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Love-Struck Prince/C11 I protect you
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C11 I protect you

Xu Fangzhou wandered about on the street in a daze. It had just become night, yet the streets were already bright red with wine and were bustling with noise and excitement.

The corner of Xu Fangzhou's mouth twitched. Previously, she was filled with heroic spirit, thinking that if she found the next resting place, she would be able to organize the information.

Unexpectedly ?

For a moment, she almost wanted to cry.

When Jiang Siming misunderstood her, she did not cry.

When Xiao Ya framed her, she didn't cry either.

But now, she was defeated by endless loneliness and helplessness. She could not help but shiver while hugging her shoulder.

At this moment, a sharp voice was heard.

"Where did this stray dog come from?" "So it's the Xu Family's Big Miss Xu."

Xu Fangzhou looked up and realized that Shangguan Xinyan was looking at him with a mocking expression.

Xu Fangzhou instantly forced her tears back.

This woman was dressed seductively, with seven or eight bodyguards by her side. Her entire body was exuding a sense of pride.

Xu Fangzhou took a deep breath, "It's you! Right? The person who instigated Xiao Ya to plant the plants is you, right? "

She originally thought that Shangguan Xinyan would quibble with her words, but who knew that this woman would actually burst out laughing without a sense of shame.

"Yes, it's me. I'm the one who sent people to fix you. Ji Luyi's heart was too soft. After knowing that the Ji Group that you reported was unwilling to give up, you think it's laughable? "

"Despicable!" Xu Fangzhou was so angry that she almost lost control.

Seeing her like this, Shangguan Xinyan laughed even louder.

"Me? Despicable? Relying on your good looks, are you not despicable enough to seduce Jiang Siming? "

"I did not seduce Jiang Siming!" Xu Fangzhou gnashed his teeth.

"That's great," Shangguan Xinyan happily clapped.

"I was still a bit afraid because of Young Master Jiang, but I didn't expect him to look down on you, so don't blame me for being rude."

After saying that, he gently raised his hand, and seven to eight bodyguards instantly surrounded Xu Fangzhou.

The fear suddenly attacked Xu Fangzhou.

At this moment, the sound of a flute suddenly broke the silence of the night.

A special Tesla car slowly drove by while flashing twice.

Zhao Ran stuck his head out and scolded, "Shangguan Xinyan, are you crazy? Don't you remember what Young Master Jiang said in the bar? This man ? he was sure! You dare to attack her. Do you want to become enemies with the entire Jiang Group? "

Shangguan Xinyan could not help but tremble.

Jiang Siming had indeed said that he wanted to protect Xu Fangzhou, but she thought that was just saying it, he didn't expect Young Master Jiang to be serious.

She immediately changed her face and said amiably to Zhao Ran, "Where did special assistance Zhao come up with those words? How could I dare disobey Young Master Jiang's wishes? I just saw her and joked around with her. "

Zhao Ran scoffed coldly, then got off the car to welcome Xu Fangzhou.

Before he left, he did not forget to beat Shangguan Xinyan up, "Young Master Jiang does not have such a good temper.

With that, he walked away.

Xu Fangzhou shivered in the carriage, bit her lips and asked.

"Where are you taking me?"

"My young miss is obviously sending you back to the Jiang Residence."

"I'm not going!"

Xu Fangzhou flatly refused her.

Zhao Ran was startled at first, but then his face wrinkled like a bitter melon, "My young miss, please don't bother me with this. Ji Family has such a great power in the East City, other than Jiang Residence, where else can you find a place to stay? "

"I'm not going!" Xu Fangzhou repeated himself.

Jiang Siming looked down upon her, and thought that she was a woman who could easily sell his own body for benefits.

How could she take this lying down?

Zhao Ran's face was filled with helplessness, "My young miss, although I do not know what misunderstanding you have with Jiang Wushang, but after you left, he sent many people to find you. Who knew that you would not even go to class and your family would not return. If it wasn't for my, Zhao Ran's, background, how would I have been able to find you in this place? "

Xu Fangzhou humphed.

"Since he looks down on me, let me go back. He will accept me if he doesn't see me."

"That's not necessarily true!"

Zhao Ran patted his chest and said, "I dare to guarantee it. As long as you go back, Young Master Jiang will definitely be so happy that even a snot bubble will appear."

Xu Fangzhou was so amused by him that she burst out laughing.

At this point, Zhao Ran suddenly accelerated and fell back into his seat.

"What's wrong?"

Zhao Ran glanced at the rearview mirror.

"It's Shangguan Xinyan's group following them from behind, I'm afraid they still haven't given up yet. Eldest Miss, you should take a seat, see how I shake them off."

As he spoke, he stepped on the accelerator and drove away.

Xu Fangzhou turned her head and saw the cars chasing closely behind him.

Now that he suddenly understood, he had no other choice.

If not for hugging this big tree tightly, Ji Luyi or Shangguan Xinyan, anyone who pounced on him could tear themselves into pieces.

Since he could not remove the hat on Jiang Siming's head.

Then why didn't he wear him more securely?

Thinking about it, Xu Fangzhou could not help but smile, and nodded to Zhao Ran: "I will go back with you."

In truth, it wasn't too long before Xu Fangzhou left the Jiang Residence.

But this time, it was even stranger than the last.

Xu Fangzhou went to the second floor and pushed open the door to Jiang Siming's bedroom.

He was surprised to find that there was no one inside.

The next moment, the bathroom door was pulled open.

Jiang Siming was covered in water vapor, and wrapped in a bath towel, he walked out.

Because it was too dark previously, Xu Fangzhou didn't pay attention to it.

Only now did he realize that Jiang Siming's figure was really good.

Not only did it have eight abdominal muscles, it also had a mermaid line.

Most importantly, he was tall and slender, his whole body devoid of excess flesh. He looked like a Greek statue.

Xu Fangzhou's gaze kept moving down, and when it landed on her waist, he could not help but turn her face away.

At this time, Jiang Siming had already walked up to her, and without saying a word, he handed his a towel.

"Do what you have to do, don't let me remind you."

Xu Fangzhou obediently took the towel and wiped off Jiang Siming's hair.

Jiang Siming said with his eyes closed, "I thought you could hold on for another two days, I didn't think you would return so quickly."

Xu Fangzhou's subordinates paused for a moment, then reminded herself not to get angry at him.

"I was tricked by Shangguan Xinyan. She found someone to slander me because I borrowed bad, and no one in the entire city is willing to rent a house for me."

Jiang Siming said indifferently, "You have offended two tycoons, the Ji's and the Shangguan family. Even if she did not find people to slander you, you would have come back sooner or later.

Xu Fangzhou shook her head.

"Because in the East City, the only person who can protect you is me!"

As Jiang Siming spoke, he pulled Xu Fangzhou over to her body.

Xu Fangzhou let out a "Ah" as she easily separated her legs.

The man approached Xu Fangzhou, and said with an unquestionable tone, "I've said it before, what should you do, don't ask me to remind you of this?"

Xu Fangzhou nodded carefully and kissed him.

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