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C8 Chapter 8

Lin Xiang had not slept for most of the night. She had been holding her stomach all night, so all she could do was lie down in the cave and listen to the waves, until the sky gradually darkened and another day passed.

She had never done anything bad in her life, so why did she keep eating fruits, while Shen Nan was full of vigor while she was on the verge of death? She suddenly felt that she would die on this deserted island …

Shen Nan walked into the cave and saw that the things she prepared for her remained untouched. She looked at her with extreme worry. There's nothing else to eat on this island. If not fruit, at least some fruit pulp! "

Lin Xiang opened her eyes and looked at the gray cave. "I don't want to have a tummy anymore."

"There's no water on the island and no other food. You don't eat or drink …" Aren't we waiting for death? "

Lin Xiang smiled. She was indeed waiting for death to arrive. She felt that she was about to die … She looked at Shen Nan's worried expression, at this moment she suddenly felt that Shen Nan was not bad, he would worry about her too!

"Life or death depends on you. Don't worry about me."

Shen Nan sighed, did he really have to watch her suicide? Damn it! If only there was a fire, at least we could catch a fish and roast it. "

"I don't know how long I can hold on for. Maybe it's a rainy day, maybe it's a day, or maybe I won't be able to hold on for a while …"

Shen Nan walked out of the cave and returned not long after. The only difference was that this time he was carrying a bunch of stones.

Lin Xiang looked at him in puzzlement. "What are you going to do with the stone?"

"Think of a way to start a fire."

"Light a fire?" How could he start a fire with just those stones?

"Without fire, you must be dead."

He was quite naive. "It's impossible to start a fire like that."

"I will not know until I have tried everything. I will not give up." With that, he picked up the two stones and began to knock on them.

"I've only heard of drilling wood for fire, but this is the first time I've seen someone using a stone …"

"It's no use drilling for fire, I've already tried it during the day."

"During the day …" He was actually going to do this?!

"Later on, I kept thinking about why I failed, and then I thought about how the flint stone was also made from two chunks of stone."

"The flint has a tiny amount of gunpowder on it, that's why they hit it! It's easier said than done with ordinary stones. "

"Let's give it a try!"

Lin Xiang looked at him as he tried every rock. She didn't know how much time had passed until she finally fell into a deep sleep …

When the sun came out, it made her eyelids stung. She opened her eyes, and the sound of stones knocking against rocks still resounded in her ears. She rubbed her eyes, looking surprised to see Shen Nan still trying hard to knock on rocks.

"You … It couldn't have been until now, right? "

Shen Nan sighed heavily, "It's useless to prove it now!" He threw the stone away and leaned against the wall in frustration.

Lin Xiang looked at the bruises on Shen Nan's hands, thinking that he did all he could for her, her heart couldn't help but feel hot and tense, this kind of touching feeling was definitely the first one.

Shen Nan walked to Lin Xiang's side, patting her on the shoulder, "Don't be discouraged, I believe that the heavens will not forsake us, there will definitely be another way."

Lin Xiang's eyes were brimming with tears, "Shen Nan … I... "I don't know what to say to you …"

Shen Nan laughed without care, "You don't need to say anything. As you said before, I brought you to this island, and I will not let you die. Not only will I not let you die, I will take you away from this island. "

"Shen Nan …" Woo … How annoying! Why did she say such touching words that made her want to cry …

"You rest, I'll go outside and think of a way!"

Lin Xiang nodded and drew another line on the wall. Today was their third day on the island. Would they really be able to escape? Now that he thought about it too early, he didn't know whether or not he could get through the current crisis.

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