Love Over Pride/C6 Chapter 6
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Love Over Pride/C6 Chapter 6
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C6 Chapter 6

"DADDY". Jason yelled when Hunter appeared in the kitchen. Hunter smiled big picking him up. "I missed you. Don't ever travel again". He said hugging him tighter.

Hunter chuckled kissing his forehead. "I promise not to be this long again. I missed you too". I couldn't help but smile at the sight before me. They are cute even if I want to admit it or not.

"Mommy, didn't you miss daddy". Jason asked looking at me making Hunter look at me too raising an eyebrow.

"No". I said. "Come finish your breakfast". I said as Hunter said something in his ear.

"I'm not hungry anymore. I want to show my plane to daddy". He said excitedly. Hunter put him down chuckling.

"It's heavy. Wait. I'll come help you". I said.

"No it's okay". He said and started running out of the kitchen.

Stubborn kid.

I sighed and started following him but Hunter grabbed my arm pulling me back making me crash on his chest. He wrapped his arm around my waist as I looked at him with wide eyes.

"So you didn't miss me, unh?". He said pulling even closer if it was possible. "Well, I missed you". He said looking down at me.

"Are you crazy?". I said staring and pushing on his chest. "Get your hands off me". I said glaring at him.

"You haven't seen me in two weeks". He smiled down at me putting a strand of hair behind my ear. "Aren't you even going to give me a smile?".

"Do you deserve one?". I asked and he just looked at me not answering. "Exactly". I said.

"You look beautiful". He just smiled looking at me making me frown. It's the morning and I'm wearing a robe.

"Are you trying to be cute?". I asked raising an eyebrow. "You're Hunter Knight. You Can never be cute even if you wanted to". I said making him Shake his head smiling.

"Have dinner with me". He said, his voice firm making me roll my eyes. It's like He was ordering to have diner with him and not just asking.

"No". I said and he grabbed my chin making me look at him.

"Please". He insisted kissing my cheek softly and started going lower. I let out a shaky breath closing my eyes but quickly opening them again.

"You have a serious problem". I sighed as he continued kissing me.

He cupped my cheek. "Come on. What's the worst thing that can happen?". He smirked.

"With you. Anything is possible". I said. He chuckled pulling away from my neck.

"Just say yes". He said brushing his lips against mine. My heart started beating faster. When he was about to kiss me, I turned my head to the side so he kissed my cheek.

"I'll think about it". I said and he looked at me surprised before smirking.

"Tomorrow night". He said pecking my lips quickly. I glared at him pushing him off.

"Don't kiss me. I didn't say yes". I snapped. He shrugged pulling me back to him.


"Daddy. Are you done? Can I come back now?". I heard Jason's tiny voice ask. I looked at Hunter with wide eyes as he pressed his lips together trying not to laugh.

"Yes. Come here". He said as I fought the urge to slap him when Jason walked in with his new toy. "You brought it down yourself?". Hunter asked as Jason stopped in front of him. I bit my lip not to laugh because the plane was bigger than him. I know he had a hard time bringing it down but he will never admit it.

I looked as Hunter put on the counter and Jason started talking about everything and things it can do. I smiled and thought about something.

I have been thinking a lot about my mom since she came here last Time. It was weird but I didn't Tell anyone like I promised. But I was curious. Why was she so scared and what is she hiding from? She seemed so scared. When will I see her again? I was only relieved that she didn't hate me or was ashamed of me. I would never be okay if that happens.

"Mommy, daddy likes planes more than you". Jason said loudly snapping me out if my thoughts.

"Well I hate planes". I said trying to push my thoughts away.

He shrugged as Hunter helped him down. Wait! He is done?? How long was I thinking? He usually takes forever to finish talking about it.

"I'll take it back". He yelled running out of the kitchen.

I sighed and turned to Hunter who was looking at me intently. "Are you okay?". He asked and I nodded. "What were you thinking about". He asked again and I just stood there looking at him hesitantly.

I know I can't tell him. He has always been my confidant. I know I can trust him. But I can't tell him this. So how am I going to ask him about my mother?

"Hunter, Can I ask you something?". I asked as he stood up looking at me.


"Have you talk to my mom after our divorce, or recently?". I asked and he suddenly tensed looking at me confused.

"Ella". He said softly walking up to me. "Your mom... She...". He paused looking at me like He had trouble saying something.

"What". I looked at him waiting.

"She... She passed away a year ago". He said softly making my heart stop.



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