Love Over Everything-Kennie Re/C9 Place to Release
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Love Over Everything-Kennie Re/C9 Place to Release
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C9 Place to Release

Jayme was still in place, waiting for Zanara to speak up. However, his hopes were dashed when Zanara turned around, picking up the object Jayme had brought earlier.

She handed the bouquet back to the man.

"Take this back, Doctor Demir. I'm not too fond of flowers, and Marion ... you know she's allergic to pollen. Sorry."

Ah, right! Jayme had almost forgotten the congenital disease of the little girl he considered her child. Why could he be so stupid? And Zanara ... well, this had always been her habit. That woman would always give back the flowers Jayme brought for her.

Everything Jayme gave her, she would return.

"I'm sorry, I completely forgot that Marion—"

"It's okay, Doc. Just go home. And ..."

Jayme could see the hesitation and nervousness mixed on Zanara's face. Maybe she had wanted to say this all along. However, no one knows what made her overthink, and she seemed confused and even rambling.

"Thank you," The woman said, softly and barely audible if Jayme didn't immediately bring his mind back from wandering back and forth—thinking of what to say to the woman still standing before him.

And that sentence ... only two words, but it made Jayme's heart warm, and he unconsciously smiled.

"No need to be shy, Zee. I want you to know—even though I've said this many times—but remember Zee, you're not alone. I'm right here. Say anything, and I'll do my best for you and Marion."

Zanara could be heard sighing again. It seemed as if there was a lot of baggage that she kept to herself and would release whenever Jayme brought up the same subject about his existence and presence in Zanara's and Marion's lives, about his feelings that he never stopped sharing with the woman despite the disappointment he would always receive, and also about his goal of staying even though it was clear that Zanara would make the same rejection every time.

Still, none of that made Jayme give up on getting the woman's heart. Zanara, with her cold demeanor, clearly did not deter Jayme.

"Is it done? If so, you can go home." Zanara finally returned to saying the sentence she always said to make Jayme stop saying the same thing.

Jayme nodded, then turned his body to leave Zanara, who was still staring at the back of the man who moved away and disappeared.

Jayme, meanwhile, staggered towards his car after throwing away the object that had been in his grasp.

In his heart, there had never been any desire or urge to give up. Despite more than two years of trying to get close and being rejected, Jayme remained firm in his stance.

Why was he adamant about perseverance even though Zanara's attitude was not changing? Then the answer is because of Marion. He was used to being with that little girl. He loved Marion as if Marion was a part of his life, and Zanara, of course.

Once, Jayme even tried to suppress the urge to meet the two, and he failed.

The feeling kept hanging in his chest and made him claustrophobic. He couldn't stay away from Zanara and Marion. One day without seeing them, his heart felt unsettled.

Especially after today's events. Mark was coming back, which might disrupt Zanara's life—just like the look on her face when she found out that her ex-husband was coming back.

Or ... maybe more like HUSBAND. Because they weren't divorced, and this is precisely what Jayme is afraid of.

What if Mark continued to intrude into Zanara's life? Or if Mark keeps trying to get Zanara back and, in the end, actually returns to the man's arms?

Ah! He was so sick of thinking about that.

Jayme hit the steering wheel in front of him. It was causing a loud honk from the horn. At the same time, he tried to tame the thoughts that began to wander wildly and imagined Zanara and Mark's togetherness.

Jayme was still driving his vehicle, with all the turmoil in his mind. He had nowhere to run but back to that place.

He turned the wheel and drove off in a hurry.

Although he was used to dealing with patients with mental problems, that didn't mean Jayme was strong enough for this. He also needed a place to vent his heart. At least someone who would listen to the story of his struggle to win the heart of an extraordinary woman like Zanara.

Jayme turned the car into a building, pressed the horn once, then drove inside as the gate began to open.

He used to come to this place too often. Because this place was like an escape for Jayme to vent everything, even his male desires, that was a long time ago, before he met and got to know Zanara, who had managed to turn his world upside down.

Is it true that he no longer needs that release? Is it true that Jayme no longer needs that girl to satisfy him and be his bedmate like before?

So what was his purpose in coming to this place if not for that?

He doesn't know. Jayme also didn't know what he would do here. Probably just like every time he came. Didn't he come here these past two years with a different purpose than before?

No longer for the fulfillment of desires, no longer for physical touch and gratification. Then what?

Jayme took a step without hesitation as if he knew that he would be well received in this place. And he always was. Even though Jayme knew why he was welcome, he still came with the same purpose and attitude.

He knocked several times on the door and was immediately greeted by a girl with wavy brown hair and beautiful gray irises. Already knowing who was coming, the girl looked at the man before her with a happy gaze.

She rushed towards Jayme and showered him with kisses which the man rejected.

"Sorry, you know, I never came for that," Jayme said as he pushed the girl's body away. The girl's face showed the same disappointment every time Jayme rejected her.

She knew clearly what the purpose of the man's arrival was.

"We never know; maybe your purpose will be different and change daily. Come in."

The girl opened the door wider for Jayme to enter and immediately lay on the sofa in the room.

"What would you like to drink?" The girl asked. "Vodka, whiskey? Or ..."

"No alcoholic beverages, Cla. I'm driving."

"Hmm ... I thought you'd stay over as usual."

The girl was then busy preparing drinks for the man who had long been her best friend—bedmate. A glass of juice seemed like it would be good, as Jayme had no intention of getting drunk today. Jayme was trying to be a good, even a very good, man to be worthy of Zanara.

So she thought.

"As usual? That was even two years ago, Cla. You know, I haven't slept with anyone since then."

The girl Jayme called 'Cla' just shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know. I never believe what a player like you says, J. You forget you can even sleep with several women in one day."

Jayme raised an eyebrow. The girl was never wrong because she was the one who knew Jayme's actions all along. Back then, to be more precise. Before Jayme's heart was set on Zanara.

"I've changed, Clara. You know that. And now ... there's something else I want to pursue rather than just gratification that never really satisfied me," Jayme replied, finally, who had been silent in response to the girl's various statements.

Clara seemed to be paying attention to Jayme's every word. Not only intently but also with a heart that was probably as broken as yesterday, yesterday, and yesterday again, every time Jayme came for the same purpose. It made Clara a vessel for him to release all the burden on Zanara.

"So? What now? Is it about that woman again? How special is that woman, Jay? Can't you see I'm just as special as her? Wasn't I the one who was there for you all along?"

The sentence that slipped from Clara's lips was like a grenade thrown at Jayme. The man just stared at the girl, who was now staring at him intensely, needing his response.

Clara waited, a response that would please not only Jayme but, of course, also her.

"You already know me. Don't you know what I'm like?" replied Jayme to the statements and sentences thrown by Clara to intimidate her. "You know me so well; you even know what kind of woman I like."

"No, Jayme. Your type is just nonsense. You never had a definite type. A woman should only be able to satisfy you in bed. That's your type!" the girl accused, which made Jayme shake his head in disbelief without wanting to reply.

It was just that he didn't know what the girl had just eaten to be so impulsive.

Jayme got up and approached the girl he considered his sister; he then looked at Clara's face and pupils, which looked different from usual.

Clara tried to avoid Jayme's gaze by looking the other way.

"What did you just eat, Cla?" asked Jayme while watching his best friend, who was still trying to avoid eye contact with him.

Jayme, who was getting impatient, finally grabbed Clara's cheek, making the girl unable to rebel anymore, checking her pupils and sniffing the aroma from Clara's mouth.

"Tell me, what did you consume?" Jayme said again.

Clara did not answer Jayme's question. With his patience almost gone, Jayme walked over to the drawers in the room, opening and examining them individually.

"Jayme, what are you doing? Stop that!" Clara tried to block what Jayme was doing.

All this time, he did not believe Clara would do something out of bounds. Wasn't the girl also an aspiring doctor? Why would she do things that she knew were dangerous?

No, no!

That's just a guess. It could just be Jayme's fear. Or maybe he overreacted because he was worried about Clara's condition. Moreover, the girl had just broken her heart again because the man she had loved for so long was in a relationship with her best friend.

Yes, of course. It must just be fear for no reason. Because of what? Is it because Jayme still has feelings for that girl?

Of course not. Clara was just a sister to Jayme. At least right now, that's how he felt, even though they used to be inseparable bed partners.

For Jayme, making love with that girl was the best moment, and nothing could beat how that girl satisfied him. But that was then. Things had changed, of course. There is Zanara, who has managed to fill Jayme's heart and mind after traveling as a female player.

Jayme searched for a long time for the object that he suspected Clara had kept in her house. However, he found nothing. Jayme dismisses Clara's hand, which tries to prevent him from finding evidence that his suspicions are well-founded.

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