Love-Struck Prince/C18 sudden popularity
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Love-Struck Prince/C18 sudden popularity
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C18 sudden popularity

Xu Fangzhou thought, nothing could work.

If it wasn't for your boss's approval, no one would have been able to make the decision to transfer my position.

However, he still gave a kind smile to the colleague who had kindly offered this suggestion.

Who knew that her colleague from the photography department would still not give up and insisted on taking two samples from Xu Fangzhou, indicating that if there was a chance, she would recommend them to the Director General.

Xu Fangzhou nodded his head in thanks, but in her heart, she did not think much of it.

He didn't expect that the door would be full of people the next day when he went to work.

People were still talking as she approached.

Some sort of tomorrow star had finally appeared.

In ten years, he had never found such a photogenic model.

Playboy's invitation had arrived.

Xu Fangzhou was still thinking where did these resources come from, when the colleague who took her picture yesterday suddenly scuttled over. He grabbed hold of Xu Fangzhou's hand and said, "So you're the one who showed up earlier at the CBD region, the Bright Star of the Sun?"

Xu Fangzhou was completely dumbfounded when she heard Zhao Ran coughing on the side, "Miss Xu, you went missing. In order to find you, Young Master Jiang rented all the electronic advertising channels in the CBD region and played your photos on loop, causing quite a sensation."

Xu Fangzhou's mouth practically turned into an 'O' shape, and only after a long while did she ask, "Why are you here?"

"Young Master Jiang needs to go abroad for two days for an ad hoc meeting. I would like to ask Miss Xu if there's anything he wants he can bring back for you."

Hearing that Jiang Siming wanted to leave the country, Xu Fangzhou was overjoyed. She pushed Zhao Ran again and again, "Wishing him a pleasant journey, I don't need anything."

Jiang Siming sat in a long-limbed Lincoln not too far away from him. From afar, he saw Xu Fangzhou driving Zhao Ran away full of vigor.

He could not help but feel that his Cats had returned.

With much difficulty, Xu Fangzhou managed to settle Zhao Ran's situation. Turning her head to look, her colleague from the photographic department was still standing at the same spot, frowning, "What's the situation with you?"

A colleague from the photographic department swallowed his saliva and said in disbelief, "Little Xu, it seems like you have a good relationship with special assistance Zhao!"

Xu Fangzhou was afraid that if she continued talking, she would expose her relationship with Jiang Siming. She could not help but let out a dry laugh, and vaguely explained, "It's not bad, the reason why I came here to work is because of his recommendation."

His colleague immediately looked at Xu Fangzhou up and down, rubbing her hands, "So that's how it is. Your photo from before was placed on the CBD's electronic advertising screen.

Xu Fangzhou had never thought that Jiang Siming would actually do such a thing in order to find her. It would be a lie if she said that she wasn't moved, but she didn't know how to face Jiang Siming at that moment.

He could not help but lower his head, wanting to leave in silence.

Who knew that just as she lifted her leg, she was stopped by her colleague, saying loudly, "Little Xu, you can't leave now. Countless magazines have sent you invitations to be a model. "

"What?!" Xu Fangzhou was shocked.

His colleague nodded, "Didn't I take two samples for you yesterday? I thought the effect was pretty good, so I posted it on the company website. Who would have thought that when they arrived this morning, all the major magazines would have their mailboxes stuffed to the brim? "

Xu Fangzhou finally realised that the model that everyone was talking about, the Star of the Day and that time magazine, had actually been her!

Though she had been an obscure temp.

But now, because of these two photos, he had suddenly become the model industry's new favorite.

Even Xu Fangzhou, who was used to seeing high class social circles and extravagant fashion, found it hard to look at.

Initially, she had no interest in entering this business, but because of their great kindness, Xu Fangzhou had accepted an invitation from a magazine he liked, < Ear of the Flowers >.

The magazine, which is a must-read journal for almost all fashion women, is divided into electronic and physical versions.

Due to Xu Fangzhou's addition, the magazine had specially made an supplement for Xu Fangzhou, and had even taken her forced photo as a form of publicity, posting it on various big portals.

Even in his dreams, Shangguan Xinyan would never imagine that the day would come when he would wake up and see the overwhelming Xu Fangzhou.

For a moment she bit off her nails.

This woman was clearly the laughingstock of the upper class. How could she have obtained such a good resource?

She definitely wouldn't allow it!

Yes, she would not allow it.

Shangguan Xinyan picked up the phone and quickly dialed a number.

Xu Fangzhou had not even left for more than two days, when messages suddenly flooded in from all directions.

Some said that she was the mistress of an official. In order to become famous, she did not hesitate to waggle her tail and beg an official older than her father. This was the reason why she was able to earn such a good fortune.

Other people said that she was a second house to the customer, who decided to support her, so he just bought all the CD area electronic billboards and played them 24 hours a day just to make them look familiar to the public.

Of all the gossip, the most notable was that of a wife.

She accused Xu Fangzhou of being a mistress, stealing her husband and breaking up her family.

She was left alone with her child.

When Xu Fangzhou browsed through these messages on the internet, she felt ashamed for the person who made this up.

This was because most of these stories could find the original story and throw black water at her was just a way of ending the story and changing the name.

If there was anyone who believed him like this, Xu Fangzhou would really be worried for their intelligence.

Who knew that at this time, the colleague from the photographic department suddenly scuttled out, pulling Xu Fangzhou along as he said, "Little Xu, why are you still here, quickly hide!"

Xu Fangzhou didn't even have the time to close the computer before he was dragged out, as she asked, "What's going on?"

"They say you're Little San, but did you see the post written by the original Madam?"

Xu Fangzhou nodded.

"They've come looking for us, but even security can't stop them. If you don't leave, tomorrow will be the headlines of the social news!"

Xu Fangzhou felt that she was not afraid of anyone causing trouble for him.

But when she reached the corridor, she realized she was wrong.

Not only did the middle-aged woman bring dozens of people to make trouble, more importantly, there was a person standing beside her.

Xu Fangzhou could not be more familiar with this person, it was the Shangguan Xinyan she had mocked many times before.

Shangguan Xinyan was the illegitimate daughter of the Shangguan family, and she had been a fox since she was young.

Originally, Xu Fangzhou was disdained to be associated with this kind of people, and also disdained to befriend them.

But who knew that Shangguan Xinyan had set her sights on Xu Fangzhou's best friend, Shangguan Yilu, and even framed her for killing people, sending her to the prison.

From then on, Xu Fangzhou and her were irreconcilable, until the point that she had failed, Shangguan Xinyan had started to take revenge on Xu Fangzhou even more madly.

Now that this person had appeared next to the middle-aged woman, knew very well what he was doing.

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