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C4 Lost

Zanara rounded her eyes when she heard the greeting from the man on the other side. She quickly ended the call and checked her cell phone, wildly blocking all the unknown numbers. Jayme had already secured all the new numbers that kept contacting her. However, why can this man still get her number?

She then ran towards Marion's room, terrified that the little girl sensed her father's presence.

No! Zanara would not let Mark come and find her. She would not let him disturb the peace of her life with Marion. The two of them were already happy enough. Even if they only enjoyed everything together without a man to accompany them, without a father figure for their daughter, they were still pleased.

Jayme's presence, though it might be annoying for Zanara, at least not for Marion. And even though Zanara didn't like the visits from the man, she couldn't deny that the presence of a man in their lives gave them a sense of security.

Zanara drew closer to her sleeping daughter, holding her as if she would lose Marion if she let go of her embrace. She kissed her little daughter's cheeks and head.

And in the morning, Zanara decided to close her shop temporarily. She didn't want to leave Marion at home, but she couldn't bring her to work either. Many things made the dilemma even worse.

If she left Marion, what if Mark came and took Marion away from her? However, another thing that confused her was Jayme, who would continue to use Marion as his excuse to see Zanara at the store.

Melika even feels confused when she sees Zanara still at home.

"Mrs. Miller, aren't you going to work?" she asked Zanara, sitting on the sofa and rubbing her forehead. The woman shook her head.

"No, Melika. My head has been spinning since last night."

"Uhm ... then should I just go back home or—"

"No, no. I still need your help here. I might have to go shopping later, and I'd like you to come with me. Now you can help look after Marion for a while. I'll rest in my room. Thanks, Melika."

Zanara went to her room, but she couldn't keep her eyes closed. She got up, picked up her sweater, and put it on. After saying goodbye to Melika and Marion, she left to check on the shop. She had to put up a notice that the store was closed today.

However, just as she parked her car on the side of the road not far from the shop, Zanara saw a figure she recognized, even one that Zanara had always longed for, even though she had often brushed it off.

Zanara didn't want to expect much from what she had received until today. Living a quiet life with Marion was a great blessing to her. And now that everything is going well, why should he come back?

Zanara looked the other way as the man seemed to realize the presence of others watching him from a distance. She didn't want Mark to find her here, in Turkey, or anywhere else. She wanted him to find out and assume she and Marion were dead.

Wasn't she already dead?

The old Zanara is dead. There is no longer the Zanara who loved the possessive Mark so much and was willing to give up everything for him. Zanara—who was currently in the car, watching and making sure Mark wouldn't see her and Marion—was another version of Zanara. The one he could never have or even see. Never.


Zanara opened the door hurriedly. She was looking for Melika and Marion, who were nowhere to be seen in their apartment. Panicked and anxious, that's what Zanara's mind was now. She had to get Marion away from her apartment, at least away from Bursa, for a while. She had to make sure her daughter would never meet Mark at all.


Zanara repeatedly called out to her daughter, but there was no response from anywhere. She looked at the balcony, the room, and even the kitchen, Marion's favorite place. But she couldn't find her there. Zanara's body was already shaking violently. What if Mark had managed to discover their whereabouts? What if he arrived here first and took Marion away?

She was in a lot of trouble right now.

"Melika!!! Marion!!!"

There was still no sign of them. If they were playing in the park, why didn't Zanara see anyone when she passed the place earlier?

Granted, Marion used to take her to the park not far from their apartment building, but Zanara didn't see any children playing there except for a few park workers doing maintenance.

"Where are you, Marion?" Zanara couldn't hold back her tears as they began to fall.

She took out her cell phone and dialed the number of an apartment manager who lived a few floors down. Not long after, a middle-aged woman's voice greeted her on the other side.

"Hello, dear. Is there anything I can help you with?"

"Mrs. Yilmas, are Melika and Marion at your place?" asked Zanara, trying to control her breathing so the woman she was talking to wouldn't panic if Marion weren't there.

"No, dear. I thought Marion came with you to the store. Are you not working?" she asked. However, Emine Yilmas' question seemed to fall on deaf ears as Zanara's mind wandered wildly.

"Zanara? Are you still there? Is there a problem?"

"Mrs. Yilmas, if Marion comes there, please take care of them. I'll tell you about it later. Thank you in advance."

Zanara quickly ended the call, then returned to looking for her daughter and nanny. This time, she headed for the ice cream parlor down the street, one of Marion's favorite places. And nothing.

Zanara pulled the car over. Her hands were already shaking violently, and she couldn't control it. Moreover, her tears were now beginning to well up in the corners of her eyes. This kind of thing had never happened before because Melika always informed her whenever she took Marion on a trip.

This time, Melika's number could not be reached, and there was no news from the girl. Naturally, Zanara was in a panic. Especially after what Shienna said, then the call from Mark that supported her worries that were now like a snowball.

A call startled Zanara, who was unconsciously snoring to herself. A routine call from Shienna that probably came at an inopportune time. However, in the end, she accepts it, too, because now Zanara needs someone to hear her complaints.

"She... did you give that guy my number?" Zanara called out suddenly just as Shienna was about to greet her with the warmest greetings.

"Whoa ... easy, girl. I never gave him any information, I swear. So what, is there a problem?"

Zanara did not immediately answer Shienna's question. She tousled her hair roughly.

"That man ... yesterday he contacted me. And today, who knows who gave the information? He was here, Shie. He came to the store and knocked many times. I saw it myself."

"Okay, slow down. I'm trying to listen. So, what's making you this panicked? From the sound of your voice, is everything okay?"

Zanara's sobs began to sound. "No, it's not. It isn't good, Shie. Marion isn't anywhere, and I'm so worried. What if she ... Shie, tell me, what should I do?"

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