Love Is Incurable/C8 You Are Not Happy
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Love Is Incurable/C8 You Are Not Happy
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C8 You Are Not Happy

The man was Gu Cheng'en, Gu Chengyu's brother. However, he had been ill since childhood and had been recuperating in the United States.

Upon seeing him, Su Yan was slightly taken aback.

If it wasn't because of Gu Cheng'en, she couldn't even have anything to do with Gu Chengyu.

"Yo, why did you come back instead of filming the scenery in America?" Gu Chengyu walked over and teased her. Su Yan did not say a word and obediently sat beside him at a distance that was neither too close nor too close.

Gu Chengyu frowned, then pulled her to his side and whispered intimately into Su Yan's ear, "Old husband and wife, why are you so embarrassed? Cheng'en won't laugh at you."

His breath was on the skin of her ear lobes, causing Su Yan to shudder subconsciously.

Ever since that brutal night, she had been deeply afraid of him. Not to mention that he was so close to her, even if she heard the name Gu Chengyu, all the cells in her body felt like they were exploding.

Watching the interaction between the two, Gu Cheng'en's slightly pale lips curled up slightly. "Brother and sister-in-law are truly in love."

Gu Chengyu smiled and declined to comment. "When are you going to bring back a sister-in-law for me?"

"I …" Gu Cheng'en lowered his eyelids, "Bro, stop joking with me. With my appearance, which girl is willing to marry me? A year ago, if it wasn't for sister-in-law, I might have lost my life. "

Su Yan raised her head and glanced at Gu Cheng'en.

He looked 80% similar to Gu Chengyu, but due to his long illness, he was lacking in arrogance and dominance. The gentle light from the living room shone on his face, meticulously looking for his skin, this scene was too exquisite, just like the Japanese comics that he would see in an hour.

"Cheng'en, you will be happy."

Su Yan's tone was very light as if she didn't use much strength. However, Gu Cheng'en was shocked by her words.

Would he really be happy?

Seeing the few juniors happily chatting, the two Gu Family Elders did not talk much.

After dinner, Rong Jinxiu called Gu Chengyu into the study room. Needless to say, the two Gu Family Elders wanted to interrogate their son.

Su Yan felt bored and went for a walk alone in the back garden.

Because it was late at night and there was no one in the garden, Su Yan felt much more relaxed. She took off her high heels and stepped barefoot on the grass. The soft feeling made her feel as if she was riding on clouds and fog.


The sound of photos being taken suddenly came from the side. Su Yan looked over in astonishment. "Who is it?"

"It's me." Gu Cheng'en slowly walked out from the shadow not far away. He waved the phone in his hand and said, "Sister-in-law, you don't mind, right?"

On the screen of his phone was the photo he had taken of Su Yan.

Under the dim light, Su Yan held her high heels with her hands behind her back. She stood on tiptoes, with her head thrown back and her neck stretched out like a white swan. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the fresh night air.

Needless to say, Gu Cheng'en's photography skills were top-notch.

Even with his cell phone, even in such a dim light, his capture and composition of the characters were exquisite.

"No, nothing."

Su Yan quickly put on her shoes and tensed up.

He looked too much like Gu Chengyu, and seeing him was the same as seeing Gu Chengyu. She was scared.

Gu Cheng'en seemed to have noticed something. He put away his phone and didn't rush over. Instead, he stood on the spot, "You hate me?"

"Nope." Su Yan shook her head.

"Then are you afraid of my brother?"

Su Yan's body instantly froze. She stared at Gu Cheng'en's face nervously, "Don't speak nonsense!"

Hearing this, the man's clear eyes sunk without leaving a trace. He smiled like the June wind, so light that it made people feel comfortable.

"I was just joking. Sister-in-law, one year ago, thank you for donating my bone marrow to me.

"You're welcome. If it wasn't for this, your brother wouldn't have married me."

Indeed, if it wasn't for her bone marrow, how could her father threaten Gu Chengyu to marry her?

If her father hadn't forced Gu Chengyu to marry her, Hee Yurou wouldn't have jumped into the sea and died … Now, then, everything that had happened to her might not happen.

In short, everything was fate.

Realizing that she had lost her composure, Su Yan immediately changed the topic, "Oh right, why did you come back this time? How long are you planning to stay? "

"I was going to participate in a domestic photography exhibition. I was planning to leave after the exhibition ended, but now …" Gu Cheng'en's eyes flashed slightly, "I think I'll be staying for a long time."

Su Yan acknowledged and did not pay too much attention to his words.

"Then I'll go first. At the exhibition, your brother and I will go and support you." With that, Su Yan nodded politely towards Gu Cheng'en and walked out of the garden.

Looking at her slender back, the smile on the man's face gradually disappeared …

"You're not happy, are you?"

Suddenly, a soft voice came from behind Su Yan. It sounded as if it was barely audible and could easily make people hallucinate. She stopped and turned around to take a look. She was not sure if she had really heard those words.

"What did you say?"

"Nothing …" Gu Cheng'en looked at her and said.

"Oh, maybe I heard wrong. Goodbye."

Su Yan walked to the door of the garden with a puzzled expression. She saw Gu Chengyu leaning on a tree and smoking. Su Yan instinctively wanted to go backwards, but before she could retreat, the man's voice had already rang out.

"Have a good chat with Cheng'en?"

The voice was icy cold. It was obviously a June day, but Su Yan felt chilled to the bone.

"We just met in the garden and, we just exchanged a few words." Su Yan explained. Because she was too nervous, she couldn't even speak.

Gu Chengyu's expression darkened as he walked towards Su Yan.

As she watched him get closer, Su Yan couldn't help but shiver.

She could clearly feel the cold aura coming from his body and the deep disgust in his eyes!

When the man stood in front of her, Su Yan's heart thumped …

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