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C3 Chapter 3

After an unknown period of time, Lin Xiang opened her sore eyes. What entered them was a uneven gray stone wall.

She remembered falling into the sea and thought that she would definitely die. She didn't expect that she would still be alive …

Where is this place? Why was she here? She turned her head and saw herself lying on a bare chest. She looked up in horror and saw a familiar sleeping face.

She sat up and found herself wearing only a apron and underpants --

She … She was lying in the arms of an unfamiliar man?

Lin Xiang suddenly jumped away from the man. "Ah …"

A sudden scream woke Shen Nan up. Looking at the source of the noise, he couldn't bear it anymore and dug his ears out. The woman's scream made his head hurt. It's so noisy! "

Lin Xiang stretched out her hands to cover the spring light leaking out, continuously retreating until her back was pressed against the stone wall, then she casually picked up the stone beside her and gestured, "You … To Me... What did you do to me? "

Shen Nan raised her eyebrows in displeasure, "What did you do? If it wasn't for me, you would have gone to see Hades already. "

"Why are you taking off my clothes..." Where are my clothes? " She searched frantically.

"The stone in your hand can be put down now, right?" Who could he possibly deal with with with a small pebble! Does this woman have a brain?

Hearing that, Lin Xiang replied in a bad mood, "You haven't answered my question!"

Shen Nan coldly looked at her, "Last night, I hung out outside. After a night, I should have been able to work."

"Why are you taking off my clothes?"

"Who knew that you could even swim? You even caused me to have to spend so much effort to drag you onto the shore. "When you landed on the shore, you were drenched and still shaking. In order to prevent you from losing your temperature, I had to take off your soaked clothes and then hug you to warm you up." Ridiculous. Why did he explain so much to her? Now he began to feel that it was too much for him to save her.

"Lin Xiang, who was wearing only underpants and underpants, felt ashamed that he did not look at her." Don't look! "If you keep looking, I'll dig out your eyeballs!"

Shen Nan couldn't help but roll her eyes, "What a joke! Do you really think you're as beautiful as a fairy? "I don't even have that much meat, what's there to look at?"

Lin Xiuxiang puffed her cheeks, "What do you mean by that?"

Shen Nan shook her head, she had no interest in continuing to argue with this girl, that would only lose his identity.

Seeing Shen Nan turn around and walk towards the cave entrance, Lin Xiang called out to him, "Hey! You should at least give me back my clothes, right? "

Shen Nan frowned. This was the first time in her life that someone had used an commanding tone to speak to her. She was a woman, a woman who saved her life …

"If your arms and legs aren't broken, won't you go get them yourself?"

"What did you say?" How can I go out to meet someone like this? "

"Don't worry, don't even mention this being in the wilderness, even if it was a place filled with cars and horses, no one would want to see it if you were dressed like that." Shen Nan then turned and walked out of the cave.

"You …" Ever since Lin Xiang was born, she had never seen such a despicable son of a bitch! Not only did he submit her clothes, he even mocked her figure and refused to even give her clothes … How infuriating!

Lin Xiang covertly walked out of the cave. Only then did she realize that the outside was covered by the water color of the sky. Several large trees were swaying in the wind, while her clothes were fluttering on the branches like a sail.

She quickly walked out of the cave and put on her clothes, but she didn't see the bastard. As she walked, she realized that it was an island. When she reached the back, she saw a large tree covered with golden fruits.

Looking at the yellow fruits, Lin Xiang started to feel hungry. Suddenly, a voice came from behind her, "I didn't expect there to be fruits here. My stomach just happens to be hungry."

Lin Xiang turned her head and stared at the stinking man, "Wait!" I found this fruit tree first, it's mine.

Shen Nan heard and was stunned, "Why? "Your name isn't carved into the tree."

Lin Xiang hugged the tree, "I don't care! If I find it, it's mine! If you want to eat it, go find it yourself. All the fruits on this tree are mine. Don't even think about taking them away … Otherwise, you can beg me! "

Shen Nan laughed and looked at her, then looked at the big tree, "Ah … I suddenly don't feel hungry anymore! "

Lin Xiang was very pleased to see him sit down under a tree at the side — she would definitely eat heartily in front of this proud peacock in a while to wash away the humiliation he had brought her!

Shen Nan didn't mind at all as she leaned against the tree trunk. The warm sea breeze brushed his face, watching Lin Xiang try her best to climb the tree.

It didn't seem as simple as Lin Xiang had thought. She had used all her strength to climb the tree, but she had been unable to do so. Finally, she managed to climb up the tree, and it seemed that all she had to do was stretch out her hand and pick the fruit.

The sky did not obey, the fruit did, but she slipped off the tree and landed on the ground, wincing from the pain.

Shen Nan, who was sitting at the side, could not help but laugh when she saw her embarrassed face, but she quickly closed her eyes again, pretending that she did not see anything.

Lin Xiang stretched her buttocks as she looked at the person resting under the tree with her eyes closed. She thought to herself, It's good that I didn't see my sorry state just now. She looked up at the fruit on the tree. Damn fruit! Nothing

Why so tall? She could not pick it.

Hmph, this fruit must be sour, it must be so!

However … Woo … She really wanted to eat it …

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