Love Never Ends/C4 4th Chapter
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Love Never Ends/C4 4th Chapter
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C4 4th Chapter

Lee Miya felt a little awkward.

"If you still think of me as your sister, then tell me the truth."

"It's like this. Actually, Ruorou did not commit suicide. She deliberately threw herself down from the third floor. But she did not want to die."

Is she crazy? " Zhixin angrily shouted and did not care that she was still in public.

"She fell in love with a brain surgeon in Furen Hospital. His surname seems to be Xi, but Dr. Xi always ignored her. In the end, she did something so irrational."

Dr. Xi? Could it be someone the nurses had been talking about that day?

"I think she's crazy. She shouldn't have gone to the brain surgery. She should have gone straight to the neurology department!" Zhixin was trembling with anger. "You can't joke about your life when you love someone! Is what she did worthy of her mother, her sister, and everyone who cares about her? Childish!!"

"Ms Zhixin, don't be angry. I have scolded her for a long time. She said that if she did not do so, she would not have the chance to get close to the brain surgeon. " Don't be angry with her. "

Zhixin sneered," She is too stupid! "

Shen Ruorou, you better explain this to me properly! "

The moment Zhixin entered the ward, she angrily threw her bag onto the bedside table and stared at Shen Ruorou who was wrapped in bandages with red eyes.


Shen Ruorou's eyes were red as she looked at the angry Zhixin. Her face was full of grievance and pity.

"You deserve it!!"

Zhixin looked at her sister's leg that had been cast. Her heart was in pain but her mouth scolded her, "For a man to put his life on the line, it is really absurd!"

As she spoke, she raised the kettle in her hand, "There's no more water. I'll go and get some water."

Zhixin held the kettle and walked out of the ward.

She turned right and walked down the corridor to the water room.

She looked up as if she had seen a long, tall figure. He was wearing a clean white coat and his hands were casually in his pockets. He casually walked forward but before she could see clearly, the figure quickly disappeared at the end of the corridor.

Zhi Xin wanted to chase after him but stopped as soon as he took a step.

Shen Zhixin, what are you doing? Why would that man appear here? This was the A city, and it was still a thousand miles away from the S city that he lived in!

Even if that man was him, could she really chase after him at all costs? Four years ago, she couldn't, and four years later, she couldn't either!

Shen Zhixin finished the water in a daze and returned to the ward from the water room. She was not in a good mood.

"Your fever is almost gone. Do you still feel nauseous now?"

The moment Shen Zhixin stepped into the ward, an unreal male voice entered her ears like water.

The familiar tone made her chest tighten. She could not breathe for a moment.

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