Love Never Ends/C1 Chapter 1
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Love Never Ends/C1 Chapter 1
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C1 Chapter 1

The rain was heavy.

On the flat ground, the young girl was looking up at the cold and graceful lady.

The lady was holding an umbrella and the girl was standing in the rain.

"You should know that the Xi Family will not take this bastard!"

The woman's cold voice did not contain a trace of warmth. "Shen Zhixin, don't forget that you are a prostitute! You are not worthy!"

"Madam Xi, this is the child of your Xi Family. How can you treat him like this?" Shen Zhixin argued with all her strength.

She used both hands to protect her slightly bulging belly. At this moment, she felt a coldness and helplessness that she had never felt before.

"The child of the Xi Family?"

Madam spat. Her face was full of disdain, "A prostitute like you is not worthy to give birth to a child of the Xi Family!"

"I am not!" Zhixin's face was red. She pulled her throat and argued hysterically in the rain.

"Your mother is a prostitute. You too!"

"My mother isn't! Don't spout nonsense! "

Xi Ping sneered in contempt, "Shen Zhixin, There's only one ending for this kid. That is death! Either this child will die in your womb, or he will die in the hospital. I will never let him see the sun in this world!"

Zhixin staggered and she kept stepping back. She looked at the cruel woman in front of her in horror, "You are the devil!"

"It doesn't matter if you don't accept my suggestion. When you give birth to him, I will let you see how he dies in front of you!"

"No, don't..."

Zhixin shook her head and screamed out of control. Her eyes were already covered with a layer of horror, "How can you treat him like this? He is your grandson, your biological grandson..."

"Madman, you are a madman!!"

Zhixin gritted her teeth and screamed!

Suddenly, a scalpel appeared in her hand.

In the next moment, before anyone could react, she raised her hand and stabbed the sharp scalpel into her left abdomen.

"Ah!" A heart-wrenching scream tore through the sky.

Blood gushed out of her abdomen and flowed all over the ground. It was a horrifying sight!

Shen Zhixin was lying in a pool of blood. Her face was so pale that she did not have any vitality.

Looking at her bloody body, Xi Ping's lips curled up in satisfaction.

"Shen Zhixin, get out of S City immediately. If you don't do what I say, that slut will end up like the bastard in your stomach. Take care of yourself!"

Xi Ping left.

In the heavy rain, Zhixin was lying on the ground. Her consciousness was blurry as she touched the phone in her pocket.

"Save me, Yunting, save my child..."

Four years later, in the A city, in the Royal Family Equipment Group.

"We can finally get off work."

Shen Zhixin hammered her sore shoulder.

"Zhixin, are you going to see your son again today?" Her colleague Li Shanshan asked her.

"Yes!" Zhixin cracked a smile. Her face was brimming with happiness that could not be hidden. "I'm leaving now! Bye bye."

She didn't have time to talk and rushed to the hospital.

Looking at Zhixin's back, Li Shanshan could not help but sigh, "Zhixin's pressure is really quite great. She is not only a single mother, but also her cute son even has leukemia! If the child can't handle chemotherapy, her family's financial situation won't be able to handle it!"

"Well, we can only pray that they can find the bone marrow of the match as soon as possible. " Some people said.

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