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Love-Struck Prince/C17 slow-drawing
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C17 slow-drawing

Since Jiang Siming was interested in him, rather than fighting against him everywhere, it would be better to just follow his instructions, and slowly draw the information.

As long as she could take revenge for her father, she didn't mind suffering a slight grievance.

When Jiang Siming returned from work, he handed the jacket over to the servant waiting at the side. Then, he reached out and hugged Xu Fangzhou's waist.

With his usual cold voice, he said, "You can bring up anything you want, but there's no way to obtain more information!"

Xu Fangzhou pushed his arm away uncomfortably and forced a smile, "Young master Jiang, how could I dare trouble you with these matters? I just want to see you work a very tiring day and want to do something to reward you. "

The man remained unfazed when he heard that, "Do you want to reward me? Last time you said you wanted to make breakfast, you ruined the burglary system of the whole house. Last time I said I was going to clean the toilet, I got stuck in the sewer in half the community. I don't know where you got your confidence from either, Miss Xu.

A trace of a smile flashed in the man's deep eyes.

Xu Fangzhou uncomfortably shrugged her shoulders, pretended to be calm, and said, "Those were only accidents, this time I am using the thing that I am the best at to reward you with."

The man raised an eyebrow, then saw Xu Fangzhou patting her hands, and the servants filed in.

"This is a new wine that I concocted based on my memory from last time. There are a total of 12 flavors. Young master Jiang, do you want to try?"

The cold face of the Chiang suddenly revealed a trace of interest.

He reached for a glass, and before he could bring it to his lips, he said, "This is a nine-cent brandy. You added wormwood to it, so it tastes very long."

He put down his glass and picked up another.

"This is the commander of Singapore. The way you added the soda water was very ingenious, so two distinct colors appeared in the cup."

Jiang Siming explained about the eleven cups of wine in one breath.

Xu Fangzhou listened and nodded her head, praising, "Young Master Jiang is indeed a wine taster."

But when Jiang Siming took the last cup of wine, he suddenly froze.

This was because there were actually seven different colors in the cup of wine. Furthermore, they were clearly separated into seven different colors, and each one was connected to the other like a rainbow.

The man raised his head and glanced at Xu Fangzhou, only to see her crossing her arms, and said complacently: "I know the first 11 will not be difficult for Young Master Jiang, but do you know how I made these types of Young Master Jiang?"

Her smile was like that of a cat that had stolen away its prey. Her eyebrows were curved, and her slightly curly long hair was casually draped over her shoulders.

Her delicate chin and slender neck outlined a perfect curve.

The man's heart skipped a beat and he slightly narrowed his eyes.

However, Xu Fangzhou was completely oblivious to it. She raised her wine cup and proudly explained, "This Rainbow Wine is a base wine made from Shandoli Brandy, and then used as an auxiliary wine made from the Hippopotamus with coloured mint wine, as well as pomegranate syrup and my special secret recipe ?"

Before she could finish, she was suddenly pulled into his embrace, and a magnetic male voice came from above Xu Fangzhou's head.

"You called it a rainbow?"

Xu Fangzhou nodded.

The man took the wine from her hands and first gave Xu Fangzhou a sip, then tyrannically leaned over and said, "Then I'll try it and see what the rainbow really tastes like."

Xu Fangzhou's face flushed red from his kiss. She could not help but push him away, but she was imprisoned in her arms ?

Jiang Siming grabbed Xu Fangzhou's chin, and said with squinted eyes, "If Miss Xu really wants to reward me next time, I don't need to spend so much time and effort on making these wine, I might as well reward you with your sincerity."

Hearing that, Xu Fangzhou became anxious, and opened her mouth saying, "Young master Jiang must be joking, I am in your embrace now, let alone your heart."

The man's eyes became completely infatuated with a line, and then, he stretched out his hand to pull Xu Fangzhou's hand out from his bag.

Coincidentally, Xu Fangzhou's hand was holding onto a block of imprint mud.

So the reason why Xu Fangzhou had arranged such a long chain was because she wanted to print her key when Jiang Siming wasn't paying attention.

She knew that Jiang Siming would not return the information to her, so she wanted to secretly imprint Jiang Siming's key onto it in order to sneak into his study and steal the information.

Who would have thought that he would be caught red-handed so quickly? He couldn't help but feel somewhat dispirited.

The man said in an unfriendly tone, "There's a bug eavesdropping at the front, and an imprint of the key at the back. The Miss Xu sure has a lot of tricks up their sleeves."

Xu Fangzhou saw that he had found out, and was too lazy to continue acting, and said with a stern face: "Why did you take away my information? I worked hard to make it up. "

Jiang Siming's grip on her became stronger, forcing her to look at him.

"You sorted it out?" The man couldn't help but snort coldly.

"Don't forget, when you took the information, what did you promise me?" Only in my bed. "

Xu Fangzhou felt that this man was simply a scoundrel. He went back on his words and he couldn't help but struggle with the hand that he had grabbed with all his might.

Who knew that the harder she used, the stronger Jiang Siming became. In the end, he almost picked Xu Fangzhou up.

The man gritted his teeth, and said word by word. "Is it in your heart, that the most important thing is to take revenge on Ji Luyi?"

Xu Fangzhou glared fiercely at him and said, "That's right, my Xu Group was defeated because of Ji Luyi, so everything I do is for revenge."

Hearing that, Jiang Siming angrily let go of Xu Fangzhou's hand.

"If you want to take revenge, I'll grant you that wish. My Jiang Group's subsidiary company is still missing a servant. As long as you are willing to take the job, I'll give you the information."

Going to the company to do odd jobs was much better than going to bed to look at information.

Xu Fangzhou agreed without hesitation.

However, she did not expect that this odd job would not receive a single cent in salary.

Jiang Siming was simply squeezing out her remaining labour.

However, in order to obtain the information, Xu Fangzhou endured it and on the first day, she went to the company to report.

The company is a film and television company, filled with a large number of entertainment-related jobs.

There were all sorts of editors, photographers, and lamplighters.

It was like opening the door to a new world for a man of financial background.

It was a pity that Xu Fangzhou only had her ID card for a temporary worker, so no one wanted to chat with her for long.

When people found out that the temporary worker had come through the back door, they couldn't help but look at her with a hint of disdain.

But Xu Fangzhou was enjoying herself. She moved the sample from the first floor to the seventh floor, and then from the seventh floor to the first floor without a single complaint.

At this time, in the photography department, seeing a little girl doing such heavy work, it was a little apologetic. She called Xu Fangzhou over and taught him, "Your looks are not bad, and your figure ratio is also so good. Why do you need to do such heavy work? "Why don't you fill out an application and transfer it to the model department!"

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