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C1 Chapter 1

In the thunderous night, a large ship full of passengers was floating in the middle of the storm. Waves were surging violently, making the dark sea seem even more eerie.

Lin Xiang bent over, struggling to find and call out in the rickety cabin corridor, "Mimi!" Mimi! "

In the silence of the night, the passengers in the cabin had all fallen asleep. The walkway was empty, and Lin Xiang's eyes were wide open as she searched for any place she could find. Her cat Mimi was sleeping beside her, and the sound of thunder had scared her out of the room.

She and Cousin Huo Ming happened to be hiding under her bed when they left for Quanzhou. She had just been born and looked very small and pitiful. She had secretly raised this cat in an inn, so even Cousin Huo Ming didn't know about it.

After that, her cousin recalled her to the capital and left her to board the ship alone. She knew that she was not allowed to bring small animals aboard the ship. Once she discovered them, she would throw them into the sea. However, if she left the cat in the inn, she would still be left …

Out! But it's only this big … The more she thought about it, the more she couldn't bear to ignore it. She decided to secretly bring it back to the ship. However, if that person found out, her Mimi would most likely be fed to the fish.

"Mimi!" Mimi! "He's coming back!" Lin Xiang was extremely anxious.

At this moment, the boat tilted again, and Lin Xiang's body became unstable for a moment, then slid to the side. At that moment, she saw a white shadow scurry into an open cabin.

Oh no! It actually ran into someone else's cabin! Lin Xiang quickly followed, closing the door behind her so that Mimi wouldn't run out again.

It was dark inside the cabin, and it was pitch dark. Lin Xiang walked forward in the dark and accidentally bumped into a box. The pain made her frown, but she absolutely did not dare to make a sound.

As she did so, she did not forget to search for her cat. When her eyes had adjusted to the gloom in the room, she saw a person sleeping soundly on the bed, and then immediately saw her Mimi peeking at her from under the bed.

Lin Xiang rushed to the bedside, looked up at the still sleeping stranger, and softly called out, "Mimi!" "Come out quickly!"

She lowered her body and crawled under the bed. Just as she was about to reach the cat, however, the cat suddenly jumped up. Lin Xiang quickly crawled out from under the bed, and carefully and nervously observed the sleeping man for signs of waking up.

Hearing a slight snore, she breathed a sigh of relief and looked at the cat again. She was shocked to find that this reckless cat was walking around in the middle of the bed, occasionally making meow sounds.

Separated by a bed, bed is still sleeping people, Lin Xiang can never step over to catch her cat, can only softly call, "Mimi!" "Come to me quickly!"

Irritably, Mimi ignored her cries and curled up on the edge of the window, not far from the sleeping face of the strange man.

Lin Xiang had to pay attention to whether or not the man was woken up. At the same time, she had to call out to the cat, "Mimi!" Mimi! "

But no matter how Lin Xiang shouted, the cat didn't seem to hear her.

Lin Xiang panicked. This stupid cat! If I had known, I wouldn't have brought him on the boat …

The person on the bed seemed to be sleeping soundly, and was not woken up by the chase between the cat and the human. Lin Xiang saw this and became more daring.

The cat at the window edge curled up and closed its eyes.

"Mimi!" Stop playing around, you can't sleep there! " He didn't sleep in her bed and came to someone else's room to sleep? Is there a mistake?!

At this moment, the body of the boat shook again. She, whose center of gravity was already unstable, was firmly pressed down on the bed.

No matter how fast a person slept, it was impossible for him not to wake up from this sudden pressure.

Shen Nan nimbly flipped the object that was pressing him down.

"Who?" "What are you doing in my room?"

"This is bad …" Sorry... I... I'm not a thief... I was just looking for my cat … " Lin Xiang pointed at the window, shocked to find that there was nothing there.

Shen Nan frowned when she heard this, and looked up following her gesture, "Cat?"

Lin Xiang quickly looked around. "Where did it go?" It... It was clearly there just now … Why is it gone again? "

Shen Nan coldly looked at her, tightly holding onto her wrist, "You can't bring a cat onto the boat, do you think I'm so easily tricked by a three year old child?"

Lin Xiang cried out in pain, "What I said is true …" I was just looking for a cat... "Let me go …"

Shen Nan and Lin Xiang both got out of the bed. Lin Xiang quickly took the chance to escape towards the door, but the boat kept swaying left and right. Just as she arrived at the door, she leaned over with the boat.

At a slanted angle, he leaned backwards and coincidentally bumped into the man from before.

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