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C10 Scrubber

Yes, he had given her a choice, but was there any other choice? Thinking of this, Xu Fangzhou once again bit her lips.

That night, the two of them made love to each other.

Xu Fangzhou tried her best to coordinate with Jiang Siming and changed all kinds of positions.

At first, she even hinted that she was doing it for information, but in the end, she had unknowingly sunk into it.

She had to admit that Jiang Siming was a great man.

Even if she didn't have status or status, just her charm was enough to attract women.

The next day, the sun shone brightly.

As expected, Xu Fangzhou saw the Ji Group's tax information at the bedside.

She flipped through it, and it was actually more detailed than she had imagined it to be, and immediately thanked Jiang Siming.

At this moment, the man was fully dressed. He was sitting on the sofa at the side, reading a document. Hearing her words of thanks, he suddenly raised his head and said lightly, "No need to thank me."

He then took off the glasses on his nose and handed over the information in his hand.

"This is what you deserve, Miss Xu. After all, you served me well last night."

When Jiang Siming said this, he did not carry any emotion in his voice, as if there was someone else playing with Xu Fangzhou last night.

Xu Fangzhou opened her eyes wide in anger, "What did you say?"

Although she agreed to Jiang Siming's request for information, she had a good impression of this man.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have gone through so much trouble to mix the wine for him.

He did not expect that after a night of loving each other, he would actually say such words. He was beyond infuriated.

Jiang Siming raised his eyebrows.

"Am I wrong? Miss Xu. In order to bring Ji Luyi down, you did not hesitate to sell your own body. "The person who gave you the information today is me. If you need more information tomorrow, would you look for other men ?"

Who knew that before he could finish, Xu Fangzhou had jumped down from the bed in anger, snatched the information from his hands, and squeezed out a smile, "Young Master Jiang, you're right. It's just a deal between me and you, and now that the deal is over, I want to get back what I deserve. "

With that, he picked up his clothes and left Jiang Siming's room without looking back.

When Zhao Ran came to deliver the breakfast, he discovered that the room was empty and could not help but to ask Jiang Siming.

"Your Cats?"

Jiang Siming raised his chin and pointed outside the window, "He jumped out the window and ran away."

Zhao Ran thought that it was true and stretched out his neck to take a look. He could not help but grumble, "He ran so fast, he even lost his shadow ?"

Xu Fang Zhou left the Jiang Residence and went straight back to his own rented house.

Her salary was not high, so she could only rent with others.

However, before he could even reach the door, he saw his clothes littered all over the floor.

The landlord was instructing his roommates to throw out all his belongings.

Xu Fangzhou was shocked!

"What are you all doing?"

When the landlord heard her voice, he turned his head and said arrogantly, "I won't rent this house to you anymore, hurry up and f * ck off."

Xu Fangzhou was furious.

"The contract we signed was clearly 12 months old, and now it hasn't even been half a year yet. What right do you have to chase me away?"

"On what basis?" The landlord coldly snorted, then pointed at the crowd and said, "Who's that, come out! "Tell her why I want to get rid of her?"

Xu Fangzhou never would have thought that under the order of the landlord, the one who would come out would be Xiao Ya!

This girl that she had spent all her time with, this girl that she loved as if she was her little sister.

He actually stood on his own opposite side and denounced him?

Xiao Ya did not dare meet Xu Fangzhou's eyes, but instead lowered her head and said timidly, "It's like this, when I went out with Fang Zhou to eat dessert, I met a few altruistic people who urged her to return the money, and they just said they don't want to return it ? "Then ?" At the end of her sentence, she could not help but cry.

Xu Fangzhou was flabbergasted when she heard it, she did not expect Xiao Ya to be so confused.

He rushed to Xiao Ya, grabbed her shoulders and said, "Say it again in my eyes, what did you meet that day? Or a hooligan? "

Unexpectedly, Xiao Ya was only crying. She was crying till she started to smoke.

Xu Fangzhou gnashed her teeth in anger, the landlord said sarcastically, "Forget it, why do you need to implicate us by lending us the loan? Today, Xiao Ya told me about this matter. If the debtor comes to us, we will all suffer together with you. What couldn't these hooligans do? "Electric pinch, water cut, defecation at the door ?"

"That's right, that's right."

After being provoked by the landlord, the surrounding neighbors started to complain at Xu Fangzhou, and very quickly, they started to protest.

"Get out!" "Get rid of her!" His voice rose and fell beside Xu Fangzhou's ears.

Xu Fangzhou's eyes instantly reddened with anger and grievance.

Xiao Ya fidgeted with the jade bracelet in her hand and said softly, "Fang Zhou, don't blame me. "Borrowing loan sharks was your fault in the first place, I also did it to protect everyone ?"

Xu Fangzhou followed her actions and turned her gaze over, unable to help herself from letting out a cold snort.

"Protect everyone? Exactly why you know it yourself! "

After saying that, he left the rented room without looking back.

The jade bracelet that Xiao Ya was fiddling with was verdant and alluring. One look was enough to tell that it was quite valuable.

How could she, a poor student, afford such a bracelet?

There was someone here, no! It was Ji Luyi and Shangguan Xinyan.

Knowing that he had reported the Ji Group in secret, they would definitely not let this matter rest.

But they won't be long!

Xu Fangzhou looked down at the information in her hands. As long as she had time, she would definitely be able to find some clues from the Ji Group's tax information.

With this thought in mind, Xu Fangzhou rushed to the rental center in the streets and alleyways and started to find a place for herself to rest.

She didn't expect that after a day of wandering, the Leasing Center would reject her for all sorts of reasons.

Xu Fangzhou could not help but grab hold of a shop manager, "I do not have a record of delaying the rent, and the previous one was also the landlord who first defaulted, so why is it that no one is willing to rent the house for me?"

The manager had an ID card hanging on his chest, and he looked at Xu Fangzhou with a courteous and distant expression, "Miss Xu, although you do not have a record of delinquency, but the previous owner's report indicates that you have borrowed money from others to force them into debt, and that this is a nuisance to the landlord's normal life. This is also the reason for his breach of contract."

"You, how did you know?" Xu Fangzhou was in disbelief, she did not expect that the rumors would spread to all corners of the city in an instant.

The store manager replied with a polite smile, "Now that the data from the housing centre is online, the resident's personal information can be transferred in a few seconds." As he said that, he bowed towards Xu Fangzhou and returned to her position.

Now Xu Fangzhou finally understood why that person wanted Xiao Ya to perform this part at all costs.

In this way, she would be completely tricked by the city's landlord and would never be able to rent a house again!

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