Love Never Ends/C2 Chapter 2
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Love Never Ends/C2 Chapter 2
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C2 Chapter 2

Fuiren tertiary Grade A hospital.

Zhixin squeezed her way out of the elevator and headed straight to ward 1023.

She pushed open the door to the ward. It was empty inside. There was no sign of her son.

Zhixin was anxious all of a sudden. She went out the door. She grabbed a nurse who happened to pass by the door and asked, "Nurse, where is my son?"


The young nurse looked at Shen Zhixin awkwardly. "I'm sorry, I'm an intern nurse who just arrived at the hospital. I'm not sure about the details. I'm going to ask your exclusive nurse now. Don't worry."

The young nurse carried the medicine in her hand and walked quickly to the nurses' station.

Zhixin also jogged and followed her.

The moment they arrived at the nurses' station, Zhixin's suspended heart instantly fell. She let out a long sigh of relief, but she could not help but feel her eyes turn slightly red.

In the nurses' station, she saw a young bald child wearing a small blue and white striped gown. He was sitting on a tall bar chair with his two short legs dangling in the air. He was holding a small drawing board in his hand and was concentrating on drawing for the young nurse beside him.

"Nuannuan, if you praise me, I'll give you candy."

The nurse held the cute candy and waved it in front of Zhinuan.

Zhinuan didn't say anything and just kissed the nurse's face. "The most beautiful Sister Xiaomei, don't tempt me with candy anymore. My mommy said that if I eat candy again, my front teeth will fall out. If I don't have front teeth, I won't be able to find a girlfriend as beautiful as Sister Xiaomei when I grow up! "

Zhinuan's words made Xiaomei's heart bloom with joy. She hugged Zhinuan and said, "It's okay. If you can't find a girlfriend, then I will marry you!"

Zhinuan also laughed and said, "Sister Xiaomei, you are a liar. You are like all the nurses here. You all only want to marry the most handsome doctor in the hospital."

Xiaomei shook her head and denied it. She teased him, "The most handsome person in our hospital is obviously our Zhinuan. I only want to marry you!"

Zhinuan pursed his lips and smiled.

Zhixin could not help but laugh. She walked to the nurse's desk and knocked on the table, "Narcissist Shen Zhinuan!"


Shen Zhinuan saw Zhixin and slid down from the bar chair. He ran straight to Zhixin.

"Slow down..."

Zhixin bent over and hugged Shen Zhinuan tightly.

"Xiaomei, thank you for taking care of zhinuan so patiently." Zhixin thanked Xiaomei gratefully. Usually when she was busy, Xiaomei and these cute nurses would help take care of Zhinuan. Because of them, she could go to work and earn money so easily.

"Ms Zhixin, don't say that. Taking care of Nuannuan is our responsibility. Furthermore, Nuannuan is so obedient and cute. Every nurse likes him very much!"

Zhixin laughed. "That's why I have to thank you all the more! Are you the only one on duty today? Where are the other nurses?"

Xiaomei smiled. She pointed at the corridor on the right with her chin. A group of nurses were peeping at the corner of the wall. "They are all watching a brain surgeon who just came to our hospital not long ago. To be honest, he is really handsome."

Xiaomei said. Her pretty mouth could not help but smile obsessively.

At this time, the young nurses all came back. Their faces were still full of reluctance.

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