Love's Hard To Escape/C10 Chapter 10
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Love's Hard To Escape/C10 Chapter 10
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C10 Chapter 10

When Lin Xiang woke up, she was still staring at the gray stone wall. She did not know how long she slept, but she turned her head toward the cave. The only thing he saw was the bright sunlight. His ears could still hear the regular sound of the lake and the sea, but it seemed like …

Hearing it more clearly, the scene before his eyes also became clearer.

Something seemed to have changed in her body. She exerted a little strength and easily sat up … It had been a long time since she had felt this way. She felt like her entire body was filled with energy, no longer looking like a limp cripple.

Overjoyed, Lin Xiang couldn't wait to stretch her arms and legs. For a moment, she forgot that she was in a narrow space. When she stood up, she crashed into the grey wall on top of the wall, causing her to scream in pain.

When Shen Nan, who just happened to enter, saw this scene, she leaned against the wall with a funny expression and looked at Lin Xiang who was squatting on the ground in a sorry state. "It seems like you're better now."

Woo … "Why is it that every time I see her in the worst state?" "It seems to be …"

"If you have the strength, then come out and eat something! The fish is ready. " He went out.

"Oh …" Lin Xiang rubbed her head as she walked out. Just as she reached the cave entrance, she could smell the rich smell of fish.

"Take it!" Shen Nan picked up a fish roasted on a stick and gave it to her.

Lin Xiang picked up the fish and thanked him in a low voice. Then, she sat at the side and started eating the roasted fish. Shen Nan, on the other hand, stared at her with her eyes wide open. It's as if you have become a different person, to think that you would thank me! "

"What are you saying?" Don't I know even the most basic of manners? " Did he think of her as a barbarian?

Shen Nan was stunned for a moment, then laughed loudly. Lin Xiang was confused, "What are you laughing for? What's so funny? "

"I'm laughing because …" You're really better! This is how you talk! I'm finally relieved. "

Lin Xiang looked at him. At this moment, she suddenly realized that his eyes were very deep. They were like two deep bottomless lakes shining with rippling light, causing her heart to involuntarily beat wildly.

Disgusting... Why did this person say such a thing after teasing her? Does this teach her how to answer it?

"It seems that the heavens are still against us."

At this moment, Lin Xiang suddenly realized that she wasn't wearing her undergarment. She hurriedly shrunk her body to protect her chest.

"Where's my apron?"

"Because you were sweating all over, I helped you take it off!"

"You … Who allowed you to do that? " This person was too much! It was already unforgivable to take off her outer garment, much less such a private undergarment.

Shen Nan laughed, "Don't worry! Even if you don't wear your apron, you won't be able to see anything. "

Lin Xiang frowned as she stared at him, "What do you mean by that?"

Shen Nan purposely tilted her head, "Even if you could see anything, I would have seen it all before you were so hungry that your limbs were weak, I would carry you in and out, and then take off your clothes."

Lin Xiang stood up. As expected … "She knew this fellow was definitely not a good person!" You despicable person! "

Shen Nan shook her head. She was still very much in love when she was starving. If I remember correctly, you even said that I'm not a bad person and that you would pass on your last words to me … Have you forgotten? "

"This guy, if I give him some color, he'll start dyeing the room!" That... I'm going to die then, even if you're a cat or a dog, I'll say that. "

Shen Nan sighed, with an injured look, "So that's how you want me to sympathize and save you!" I didn't expect that on the surface, you look so innocent, but deep down, you're actually a woman with a deep shrewd character. "

Enough! She could not bear to listen to this any longer! Lin Xiang pointed at his nose and cursed, "Who brought me to this deserted island where there is no shadow of a bird? Who made me struggle on the brink of death? Who was so incompetent that they couldn't even start a fire? This is all yours! Ever since the first day I met you, there have been numerous unlucky incidents, and your crimes could not be finished even after three days and three nights. You still have the face to speak of me now?! "

"You dare to speak to your savior like that? If you were still unconscious after the fire started, I would rush into the sea to catch some fish and roast them. I would even chew them and feed them to you … Sigh! I didn't expect that once you got better, you would turn hostile! "

Lin Xiang gasped. "You …" What did you say? To... What... "Feed me?"

Shen Nan stood up, and looked at her enigmatically, "Otherwise, how do you think you ate when you were unconscious? How could he survive the edge of death? Do you know how hard it is for me to feed you like this? "

His gentle voice made Lin Xiang's face turn red. She took two steps back. "You …" You … "A pervert, a pervert!" With that, she threw the fish on the ground and ran into the cave, ashamed.

Shen Nan's reaction made her laugh.

Lin Xiang covered her burning face and returned to the cave. Hearing his coy laughter, she felt both embarrassed and embarrassed.

Woo … How could he do such a shameful thing to her? Even if it was to save her, he couldn't … Woo … I might as well just let her die … How infuriating!

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