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C4 Chapter 4

Lin Xiang walked unwillingly to Shen Nan's side -- This was not the first time she saw him, but every time she saw him in a state of chaos, she had never looked at his appearance carefully.

Only now, standing beside him and looking at him with his eyes closed, did she see that his features were angular, his hair tied carelessly behind him with vines, and that there were several loose strands of hair on his forehead. He leaned against a tree trunk, his long legs folded carelessly, one hand resting on the back of his head, his eyes half closed under his thick eyebrows.

"Hey!" "Hey!" Lin Xiang cried out.

Shen Nan closed her eyes and waved her hand, "This wind is so comfortable, I'm about to fall asleep, don't call me!"

"It looks like he hasn't slept at all. He's probably been watching her play by the side all this time!" Aren't you hungry? Why are you sleeping? "

Shen Nan shrugged, "When did I say I was hungry? I'm not hungry at all! "

"I... Later on, I thought about it and felt that I can't be so selfish, so the fruits on the tree … Half is fine! " Lin Xiang pretended to be generous as she said.

Shen Nan still had her eyes closed, "No need, I don't want to eat anymore, eat to your heart's content!"

"You …" She admitted that he might be good-looking, but he was the most annoying guy in the world!

Lin Xiang wanted to turn around and leave. Forget it! She wouldn't starve to death even if she didn't eat the fruit!

But she had only taken two steps when her stomach rumbled.

Woo … She's so hungry and her throat is so dry...

Sigh, the situation was better than people. She had no need to go against her will … She walked back to him.

"Hey!" I just said the wrong thing, you … "You go up and pick the fruit …"

Shen Nan opened her eyes and slowly smiled, looking at her with a ridiculing gaze, "My name is not Hey!"

"Who knows what the hell he's called!" You didn't say your name! "

Shen Nan cleared her throat, "Listen carefully, my name is Shen Nan - you can call me by my name or Shen Nan Ge!"

He really dares to say it! She had never seen anyone more shameless than him with her long eyes!

"Hello …" "Ugh …" Shen Nan, quickly go and pick the fruits!

Shen Nan shook her head, "I just said, I'm not hungry. But... If you want to eat it and need my help, your tone should be better. "

Lin Xiang could no longer hold back her anger. She pointed at him and said, "I was kind enough to give you half of the fruit to eat, so you should be grateful. I'm not begging you, you'd better find out!"

Shen Nan opened up her hands like a ruffian, "Thank you for your kind intentions, I really have no interest in the half of the fruit you generously gave me."

"You …" What a hateful person, acting good even after getting a bargain!

"I should at least call him 'Brother Shen Nan' to listen to him!"

She would rather starve to death! Lin Xiang had to turn around and leave.

Shen Nan put her hands behind her and said leisurely, "I've just been on patrol, the only things that can be eaten on this island are these fruits."

It didn't seem worth it to starve to death for the sake of integrity. She wanted to live, and to live she had to eat --

Lin Xiang gritted her teeth, "Shen …" Brother Nan, can you... Please... Pick the fruit? "

"Then, Shen Nan lazily sat up and stretched." Fine! Since you beg me with all your heart, if I were to reject you again, wouldn't that be too heartless? "

Lin Xiang forced a smile on her face, but the truth was that she was so angry that she was about to vomit blood. She really wanted to pick up the large rock on the ground and ruthlessly smash it on his head!

Then Shen Nan went to the bottom of the fruit tree and put her hand against the tree, "Actually, it's not hard at all to eat the fruits on the tree. You just need to think."

Lin Xiang looked at him in puzzlement. In order to eat those damned fruits, she almost fell to her death. How could he say that it wasn't difficult at all?

Shen Nan smiled at her and continued, "There's no need to spend so much effort climbing trees."

Lin Xiang's mouth was agape, "Huh?" You don't need to climb trees? "

Shen Nan acted like an old scholar as she closed her eyes and nodded, "It's very simple!"

Then he pushed hard against the trunk with both hands, and a few of the fruit fell out of the tree. Then he shook it a few more times, and the fruit fell even more.

Lin Xiang looked at this scene in a daze. It was as if a bucket of ice water had been poured over her head.

Why... Why didn't she think of using it? Not only did he climb the tree to death, he even had to lower his head and beg the bastard …

In that instant, she felt that she wasn't someone who could be described with the word 'idiot' …

"These fruits are completely ripe. As the saying goes, a ripe melon would fall if you shake it with all your might." What are you still standing there for? Hurry up and pick it up! " Shen Nan picked up the fruit on the ground and took a big bite.

Lin Xiang quietly picked up the fruit from the ground. Looking at the yellow fruit in her hand, she suddenly lost her appetite.

Woo … She really wanted to hit herself …

But Shen Nan seemed to feel that it was not enough as she shouted at her, "Your hard work has not been in vain, this fruit is really sweet!"

Hearing his sarcastic remarks, Lin Xiang became even more furious, "It's so sour! I've never eaten such a horrible fruit! "

Shen Nan let out a low laugh, "Can you? "I think it's pretty sweet …"

His laughter was so shrill that Lin Xiang threw down the fruit, "Humph! I won't eat anymore! "

Seeing this, Shen Nan laughed till she fell backwards, laughing till she spat out the fruit in her mouth.

She's really interesting! How interesting! Haha …

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