eye-catching!

"Su Yan, Su Yan …"

Gu Chengyu squatted down to pat her face, but he found that her body was burning. He frowned, wrapped the blanket around her, and carried her straight to the hospital.

Late at night, a handsome man stood at the entrance of the emergency room. His facial features were cold, his eyes were a little red, and his black eyebrows were deeply furrowed.

After a long time, the emergency room door opened.

A female doctor walked over and took off her mask. She silently looked at the incomparably noble man in front of her and coldly berated, "Come with me!"

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