Love-Struck Prince/C1 Sorry, I resigned
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Love-Struck Prince/C1 Sorry, I resigned
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C1 Sorry, I resigned

"Beauty? Alone?"

Under the dim light of the lamp in the pub, Xu Fangzhou only saw a person squeezed in with a mischievous smile on her face, her expression did not hide anything, "Why not play with me?"

She had always disliked dealing with people like him, so she did not want to bother with him. Unexpectedly, that person went too far, going straight to her side and clicking his tongue twice: "I heard that you used to be the Xu family's daughter, aiyo, how did you end up here as a bartender ?"

Xu Fangzhou's hand that was holding onto the wine cup suddenly trembled.

How did he know about himself?

She subconsciously raised her head to look behind this man, and saw the provoking smile on Shangguan Xinyan's face.

Back then, when the Xu Family had not been defeated, she had already wanted to suppress her, but she did not have the strength to do so. Now that the Xu Family had collapsed and her family had fallen, she had indeed seized the opportunity to add insult to injury.

Xu Fangzhou became focused and raised her eyes to look at the person in front of him: "Sir, if you don't want to buy wine, please let me go. You are blocking my way to do business."

Xu Fangzhou was born with such a beautiful and pure face that anyone would be tempted by her. This rich family's child immediately became more interested and grabbed her hand, unabashedly saying: "I'll buy all your wine, and play with me for a night. Hehe, Shangguan Xinyan, that girl did not lie to me, Miss Xu is actually so upright ?"

Unhappiness surfaced in Xu Fangzhou's eyes. After all, she was under someone else's protection now, so it would not be convenient for him to blow the matter up. She could only open that person's hands with a mischievous expression: "Sir, please behave yourself."

"Xu Fangzhou."

Shangguan Xinyan, who was a distance away from them all laughed coldly, "What's the use of keeping your pitiful self-esteem? Heh, pitiful bug, your current identity is merely enough for you to lie down under a man and beg for his love."

After being rejected repeatedly, and hearing Shangguan Xinyan's provocations, that rich disciple was a little angry from embarrassment. She went around the wine shelf and grabbed Xu Fangzhou's waist, and her hands became even more restless, and wanted to forcefully take away.

Xu Fangzhou's eyes instantly turned cold.

Accompanied by the clear sound of glass shattering, Shangguan Xinyan opened her eyes wide and stared at the half bottle in Xu Fangzhou's hands in disbelief, "You!? You lunatic! You don't know who you're hitting! "

The man who tried to molest Ye Zichen just now had already fallen onto the ground. It seemed like he had been knocked unconscious.

"She seems to be carrying Louis XIII!"

Some knowledgeable people on the side sucked in a breath of cold air, "Good boy, how expensive would that be!"

"I don't know, Miss Shangguan."

Xu Fangzhou lifted up her hand and poured the remaining wine into her mouth, she drank it all in one gulp, her lips curled up slightly as she spoke with an impolite tone, "I have never been respectful to people that don't have self-knowledge."

The exorbitant Louis XIII wanted her to pay him anyway, so how could she waste a drop of good wine?

The woman was wearing a clean white shirt. Her hair was loose at the back of her head, revealing a beautiful, well-defined face. The way she wiped off the wine with her hand was very provocative.

She was a girl with a straightforward personality that was completely not to be disliked.

"Same thing."

After finishing the wine, he raised the half bottle in his hand and pointed at Shangguan Xinyan, "If Miss Shangguan doesn't weigh too much, I'll accompany you!"

Even Shangguan Xinyan, who was momentarily stunned by the sound, reacted in the next moment as she somewhat angrily sneered and called over the boss of the bar.

"Take a good look at your employees."

She looked at Xu Fangzhou with contempt, "Why are you shouting at your customers?

The owner of the bar naturally did not dare to offend someone like Shangguan Xinyan. He immediately smiled and apologized, then turned and berated Xu Fangzhou angrily: "Are you blind? Who the hell is this guy! How could you afford to offend the Shangguan family's daughter! Hurry up and apologize to Miss Shangguan! Otherwise, you wouldn't have to continue working here! "

He then nodded and bowed, "Miss Shangguan, I will fire her now."


Therefore, he said with a sneer, "It wasn't easy for her to find a job, so I'll take it as pity for her. How about this, if you kneel on the ground and kowtow and apologize to me, I'll let you go and even let you come to my Shangguan Group to work."

Humiliation, an undisguised humiliation!

The difference in pay between a bartender and a bartender was like heaven and earth. She didn't believe that someone as poor as Xu Fangzhou would not be tempted.

Xu Fangzhou lowered her eyes. Her expression was dark and unclear, but she raised her head and revealed an exceptionally calm and collected smile.

"Sorry, I quit."

She had her own pride, how could she allow others to trample on her?


How could Shangguan Xinyan have expected such a reaction from Xu Fangzhou. She immediately became even more angry and said, "Do you think this is the end!? Get her! "When Mister Jiang wakes up, I'll let him deal with it!"

Hearing that, the surrounding thugs immediately rushed forward to stop Xu Fangzhou, causing Xu Fangzhou's face to turn pale. She knew very clearly what would happen if they caught her, and just as her fingers were about to grab the bottle of wine behind her, she heard a cold voice come from the side.

"Falling stones is something a lowly person would do."

The man spoke in a deep voice, "Miss Shangguan."

"Who are you?"

Shangguan Xinyan was obviously impatient to be disturbed, but upon seeing the other party's face, she broke out in a cold sweat, "Young, Young Master Jiang?"

Jiang Siming had noticed Xu Fangzhou just now. When she expressionlessly lifted up the hand he was holding, a hint of grief flashed through the depths of her clear eyes. He had suddenly become interested.

"I will protect this person."

The man with the stern face raised his long and thin peach blossom eyes and looked at Shangguan Xinyan indifferently, "Chiang is willing to provide her with a high level job, is there any other problems?"

"But ?" "But she!"

Shangguan Xinyan looked at the unconscious Young Master Jiang on the ground unwillingly.

"I'm very clear about what happened. There's no point in saying anything more."

Jiang Siming's gaze seemed to be able to see through everything, the corners of his mouth hooked into an icy smile, "The Jiang family has such a scum, I wonder what old man Jiang would think."

It was obvious that he had seen everything that had happened just now.


Shangguan Xinyan didn't dare to say anything, she was so angry that she kept everything in her stomach. Just when did she hook up with Young Master Jiang!?

"This is not over!"

When she passed by Xu Fangzhou, she said in a low voice.

"I'll keep you company."

Xu Fangzhou nodded, and continued to speak those two words in an indifferent tone.

Jiang Siming lowered his eyes, looking at the lady beside him who seemed to be in a difficult situation: "Xu family's daughter, your father is Xu Shan."

The man next to him looked him up and down with the watchful eyes of a small animal.

"Chiang had worked with him before. Both sides were very satisfied."

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