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C13 His Rules

Hayden had arrived and is sitting very close to me opposite the dinner table. This is the closest that we’ve gotten since we met at the church at what was supposed to be our wedding. Although, it failed miserably at my relief.

Well, at least, he isn’t dead drunk this time, I thought as I looked at the man sitting opposite to me.

Now that I had a chance to see him up close, I had to admit that Hayden is extremely handsome and attractive. Light blond hair, flawless skin, bright blue eyes, and a very handsome face with a straight nose. He looks like an angel, a prince, a Greek god, and everything else along those lines.

As I have observed before at the church, Hayden was very tall, and I barely reached his shoulders even in those ultra-high heels I was forced to wear at our failure of a wedding. I wasn’t surprised that he had a girlfriend or at least a lover…or two…or more…?

I was also sure that someone as dazzlingly attractive and charismatic as him would not be interested in a girl like me. I wouldn’t say that I was a plain jane, but I wasn’t exactly supermodel material either. I bet Hayden only dates supermodels and superstars based on his wealth, social status, and his looks.

I hated to admit it, but it actually works in my favor…

Despite his handsome and attractive face, I found that there was nothing about Hayden’s character that resembled his face. The aura he had been emanating since he stepped into the room was purely dark and suffocatingly intimidating.

The silence is choking me, and this tension is unbearable. What should I do? Should I start a conversation first? Or should I just start eating? Would that be rude?

Sigh…why am I overthinking everything right now?

“Umm…I’m Malissa Maxford. It’s…nice to meet you,” I said as I tried to smile a little. I couldn’t see what my face looked like at that moment, but I was sure that the smiling part failed.

“I already know your name and I know that you don’t truly think that it’s nice to meet me. I could say the same thing…” Hayden replied flatly.

“I guess you’re right. I already know your name too, so I guess, I’ll just start eating,” I said, equally flatly.

To my surprise, Hayden continued with the conversation that I had started.

“I heard that you’re here because you owe my old man five hundred million dollars. Thirty days of your company is worth that much? You’re pretty expensive…what’s your ‘professional name’, I want to look you up,” Hayden asked as he continued staring at my face.

“I…don’t do that type of work…” I replied.

“Of course, you don’t. You don’t look the part,” Hayden said as he flicked his eyes from the top of my head down to my waist which was all that was visible to him since I was seated.

“What?” I said without hiding my annoyance.

“Your face is plain, and your figure is so-so. I wouldn’t buy you, let alone for five hundred million bucks and to be honest, I’m surprised that my old man has such low standards,” Hayden stated as if he was merely appraising a product on sale.

“For your information, I don’t want to be here either,” I snapped.

“Good. I don’t need another gold digger on my hands, especially one that doesn’t have the looks. So, listen carefully to what I’m going to say,” Hayden said as he placed his hands under his chin and looked straight at me.

“…I’m listening,” I said firmly.

“Just to make this clear between us, after 30 days, we’re both going to tell my old man to end this crazy deal. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to leave and debt-free just like that,” he said quite clearly.

“Agreed. Great! Music to my ears!” I replied in joy, speaking much louder than I had intended.

“While we’re stuck living here together, I have a few rules…” Hayden continued, ignoring my loud outburst.

“Ok…” I replied, softly this time.

“Rule number one, you must never…ever…enter my bedroom,” Hayden stated, his blue eyes still on me.

“Sure…” I agreed without needing to think. I mean, why would I even think of entering his bedroom?

“Rule number two, you will not touch me without my permission,” he continued.

“Ok…of course,” I agreed readily. Why would I want to…touch him?

“Rule number three, you won’t speak to me unless you’re spoken to,” he said, as he stared deep into my eyes to ensure that I understood his every word.

“What about when we’re sorting out whether I’m doing something for you or you’re asking me for a favor thing?” I asked, curious. I didn’t think I would want to start a conversation with him, but it could be necessary and unavoidable sometimes.

“…we can talk then, I guess…” Hayden replied after a few seconds of thought.

“Ok…then…anything else?” I asked.

“Final rule. Rule number four, you will do everything that I ask you to no matter what, no matter when and no matter where you are,” Hayden stated slowly and clearly.

…no matter what, no matter when and no matter where…isn’t that crazy?

“I think the fourth rule is a little…bit much?” I asked, stating my opinion.

“I never asked for your opinion. You just broke rule number three,” Hayden stated curtly.

Shit. Is he being serious right now? How much of a tyrant can this man be?

If I replied back, would I be violating rule number three again? So, what should I do? Hold my tongue…?

“I never asked you to agree to the rules. I was merely stating the rules. Oh…I never mentioned the punishment for breaking the rules now, did I?” Hayden said and I swear that I could see his eyes sparkling with evil.

“No…you didn’t,” I mumbled as I stared back at him.

“Usually in our mafia world, we punish people by cutting off a part of their body or removing an organ. Perhaps, you’ve seen something along those lines in the movies? It’s not very different really…” Hayden said casually.

“You’ve got to be kidding me…” I muttered.

“I wish I was. But I’m a gentleman, you see, and hurting women isn’t really my thing so I’ll adapt the punishment a little for your sake…and for mine as well,” Hayden said as a smile curved his lips sadistically.

This was probably the first time that I had seen him smile and it was not a pleasant one.

“What do you…mean?” I asked in a whisper. I couldn’t predict what he had in mind at all but at least he wasn’t going to chop my body up, so I guess that was good news?

“Each time you break any of the rules, I’ll take a part of your body as my own,” Hayden said, his eyes narrowing slight at me.

--To be continued…

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