Love-Struck Prince/C15 signal appearance
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Love-Struck Prince/C15 signal appearance
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C15 signal appearance

In order to find Xu Fangzhou, both Jiang Siming and Zhao Ran were extremely busy.

Jiang Siming had even mobilized the power of the police to carry out a big search of the city.

The people in the east side of the city were terrified. Everyone knew that Young Master Jiang was looking for someone.

As for why, no one knew.

Some said that it was because of the joint investment of this woman and the Chiang.

Even more people felt that this woman was pregnant with Young Master Jiang's child.

Young Master Jiang looked down on the child. His mother came from a family that insisted that she beat them up.

The woman ran off with the child in a fit of rage.

Suddenly, there were different opinions.

There were even a few media outlets who were doing good things in the name of interviews, secretly conducting investigations.

Jiang Siming sat on the sofa and took off his eyes, tiredly rubbing the roots of his mountain.

His straight, sword-like eyebrows were scrunched together, and his face was filled with fatigue.

This was exactly the scene Zhao Ran saw when he first entered.

He passed the brewed coffee to Jiang Siming and asked puzzledly, "Young Master Jiang, aren't you trying too hard? You didn't sleep for three days and three nights just to find a woman? "What, fell in?"

Jiang Siming shook his head, his blue eyes revealed an unquestionable look.

"Ji Luyi is a vindictive person, she still has the information on tax evasion and evasion in the Ji Group, what do you think the consequences would be if Ji Luyi finds out?"

Zhao Ran couldn't help but feel his hair stand on end, and make a throat slitting gesture. But who knew that Jiang Siming didn't pay attention to him.

Zhao Ran could not help but tease, "Are you serious? It can't be that Young Master Jiang has other plans, right? "

Jiang Siming could not be bothered and pointed to the door.

The meaning of this was obvious, it was telling Zhao Ran to scram.

Zhao Ran rubbed his nose, then started to walk out. However, halfway through, he was suddenly called out to by Jiang Siming.

The man turned his head, "Use double the price to buy all the electronic advertising screens in the CBD area and broadcast Xu Fangzhou's picture 24 hours a day. I don't believe that we won't be able to find her even if we flip the entire East City."

That night, in East City.

Almost all of the popular billboards had been replaced with Xu Fangzhou!

Everyone could not help but be attracted by Xu Fangzhou's appearance and stopped to look at her. They all sighed at her beauty, afraid that she would become a rising star in the art world.

At this moment, this' future star 'was doing odd jobs in a convenience store on the outskirts of the city.

It turned out that after Xu Fangzhou left the clubhouse, she had no other choice. Since she didn't want to go to Jiang Siming's place, she could only find a place to recruit temporary workers.

She was afraid that someone would find her, so she intentionally concealed her real name.

He also worked in a hat every day, which caused his face to be covered in dirt. Therefore, no one really noticed.

She was the beautiful woman on the CBD area's electronic ad screen who was being rolled around 24 hours a day.

Although the traffic in this small shop in the outskirts of the city was not very developed, for Xu Fangzhou, it had one benefit: it was very close to the Xu mausoleum garden.

Almost every day, she would hike to the mausoleum garden to pay her respects to her father, who had been lying there forever.

When she returned to the shop after paying her respects to her father, she found that Manager had taken out an old computer from under the shelves.

The computer was covered with a thick layer of dust, so almost no one dared to touch it, causing Xu Fangzhou to suddenly have a thought.

She volunteered to clean up the computer, but asked Manager to let her use it when she had free time.

Seeing that the newcomer was neither talkative nor superfluous, but also hardworking, Manager readily agreed to her request.

Xu Fangzhou quickly cleaned up the computer, and then took out the Euphrates that she had held in her hands.

Revenge against the Ji Group was something she would never dare forget for a single moment.

In these past few days, she had been busy working hard for her livelihood, so she did not have the time to properly organize the information she received from Jiang Siming.

This was a good opportunity. No one disturbed her or bothered her.

She wanted to see how the Jiang family had leveled the accounts over the years.

As Xu Fangzhou delved deeper, many of the Ji Group s who used legal loopholes to evade taxes slowly came to the surface.

But at the same time, Xu Fangzhou's location was exposed by the excellent disk inserted into the computer.

It turned out that for safety reasons, everything that Jiang Siming gave Xu Fangzhou seemed to have a positioning function, which was no exception.

It was just that previously, Xu Fangzhou was too anxious and did not have the chance to connect the You Pan to any electric equipment, so it could not function properly.

Right now, You Pan was plugged into the computer, and the signal was transmitted to the information department of Jiang Group in an unending stream.

The signal receiver put down his earphones, and quickly ran towards Jiang Siming's office.

He ran until he was out of breath, and then he rushed in and said, "Young, Young Master Jiang, there's ?" There are clues! "

At this time, Jiang Siming was in the middle of convening a meeting of the Executive, and seeing that someone had suddenly charged in, a dozen or so Executive s' eyes turned towards the signal receiver in unison.

His face turned red as he watched. He could not help but beat his drum in his heart, thinking that he would definitely get into trouble this time.

But instead of blaming him, the CEO suddenly announced the suspension of the meeting and walked towards him.

Zhao Ran teased from the side, "Tomorrow, all the Executive s will definitely ask everywhere to find out what kind of person is this tiny signal source, to actually be able to cause Young Master Jiang to temporarily suspend such an important meeting ~"

In the end, the man simply ignored him. Instead, he lifted his chin and asked in his usual cold voice, "Where is he?"

"Suburb of East City, near Evergreen Graveyard."

"Very good." Jiang Siming patted the signalling officer's shoulder, turned and said to Zhao Ran, "Give him thirty-six months of salary as encouragement, then directly transfer him to the information department to be the supervisor."

The receiver froze on the spot. He never thought that the weak signal he received would be so important to the CEO.

Zhao Ran patted his shoulder, "Don't make such a big fuss, our boss has been abnormal all this time."

At this time, Jiang Siming had already picked up his jacket and left the conference room without looking back.

He hurriedly started the car and looked ahead with glowing eyes.

Xu Fangzhou, just you wait.

If you disappear for three days without a reason, I will show you the rules of the Jiang Residence s.

Jiang Siming drove all the way to the outskirts of the city, who knew that before he even entered the Evergreen Graveyard of Graveyard, the signal would be cut off.

No matter how he patted the guidance, there was no response. Jiang Siming parked the car at the side and went down on foot to find Xu Fangzhou.

There was a rotten cement road at the outskirts of East City. After passing this road, they would reach the Evergreen Graveyard.

Just as Jiang Siming was about to call Zhao Ran to reposition himself, he suddenly saw a familiar figure flash past him.

That was ? Xu Fangzhou!

Jiang Siming suddenly remembered, this Evergreen Graveyard was once a Xu family project, so some people called this place the Xu mausoleum garden.

Thinking about that, Jiang Siming immediately followed.

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