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C2 Seduced by a Monster

With a thud, I was suddenly pinned underneath him. Hayden had flipped me down under him and was now straddling my hips as he pinned down both of my wrists in his hands to the floor. I moaned loudly, when Hayden dipped his head down and began kissing and sucking the side of my neck aggressively, sending waves of pleasure throughout my body.

Loud kissing and sucking sounds echoed in the room along with my pants and moans of ecstasy as Hayden continued to plant kisses along both sides of my neck. He kissed and licked me until my body felt weak and drugged by pleasure.

I felt his hands slip once again under my clothes before I felt his large hands cupped my breasts. I sighed in bliss at the sensation of my tits being massaged and played with. His manly hands pumped my breasts so hard that it began to hurt a little, but the pleasure was so mind-numbing that I could hardly feel the pain.

He continued to suck on my neck as his hands fondled and caressed my breasts. I felt like my body was on fire as I writhed underneath him. I cried out a little louder when his fingers started to skillfully play with my erect nipples.

“Ahh! Ahh…” I moaned non-stop as his fingers began rolling my hot nipple in between his fingertips before pinching and pulling on it.

I felt jolts of pleasure running through my body from the perks of my breasts all the way down to the hot heat in between my legs. The way he’s touching me is driving me crazy with lust and desire. His touches feel so amazing...

“Hayden…wake up…stop” I managed to say before I continued to moan.

Despite my protest, Hayden continued to explore my body with his hands. I felt his hand slip in between my thighs before he started stroking the soft flesh of my inner thighs up and down slowly and gently. I felt goosebumps form on my skin as a result of his seductive caresses.

I sucked in a breath and held it as I felt his hand slowly sliding up my inner thigh, inch by inch until it finally reached its final destination. The tips of his fingers delved gently into the hot wetness in between my legs.

“Ahh…Hayden…” I cried out before I bit my lower lip as my head rolled from side to side in abandon.

I felt his fingers on my womanly heat as it began to stroke my wet and throbbing slit up and down. The pleasurable ache in my lower abdomen intensified and I felt my love juices gush out of my opening at his touch. He expertly stroked my pussy’s entrance up and down without entering me.

His touch was deliciously pleasurable and addictive. I began moving my hips around, in an attempt to guide in playful fingers towards the sensitive spot in between my legs. I hated myself for responding so much to him and desiring his touch. However, at that moment, I needed to feel his touch on my swollen and hard clit.

Is it because I haven’t had sex with a man for a long time that I was feeling this way or was it because I was unknowingly attracted to Hayden? Regardless of the answer, I wanted to feel him touch me more. I wanted him to pleasure me until I came…

As if he was aware of my silent wish, Hayden began pushing his fingers against my swollen clit before pinching it hard and rolling it around between his fingertips. It felt so good…even better than when I touched myself while masturbating. It was as if he knew all my sensitive spots so well. I moaned so loudly that I had to stop my own loud moaning by placing my hand over my own mouth.

The worst thing that could happen right now is Hayden waking up. If he woke up and saw me like this, pinned under him, he would torment me endlessly. I didn’t have to worry about that for so long because soon I could no longer think. I felt his fingers parting the folds of my pussy followed by a sharp penetrating sensation in between my legs.

“Ahhhh…” I moaned and whimpered, my hips jerking upwards sharply.

Hayden had thrusted his thick and long finger inside of my sopping wet hole in one single plunge. Without waiting for me to adjust to the feel of his finger inside of me, he began wriggling his finger around inside of me. His fingers rubbed along the walls of my pussy, making my body tremble with raw desire. I couldn’t believe that I was feeling so much bliss from just his one finger inside of my hole.

It wasn’t long before his fingers found my g-spot and began stroking and pushing hard against it. Hayden pumped his finger in and out of my hole from various angles, stimulating my pleasure spot with each thrust. I bit on my own fingers to keep myself from screaming out loud in ecstasy. My hips were moving wildly against his hand. My hungry pussy clenching around his finger desperately.

I almost climaxed when Hayden inserted another thick finger inside of my sopping hole, stretching my entrance and my insides. His fingers felt amazing as they filled me up and rubbed against the walls of my love tunnel. My body writhe under him and I spread my legs further apart to take his fingers deeper into my body.

I couldn’t stop it anymore; I could feel my orgasm approaching. If he keeps pumping his fingers inside of me like this, I’m going to cum…very soon.

“Hayden…” I screamed against my own hand that I had over my mouth as my climax claimed me.

I tried to silently ride out the impact of my climax as I shut my eyes and bit on my fingers. My body spasmed and trembled underneath his weight as multiple waves of pleasure washed over me. My mind went blank, and I couldn’t remember anything else after that…

When I agreed to the contract with Hayden's father, I never dreamt that it would lead me here...

--To be continued…

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