Love Never Ends/C7 Chapter 7
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Love Never Ends/C7 Chapter 7
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C7 Chapter 7

"I heard low IQ is contagious. And you, are not worthy of me paying such a heavy price! "

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Zhixin took a deep breath. A certain part of her chest seemed to have been stabbed by something. It was painful.

This sentence was very familiar. Four years ago, his words were still ringing in her ears. He said, Shen Zhixin, I heard that low intelligence can infect people. But it doesn't matter. I will let you dye it enough. Do you think our saliva is contagious or is it direct infection?

"I already have a girlfriend."

Suddenly, Xi Shenyuan's had a girlfriend. A sentence pulled Zhixin back to reality.

She was stunned for half a second and her eyes gradually darkened.

Shen Ruorou had already shed tears.

How many girls could bear those heartless and malicious words just now?

"You guys pack up first. Get ready to change the ward in the afternoon."

After Xi Shenyuan finished speaking, he turned around and left the ward.

"No matter what, I won't give up." Shen Ruorou laid on the bed and shouted stubbornly at his back.

In the ward, only Shen Zhixin and Shen Ruorou were left.

"Did you tell him that I jumped off the building to commit suicide?" Shen Ruorou asked Zhixin with a cold face.


Zhixin nodded and admitted. She got up and started to pack her things and said, "I am doing it for your own good."

"What do you mean by doing this for my own good?" Shen Ruorou became anxious. She raised her decibel and shouted at her. "Shen Zhixin, look at me now. Who do you think you are? What right do you have to make decisions for my love? Why did you tell him? " Why do you want him to say these terrible things to me? What are you thinking? " Shen Ruorou's voice was filled with tears as she reprimanded her older sister.

Shen Zhixin, who was helping her tidy up her clothes, her hands suddenly froze.

Every question Shen Ruorou asked was like a sharp blade that stabbed into her heart.

"Shen Zhixin, do you also like him and you also want to chase after him? If you are, just say it. You do not need to use my knife behind me like this!"

Zhixin turned around. She looked at her sister and her eyes fell on her face. There was a bone-chilling coldness in her eyes. She said, "In your heart. Your sister, am I such a terrible person?

She really simply did not want to see her younger sister like her, falling in love with a man she should not have loved! That kind of deep love that she could not love, that kind of time where she would be threatened and frightened by others day and night, was not something an ordinary person could bear!

Zhixin threw away the clothes in her hands and said, "I will go and see Nuan."

After she finished speaking, she directly left the ward.

Zhixin leaned against the wall of the corridor. She kept taking deep breaths. She tried hard to adjust her emotions. But the dull discomfort in her chest made her eyes redden again and again.

She did not expect that her words would cause her relationship with her sister to become so stiff. It would even make her feel embarrassed in front of Xi Shenyuan.

She didn't even dare to tell her sister about her relationship with Xi Shenyuan.


He had a girlfriend!

This was clearly a good thing. This meant that both of them had a new life. She should be happy. However, no matter how hard she tried, there was no smile on her face.

After that day, Shen Ruorou was transferred to the Orthopedics Department. Five days later, she would be able to get out of the hospital smoothly, and Zhixin had never seen Xi Shenyuan again. Although she went to and fro the Furen Hospital every day, she was in two different departments after all. It was not easy for her to meet someone who was several floors away from her.

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