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C2 Chapter 2

Shen Nan seized the opportunity to grab hold of her, "Don't even think about escaping!"

"Why did you capture me? I didn't steal anything from you. I really did come here to find my cat. If you don't believe me, you can check what was lost. " Lin Xiang snappily replied.

Shen Nan sneered, "Why is it so troublesome, I only need to search your body!" Then he began to undress her.

Lin Xiang turned pale with fright, "Why are you taking off my clothes?" Stop! You lecher! " She slapped him.

Shen Nan stared at her in shock. In this life, no one had ever dared to hit him!

Lin Xiang looked at the clear handprint on his face and was shocked that she had used too much strength. However, even though she had hit him, she still … Run!

"Damn it!" You still dare to escape! " Shen Nan grabbed Lin Xiang's hair.

Lin Xiang could no longer care about it, and shouted loudly, "Help!" "Killing …"

"The cabin is flooded! This is bad! " At the same time, someone shouted louder than she did.

Lin Xiang was shocked, "This is bad …" "My Mimi …"

Shen Nan however did not have any intentions of letting go, "You want to leave? It's not that easy! "

Lin Xiang struggled to speak, "You …" You can't blame me for hitting you... Who taught you to take off someone's clothes... Alright! I was wrong! I'm sorry! Let go, I have to find Mimi quickly! "

What did it mean that she was wrong? "It was her fault in the first place!" Do you think you can just apologize after beating someone up? "

There was a commotion in the corridor, and someone was beating a gong and shouting, "The boat is in the water! Everyone, run! "

Lin Xiang looked at the unreasonable man, "What do you want to do? I can ask you to call me back, right? "

Shen Nan opened her eyes wide, this woman was louder than him?

He said coldly, "Is that so? Want me to call back? "

Lin Xiang blinked her eyes. Could it be … Did he really want to hit her?

However, she didn't have a chance to think about what would happen next, because the boat was shaking violently again. The two of them followed the boat and slipped to the left and right.

Lin Xiang did her best to climb towards the door while he was distracted, while Shen Nan was trying her best to prevent her from sneaking out. The two of them were trying to dodge each other in this chaos.

This woman was like a slippery fish! Every time he thought he was holding her, she would dodge in time … After a while, the two of them were panting heavily as they faced off against each other.

At this moment, Shen Nan saw that not far away from him, there was a scattered rope. He didn't move and picked it up.

Lin Xiang said, "Let me go! Let me find Mimi! "

"No one has ever dared to hit me in my life. Do you think I'll let you go?"

Bastard! How much pain would it hurt to be beaten by a woman? Lin Xiang gritted her teeth and no longer tried to escape. She crawled to his side and closed her eyes, "If you want to fight, then fight!"

Shen Nan looked at her and admired her in her heart. 'I didn't expect her to be so unyielding. If he really continues to hit me, I'm afraid his face will go bad. However, I don't want to let her off so easily … '

At this moment, Lin Xiang suddenly felt a chill in her lower body. She opened her eyes and looked down …

"Oh my god!" How come my clothes are wet? "

Shen Nan also noticed it. Now is not the time to bicker with her. He took her hand.

They came to the deck, and saw that it was filled with people. Some were crying, and some were arguing and fighting for the only life-saving boat. Everyone wanted to get on that boat, but the boat could not carry so many people.

Shen Nan frowned as she took care of everything, but Lin Xiang walked over to the people who were arguing, "Stop arguing! We should let the elderly, the weak, and the children board the ship first! "

The quarrelsome stared at her. "What are you? When is it your turn to speak? Get out of my way! "

Lin Xiang was unwilling to show weakness. "If you keep arguing like this, we'll all perish together!"

Shen Nan held her arm, pulling her away from the trouble.

"Why are you pulling me?"

"Whether or not I can get on that boat, it's a dead end."

Lin Xiang cried out in disbelief, "Why?"

Shen Nan pointed at the rough sea surface, "How long do you think that boat will be able to hold on in this sea?"

Lin Xiang looked at the sea and suddenly felt fear in her heart. This was the first time in her life that she felt that death was so close to her …

At this moment, the body of the boat violently shook, and it tilted to the side. Lin Xiang only heard a shrill scream, and the body of the boat was slowly engulfed by the sea. The people on the boat all fell into the sea.

She shouldn't have brought Mimi up here, but now Mimi was her companion in death...

"Ming..." She really didn't want to die! She didn't want to die … Don't...

In a split-second, Lin Xiang was surrounded by icy coldness. She struggled on the surface of the sea for who knows how long until she fell into the darkness without the strength to continue struggling.

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