Love Never Ends/C8 Chapter 8
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Love Never Ends/C8 Chapter 8
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C8 Chapter 8

Pawnstone Furniture, inside the director's office...

"Zhixin, I'll leave this case to you."

Director Li Jiancheng passed the information of the new client to Zhixin. "I have asked Xiao Wen to follow up on this client before. His house is a small villa complex. The upper and lower floors add up to about 1000 square meters. His family was very well-off, and money was definitely not a problem for him. The key was that the design philosophy must satisfy the client. Zhixin, you are the most attentive person in Design Department. Normally, patience is also the best. I think this case will not be easy to solve. "Rich people are harder to deal with, so you might need to spend more time and energy."

"Okay, I'll definitely pay attention." Zhixin nodded.

"I have already arranged to have dinner with my client at Waterfront International at 6: 00 tonight. After work, you will go to the appointment and have a good talk with your client to understand his specific design requirements. " We'll do our best to satisfy them. " There's a contact number for the client in the folder. You can contact him directly by phone later. "

Okay, okay. Then if there's nothing else, Director, I'll go out first. "

"Okay, go do your thing."

Zhixin got off work half an hour earlier and took the taxi to go straight to the Shanghai International Hotel.

Unexpectedly, the moment she entered the hotel, she saw the man she had not seen for a few days, Xi Shenyuan.

Today, he was slightly different from usual.

He took off the white coat that symbolized his identity and was replaced by a dark checkered suit with good quality and style.

The cut of the suit was obviously designed by a famous overseas designer. The style perfectly accentuated his slender and strong physique, and his low-key elegance was vividly reflected in his body.

He folded his legs and casually sat on the sofa. His distant gaze fell on the bustling city seats outside the window, and the color in his eyes became deeper.

He seemed to be waiting for someone.

His long fingers drummed rhythmically on the table to show that his patience was slowly exhausted while waiting.

Zhixin was about to look away when she did not expect Xi Shenyuan to suddenly turn his head and look in her direction.

The two pairs of eyes met and Zhixin's panic was instantly seen by him. Zhixin did not even have the time to cover it up.

Zhixin hurriedly found a seat and sat down with him on her back. She took a deep breath and tried to calm her nervous state of mind a little.

She took out the information from her bag and was about to call the client, but before she could find the information of the client, her phone suddenly rang.

Zhixin thought that the customer was calling and quickly went to look at her phone.

When she saw the caller ID on her phone, she was stunned.

The caller ID on her phone was a string of unnoted numbers that were not saved in her phone's contact list. However, the numbers made up this group of numbers seemed to be carved into the depths of her soul with a knife. Even after four years, it did not fade with time and instead, her memory became deeper and deeper.

This was Xi Shenyuan's phone number. From four years ago until now, it had never been changed.

However, why did he have his own contact number? Her number had changed long ago when she had escaped from S city.

Zhixin turned around and looked at him. He was also looking at her indifferently. His phone was still sticking to his ear.

Zhixin hesitated for a moment and finally pressed the answer button.

"Are you planning to sit here and discuss the plan with me?"

Xi Shenyuan's voice was low. It came from the other end of the phone.

"Ah?" Zhixin was stunned.

"Or should we just talk over the phone?"

Zhixin immediately came back to her senses and hurriedly opened the client's information.

Annoyed, she hammered her own wooden head. At this time, she really regretted not flipping through the client's information earlier.

"Miss Shen, you don't even know the basic information of the client in advance?" Clearly, he was very dissatisfied with her work attitude.

"I'm sorry." Zhixin quickly apologized.

Because she had to get off work half an hour earlier, her work was very tight. After getting the documents from the director in the afternoon, she was busy until the moment before she came out.

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