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C8 Never Leaving

Jayme remained still momentarily, looking at the beautiful woman whose face was turning pale. Perhaps Zanara was too tired all day to deal with the conflict, one of which was caused by Jayme, of course.

He felt guilty, that's for sure. However, making Zanara calm down again must not be an easy thing.

Even when things were fine, he would be rude, especially this time.

"Zee, I know you'll never think it's important, but at least let me tell you everything, just to put my life at ease," Jayme said; then, after a long moment of silence and just looking at Zanara and entertaining his vision by admiring that beautiful figure.

Only stealing glances once in a while because if Zanara knew that Jayme was paying attention to such detail, the woman would be upset, and that would ruin her already foul mood.

"Suit yourself, but hurry up ... I don't want Marion to know of your presence."

Hearing that sentence, Jayme naturally felt disappointed. However, it was better than being kicked out without a chance to express his feelings, right?

Let's say that this was another form of kindness given by that woman.

"Alright. Uhm ... I'm ..."


Jayme had never been this nervous around women. Of course, even he could quickly get any woman into his bed with just a blink of his eagle eyes. However, with this woman, he seemed to have lost all power, like he was castrated.

This woman ... was different from most women.

While Jayme was at war with the nervousness that seized his heart, Zanara looked impatient. She was seen exhaling several times. That only made Jayme even more confused.

"Okay, I just wanted to say ... uhm ... ah, shit! Zee, will you wait just for a minute? Uhm, just five minutes; I promise I'll be right back." Jayme tried to compromise with Zanara because he was no longer able to bargain with his heart which was now probably feeling an overwhelming interest in the subject matter he wanted to discuss with the beautiful woman.

"Doctor Demir, are you pranking me?" asked Zanara, looking furious.

Seeing the annoyance on Zanara's face, Jayme swiftly shook off her hands. "N-no, Zee ... really, I-I just need a minute, okay? Three minutes then. How about it?"

Zanara was already wearing another expression as if she didn't want to hear anything if Jayme was trying to buy time.

Ah, damn it!

Jayme couldn't stop swearing to himself. He had never looked so stupid in front of a woman.

"Alright ... whatever you think of me later, I'll just say this for now ..." Jayme corrected his footing so that he would not falter, as his current condition was too alarming. Jayme did not know if he could stand upright after saying everything. His legs now felt as if they were boneless.

"No matter how hard you push away, no matter how much you ask me to leave, drive me away, distance myself ... I will never leave. And no matter how far you run away from me, I will continue to chase you. Because I am ..." His sentence stopped again.

Jayme realized this part was the hardest. Not because he couldn't say it, but because Zanara had already rejected him when he told her he was in love with that beautiful figure.

"I'm getting used to it like this. I told you, love is ... even if you don't believe it, it's the truth that I feel for you, Zee."

Now it was Zanara who was stunned and didn't know what to say. This was nothing new to her. She had heard the word love several times from several men; after all, Jayme had said it many times. However, the difference ... maybe Jayme was unlucky because this special moment for him happened at the wrong time, to the wrong person.

If Jayme had said all this before she met Mark, maybe Zanara would have given the best response that the man should have received.

One more strange thing about Jayme. Even though he had done it many times, every time Jayme told Zanara how he felt, he would get nervous.

Did he think Zanara didn't feel the same nervousness?

That woman was no different. It was just that she didn't feel those feelings of love. Not anymore. At least, not as quickly as before, because to her, Jayme was just like any other man who came into her life as a distraction that would one day change, like the seasons that come and go.

"Please, don't equate me with the men who have come and gone in your life, Zee. Those who later hurt you until you could no longer feel love ... I am not like them. I will continue to prove to you that when others leave, I will stay by your side."

Okay. This has gone too far. It was no longer what Zanara had imagined. This man ... he began to insist, began to emphasize that he insisted on staying. So, what else was Zanara supposed to say other than shut up and accept?

"Is it over?" the woman asked, not changing her expression from earlier. Making various questions pop up in Jayme's mind.

Does this woman have no heart? Or was she trying to suppress all feelings to protect her heart from the pain of betrayal?

"Yes, it is. But ... can I stay for a while?"

"You've gone too far, Doctor Demir. I've given you time, and now you're asking for something else."

"I just miss you guys. I want to see Marion."

'... and you,' Jayme thought.

"Marion needs to rest. You've spent all day together, haven't you? You even drained my feelings by taking Marion without permission. Today is enough. Please, go home, Doctor Demir."

Zanara seemed to have made it clear what she wanted. She had never prevented Jayme from seeing Marion before, but now she was forced to do so.

She was too tired today, and the possibility of other problems with Jayme being there made her rethink allowing the man to stay even for a short while.

Luckily, Zanara was dealing with an infatuated man and perhaps even too in love with her. Whatever Jayme does is best for the woman. And now that Zanara needs time, that's what Jayme will give her.

"Alright ... maybe I'll stop by some other time. Have a good rest, send my love to Marion ..."

'... and to you, of course,' Jayme continued mentally, and then he turned away without waiting for Zanara's reaction, as the woman would not give any response, as he had always done.

If Jayme wanted to go, then go. Zanara wouldn't ask him to stay or even call her.

However, for some reason, this time, the woman showed a different attitude. Normally, she would immediately close the door as soon as Jayme said goodbye, even before the man could finish his sentence. This time, Zanara was at least willing to wait until the man turned around.

And one thing that made Jayme stop his steps was when he heard a call from someone whose voice was familiar to his ears.

"Doctor Demir, wait!"

If he weren't in the presence of Zanara, he would probably be jumping for joy right now.

Naturally, a friendly demeanor was never in Zanara Miller's dictionary. In fact, for almost two years now, the only thing Zanara had given Jayme was a cold, hard attitude after all the things the man had done for her.

The most precious thing Zanara recognized was the man's presence in every moment, even in her most difficult moments.

Zanara didn't ask for that because, to her, it would only make her weak. But then again, she was only human. Still, at the bottom of her heart, she wanted to thank him. However, she didn't know how and when the time was right.

Although just one sentence could never repay what the man had done, at least Jayme knew Zanara never ignored his kindness.

The man turned around slowly, unsure what his eardrums had just caught.

Was Zanara really in the way of his departure? Why? Did she want to give him an answer or respond to the expression on her heart a few minutes ago?

"Yes, Zee? Is there anything else I can do for you? Or ... is there something you want to say?" Jayme asked, with anxious expectation in his heart. He was waiting for the woman of his heart to say something that would make him sleep soundly tonight.

He waited until Zanara finally opened up, saying something he never expected.

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