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Love-Struck Prince/C14 Homelessness
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C14 Homelessness

Hearing that, Ji Luyi's forehead jumped, that's right, he used a few methods to steal the Xu group's property.

But he had never wanted to anger Uncle Xu to death.

Don't bite your teeth and say, "What I did was normal business behavior. The real reason why the Xu Group fell is because your family did not manage well. "

Xu Fangzhou was so angry that she did not get angry, but laughed, and said: "Young Master Ji Er, now that you have the power, everything makes sense. I will not argue with you. "But the clubhouse doesn't welcome you. Please leave!"

Ji Luyi grabbed Xu Fangzhou, but was unwilling to let go.

"It's fine for me to leave, but you have to explain your relationship with Jiang Siming to me."

Xu Fangzhou felt that this man did not have any problems with his brain, but had no brain at all.

What right did she have to explain her relationship with Jiang Siming to him?

Who does he think she is?

Do not sneer, "Ji Luyi, who do you think you are? What right do you have to interfere in my private life? "

"I'm your fiance!"

Ji Luyi suddenly roared out, so loud that every corner of the clubhouse could hear him.

"Is he my ex-fianc??"

Zhao Ran who was carrying a big and small bag slowly appeared in front of everyone.

"After the Xu Group went bankrupt, didn't Young Master Ji Er announce in the newspaper that he had broken the engagement with the successor of the Xu Group, Miss Xu Fangzhou?"

When Ji Luyi heard about his prestige, his eyes seemed to be filled with the light of swords and the shadow of swords.

Zhao Ran made a very scared expression before carrying bags and bags in front of Xu Fangzhou, pretending to be relaxed as he said, "I've delivered the clothes to you as per Young Master Jiang's instructions, Miss Xu. "Just stay in the clubhouse and work overtime. Young Master Jiang said you don't need to worry about him."

As soon as he finished, the clubhouse began to whisper.

No one would have thought that Xu Fangzhou, this phoenix that had landed, would actually have the ability to get close to Jiang Siming, this great financial backer.

They couldn't help but look at Xu Fangzhou enviously.

This gaze made Xu Fangzhou extremely uncomfortable. She picked up her clothes and returned to the resting room.

Who knew that Ji Luyi would not give up and follow her.

The moment Xu Fangzhou pushed the door open, it was immediately pushed against the wall.

The man continued with a few hints of hope and a few threats, "Just how much money did Jiang Siming give you to follow him willingly? I can also give it to you, and double it! "

When Xu Fangzhou heard this, she raised her eyelids coldly and glanced at Ji Luyi.

"It's not money, Young Master Ji Er, I have never taken a single cent from Jiang Siming."

"Impossible." Ji Luyi shook his head.

"You are currently living in a random place and have been ostracized by the four directions. If it wasn't for money, then what right do you have to follow him?"

"Based on my hatred towards you!"

Xu Fangzhou said those words without mercy.

That's right, she hated Ji Luyi, and only hated him.

This hatred made her compromise her attacks on her surroundings countless of times, including Jiang Siming.

However, Ji Luyi was different. When he realized that Xu Fangzhou was related to another man, her heart burned with an uncontrollable rage.

He cared so much about Xu Fangzhou that he even went against the wishes of the clan and asked to keep her.

He had thought that he would have nothing to do with this woman when that piece of paper was published in the newspaper.

But the truth was not what he thought it was.

He loved this woman so much that he did not even know himself.

It was only when he found out that he would lose her that he regretted his decision.

He tightly grabbed onto Xu Fangzhou and said, "Can you give me a chance?"

Xu Fangzhou silently pushed him away, raised the corner of his mouth, and said, "Young Master Ji Er, don't be so naive. Some things were gone, and there was no way to get them back. Furthermore, to me, and even more so, to me, you are the main culprit that caused my father's death. "

After saying that, he left the resting area without looking back.

Ji Luyi looked at Xu Fangzhou's leaving figure and suddenly felt that this woman was very emotionless.

They were once unmarried couples, with so much sweet past.

And then, because of a betrayal, this woman was going to throw him off completely and become irreconcilable with him.

Then he would have to see how Xu Fangzhou, who had nothing at all, would deal with him, the leader of the Ji Group.

In order to avoid Ji Luyi's pestering, Xu Fangzhou wandered around outside for a long time.

He didn't dare to contact Zhao Ran on the phone during this period of time as he was afraid that he would stir up Jiang Siming's sensitive nerves.

As a result, it became dark. She took out the key and found that the back door of the clubhouse could not be opened. She could not help but be puzzled.

At this moment, a guard walked over from the side, admonishing her, "Little Xu, why did you only just return now?"

"Is anyone looking for me?" Xu Fangzhou was startled.

"Not really," the guard said, shaking his head.

"It's just that you angered Ji Family's Second Young Master quite a bit today. In a fit of anger, he bought a fifty-one percent stake in the clubhouse and became the biggest shareholder. The board of directors will only open in the afternoon, so the manager is to fire you immediately. "

"What!" Xu Fangzhou was shocked.

Who would have thought that this vile Ji Luyi would take revenge.

As soon as he rejected the offer to take care of her, she found someone to make her lose her job.

He was so angry that he couldn't even speak.

The guard thought that she was worried about her own things and hurriedly comforted her, "Your personal belongings, the manager has found someone to prepare them for you in advance and left them in an open storage box outside the supermarket. This is a small ticket, you can take it at any time."

Xu Fangzhou accepted the bill, thanked him, and left the clubhouse in a daze.

She, Xu Fangzhou was homeless again.

Last time when he could not find a rental house, Zhao Ran helped him out.

This time, she had even offended Jiang Siming, so she gave him a merciless slap.

In the current East City, where could she find a place to stay?

Xu Fangzhou walked in a daze as her back gradually disappeared around the corner.

After Zhao Ran sent the clothes back, he returned to chat with Jiang Siming.

How he would expose Ji Luyi's identity in front of the crowd?

Who knew that when Jiang Siming heard this, he actually frowned. In the end, he said, "You said that Ji Luyi went to find Xu Fangzhou again, in the clubhouse?"

"That's right!" Zhao Ran nodded.

"The two of them had a huge argument, but with Miss Xu's strong personality, even Ji Luyi would not be able to handle it."

Who knew that right after he finished, Jiang Siming would start putting on his jacket, and could not help but ask curiously: "Young Master Jiang, what are you doing?"

Jiang Siming had a face full of worry, "Although Ji Luyi is in charge of the Ji Group, this person is a vile and petty person. Fang Zhou denied his face in front of so many people, he will definitely think of a way to take revenge on Fang Zhou. "

When Zhao Ran heard this, he was enlightened. He immediately jumped up from the sofa and swore: "Young Master Jiang, don't worry, I will send someone to find Miss Xu right now."

But at this time, the sky had already darkened, and the clubhouse had closed again. Zhao Ran had basically no leads at all.

Xu Fangzhou was like a drop in the ocean in the gigantic city East City with a population of twenty million, it was hard to find.

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