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C7 Chapter 7

The two of them walked to the dense forest. Shen Nan first picked up a tree branch to scare the snake, then walked out, "Alright! It's very safe inside. You should quickly go in! "

Lin Xiang nodded and asked with worry before entering, "You will wait for me, right?"

"I was already woken up by you, how could I not wait for you?"

"You … Where will you wait for me? "

"Can I just stand here?"

"Here... Too close...

"Could it be that you're afraid of me stealing glances at you?"

"Go to the front …" Don't go too far... "Also, you have to answer every time I ask you …"

Shen Nan rolled her eyes. "This woman is so annoying!" "Yes!"

Seeing him walk forward, Lin Xiang could not help but shout out, "If I scream, you have to answer me!"

Shen Nan waved to her in reply.

Lin Xiang then carried her stomach into the forest to liberate herself – her life was now the most embarrassing! She swore to never eat those damn fruits again!

The sound of the tides was incessant, the wind was blowing and the trees were creaking. Lin Xiang shouted into the darkness, "Are you there?"

There was no sound from outside.

Lin Xiang thought her voice was too soft, so she raised her voice and called again, "Shen Nan! Are you there? "

She shouted a few times, but no one responded. She was so scared that she ran out of the forest, "Shen Nan! Shen Nan! "

This damned bastard. He said that he would accompany her, but he actually abandoned her and ran away! This was too much! There was no sense in it at all!

The tree swayed back and forth, forming strange shadows on the ground. It looked especially eerie and terrifying. Lin Xiang wrapped her arms around her body, biting her lower lip as she struggled to hold back her tears as she quickly walked forward. However, before she could take two steps forward, she bumped into a wall of meat.

"Are you ready?"

Hearing this familiar voice, Lin Xiang cursed, "You're dead! I've called you "you" for a long time, why are you not making a sound? "

"I just went to the other side to relieve myself. I'm only coming back now!"

"Who allowed you to leave?" Do you know how scared I am to hear no response? " Lin Xiang's voice was choked with sobs.

Shen Nan could hear the difference in her voice, "You …. You're crying? " It seemed like she really did harm him.

"I hate you the most …" Lin Xiang desperately tried to catch her tears.

Shen Nan let out a soft sigh and pulled her into her arms to comfort her. It's my fault! I shouldn't have left... Don't cry anymore, it's okay now! "

Although he didn't want to admit it, his embrace was really warm … His large hands lightly patted her back, and his gentle voice was like a spring breeze blowing into her heart. The fear in it was slowly melted away by this warmth, as if the fear from earlier had completely vanished …

How could this be? She shouldn't have felt this way! She clearly … She hated him just like that …

"Lin Xiang quickly pushed him away, wiping away her tears." I'm fine... I'm going back to sleep. "

"Hey, I still don't know your name." I can't just keep on calling out to her.

"Lin Xiang." Her cheeks felt hot as she said it.

What happened to her? Why are you blushing?

"Lin Xiang …"

This was the first time he had ever called her by her name, and the sound of his voice slowly spread through her mind. For the first time, she felt that her name was so pleasant to hear.

"What?" she said, deliberately displeased.

He walked over to her. "You can sleep in the cave. I'll sleep outside."

"Lin Xiang looked at him, the sea breeze ruffling his long hair, his narrow eyes seemingly giving off a gentle glow." You... You want to sleep outside? "

"Save yourself the trouble later and have to go back to the cave to find me. I'll be easier outside." He strode forward.

Lin Xiang looked at his back, at a loss. "You …" "Why …"

Shen Nan turned her head and smiled, "Before I change my mind, go quickly!"

This... Why did he suddenly treat her so well? Was it because of what happened just now that made him feel guilty? Would a person like him feel guilt and uneasiness in his heart?

Oh, no! After tossing and turning for the entire night, she felt very sleepy. It was best for her to hurry back to sleep!

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