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C7 Home Party

"Chengyu, what's going on? How could you just... You've tortured people to such a state! " Rong Anqi looked at her nephew with a serious expression. "You're already an adult. Why are you acting like a brat and not knowing what's important?"

Gu Chengyu pursed his lips. His cold face was tense as if he wasn't listening to her at all.

Frowning, Rong Anqi asked coldly, "How long has it been since you last did it?"

The man's lips twitched. "Does this have anything to do with her condition?"

"Of course, I have to consider whether you are a pervert or not."

The man's mouth twitched again. "Aunt, I'm your nephew."

"It used to be, but now, I have to reconsider whether I recognize you or not. I don't want to have anything to do with perverts."

Gu Chengyu gritted his teeth. If the person in front of him wasn't his biological aunt, he would immediately have her promoted. Oh, no, fire her and throw her to Africa.

"Alright, one month!"

"It's only been a month and you've already done this to your wife? Chengyu, there's something wrong with your mind! Do you know that even though her lower body rank 3 has been torn apart, you still consider yourself a rapist?! "

Gu Chengyu didn't say anything and looked away. How could someone as high and mighty as him admit his mistakes?

"She asked for it!"

"Don't blame anyone else." Rong Anqi wrote out a prescription and threw it over. Then, she drew up a pen and said, "These are for external application. These are for internal use. Go get the medicine."

The man snappily took the prescription, then left in a dissatisfied manner.


The man turned.

"Be nicer to Su Yan, she's a pretty good woman. If you hurt her innocently one day, I'm afraid you won't even make it for her in time to regret it." Rong Anqi said sincerely and earnestly.

Gu Chengyu snorted disdainfully, opened the door and walked out.

When Su Yan woke up, it was already the second day. When she opened her eyes, she saw a nurse standing beside her with a smile.

Perhaps it was due to her injuries, but panic and fear immediately appeared in her eyes. If it wasn't for the fact that her body was weak, she would have definitely run away.

"Miss Su, you're awake." The nurse smiled at her in a friendly manner and adjusted the speed of her drip. "You've been unconscious for one day and one night. Are you feeling better now?"

Su Yan wanted to speak, but her throat was burning with pain, making her unable to utter a single word.

She nodded.

"I'm giving you an antidote to reduce the fever. Now, I have to give you medicine. Don't be shy."

The nurse gently lifted her quilt and put her hand in...

The refreshing medicinal paste brought waves of sour pain, and what made Su Yan even more embarrassed was that someone else had actually done such an extremely secretive thing for her.

He wanted to cry, but he had to bear with it.

Su Yan did not shed a single tear until the ointment was finished.

However, his face only became paler and paler.

The nurse left after a few words of consolation. Su Yan just laid there blankly without saying anything for a few days.

Of course, no one told her.

At first, the nurse would take the initiative to talk to her, but after seeing her indifferent attitude, she gradually drifted away.

On the fifth day of Su Yan's hospitalization, the head nurse came over personally. "Miss Su, you can leave the hospital now."

"No, no, I don't want to leave the hospital!" Su Yan clutched the quilt tightly as her body shrunk into a ball with a panicked expression on her face. Whenever she thought of returning home, all the hairs on her body would stand on end.

"Mr Gu is already waiting for you downstairs." the matron said.

Su Yan froze when she heard that. He's here? What was he doing here? Wasn't torturing her enough?


She didn't want to see him!

No, no, no!

Su Yan nervously swallowed her saliva, looking at the head nurse with grief and pleading. "I-I'm not well yet, I can't leave!" "You go and tell him I can't leave, really …"

Sighing awkwardly, the head nurse said, "Miss Su, are you trying to make things difficult for me?" Who dared to disobey Mr Gu's orders? Otherwise, go down and tell him yourself. "

Yes, who could be disobedient to that man? Nobody!

Because, he always had the ability to make you wish you were dead.

Therefore, Su Yan's head drooped down as she admitted defeat. "No need, I'm leaving the hospital right now."

When Su Yan walked to Gu Chengyu's car with the help of two nurses, the man's gaze suddenly turned cold.

After living for such a long time, why was his face still so pale? His body was still shaking, especially his legs, which were shaking even more violently.

Could it be that he really did want it too much that night, so it took him so long to recover?

Thinking of this, the man's frown deepened.

Su Yan subconsciously took two steps back. After interacting with him for a long time, she knew what each of his expressions meant.

He was angry.

And her two recent experiences had told her that once Gu Chengyu got angry, he would definitely lose his temper!

"Get in!" When he saw her retreating, he became even more agitated, and his voice could not help but increase by tens of decibels.

Su Yan shivered and got in the car with the help of the nurse. However, she was careful not to sit in the back seat with Gu Chengyu. She got in the passenger seat.

"To Hui Lou."

Hui Lou is the best image design studio in A City.

"Where are you going?" Su Yan asked nervously.

"It's family reunion day, do you want to go with this dead face?"

Su Yan lowered her head and did not ask any further.

Arriving at Hui Lou, Gu Chengyu arranged for the best designer to make a complete set of models for Su Yan.

After staying in the hospital for a few days, Su Yan had lost a lot of weight. However, after being pulled by the designer, her haggard face had disappeared, giving her a more bony and beautiful look.

When Su Yan came out of the design room, Gu Chengyu's hand that was filled with impurities suddenly stopped. After a long while, he looked away as if nothing had happened and said lightly, "Vulgar and vulgar powder."

Pursing her lips, Su Yan remained silent.

Now, she tried her best not to talk to Gu Chengyu and not to talk to him. This is the best and most direct way to avoid harm, isn't it?

When they arrived at the ancient residence, Gu Chengyu and Su Yan got off the car one after the other.

At this time, the butler came out from the house. Gu Chengyu pulled Su Yan to his side. His expression was still cold, but in a blink of an eye, it had turned into one of love.

Su Yan looked at Gu Chengyu in fear, but she didn't expect the man's handsome face to suddenly come close to her ear. Her lips moved a little as if she said something, then she scratched the tip of her nose.

"Young Master, Young Madam, the Old Master and the Second Young Master have been waiting inside for a long time." The housekeeper looked at the couple and smiled happily.

"It's all her fault. She said that she had to dress up carefully. That's why she took up so much time."

Gu Chengyu reproached Su Yan intimately. Su Yan snapped out of her daze. He was just putting on an act for someone else.

Lowering her head, Su Yan didn't say anything.

After the previous two injuries, she didn't know what method she used to face Gu Chengyu's family. She was too intimate, she was afraid that he would suspect her, or be estranged from her, but she was also afraid that he would say that he wanted to capture her.

However, this action of hers, in the eyes of the butler, was a form of humiliation.

The two of them entered the main hall. The Gu Family Elder and the Elder were chatting with a handsome man.

The man and Gu Chengyu looked very similar, but their faces were pale and haggard.

Seeing the two enter, the man stood up and greeted them politely. "Big brother, eldest sister-in-law …"

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