Love Never Ends/C3 Chapter 3
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Love Never Ends/C3 Chapter 3
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C3 Chapter 3

"He left?" Xiaomei asked.

"Yes, he went into the operating theater." The young nurses looked regretful.

"Oh, Dr. Xi is so handsome!"

"Not only that, his magnetic voice, 'hematoma in the brain, prepare for surgery', oh my god, his voice is very sexy!" The young nurse looked like she was in love with Dr. Xi. She lowered her voice and tried to imitate Dr. Xi.

"That's right! The key was that he was so handsome. He was actually a golden bachelor! Moreover, he was promoted to a professor the moment he came to our hospital. He has a bright future ahead of him! "

I also heard that his family has a strong political background. He is a typical rich family's young master. I heard that he has an independent villa in the wealthy district. "


All the girls exclaimed. It was as if their admiration for this handsome brain surgeon had increased.

"Sigh, it's over, let's not even think about it. How can a man with such superior conditions like him take a liking to us? Rich people are all particular about matching up to each other!"

But that's the case.

"The right family." These few words made Zhixin inexplicably think of her past.

In the past, she was also forced to separate from that man because of "family matched family. In the end, the man called Xi Shenyuan in her memory could only become the 89th key of the piano in her life. It was a distance that she could never touch.

"Zhixin, your phone has rung more than ten times. Hurry up and see if someone is looking for you for something urgent."

The moment Shen Zhixin came out of the director's office, Li Shanshan handed her phone to her.

"Is it from the hospital?" Shen Zhixin did not even have time to put down the drawings and quickly took the phone.

"No, no. Don't worry. If it was a call from the hospital, I would have picked it up for you."

Zhixin turned on the phone and took a look. She let out a long sigh of relief. It was just a call from a good friend of her younger sister, Li Miya.

She quickly called back. The call was quickly picked up. "Ms Zhixin, this is bad!"

"What's wrong? Did something happen?"

"It's Ruorou. She jumped off the building and killed herself!"

Her words exploded in Zhixin's mind like a bomb.

"But don't worry, Ms Zhixin. Ruorou is fine now."

Li Miya's two sentences made Zhixin feel like she was on a roller coaster. She patted her chest that was moving up and down and nervously asked her, "How is Ruorou's situation now?"

"We have already sent her to the hospital. The doctor said that there was no big problem but one of her legs was broken and there was even a slight concussion..."

Zhixin took a cold breath, "This is not a big problem? Which doctor said that!"

For some reason, she was a little angry.

"Ruorou's attending doctor said that."

"Forget it. Which hospital are you guys in? I'll come over right away."

"Fu Ren Hospital."

Zhixin said, "Okay, I'll take a leave of absence first. I'll call you later."

Zhixin hung up the phone in a hurry and went to the leader to ask for leave.

She called Li Miya on the Jumping luck again. "Why did Ruorou suddenly commit suicide?"

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