Love-Struck Prince/C19 Looking for trouble again
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Love-Struck Prince/C19 Looking for trouble again
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C19 Looking for trouble again

This guy was looking for trouble again!

Jiang Siming had yet to return home, but he had rashly went up to exchange blows with Shangguan Xinyan, and did not see any good results.

Furthermore, this woman used all sorts of underhanded methods. Who knew what tricks she still had up her sleeve?

He immediately changed directions and prepared to leave the company through the back door with his colleagues.

Who knew that before she reached the staircase, she would hear someone pointing at her from behind.

The scum of society, the scum of men.

In order to make a name for himself, he didn't care about his reputation anymore.

Relying on his youth, he was able to make a fool of others, and was even able to break apart other people's families.

Xu Fangzhou thought that after experiencing so many things, his temper had long been sharpened to the point where there was no point to it.

However, after only taking a few steps, she couldn't help but turn her head around.

He pointed to the people who were pointing at her and said, "Do you have evidence? You're talking nonsense here? If there's no evidence, this is slander, you know? It's slander! "

After being scolded by her, the surrounding crowd suddenly fell silent.

However, he had come to capture ? At this moment, the original wife rushed up to him.

Shangguan Xinyan followed closely behind, seeing that Xu Fangzhou's words were resonating, she waved her hand and asked the bodyguard to take out the previously synthesized picture.

"You want evidence, this is evidence!"

The first photo was of a man and his wife, a family of three.

The second one was where Xu Fangzhou played with the man.

Xu Fangzhou was beyond angry, and pointed at Shangguan Xinyan: "You are truly despicable, in order to discredit me, you even made such a thing?"

Shangguan Xinyan laughed proudly, "No, no, compared to you meddling in other people's families and breaking up their relationship, what I did was nothing more than a drop in the ocean."

"I've never done it!" Xu Fangzhou said resolutely.

However, how could anyone listen to her weak argument?

However, the good news crowd had already been angered by the combination of several photos.

They all looked at Xu Fangzhou with disdain, and continuously cursed at him.

If the grievances that Xu Fangzhou had suffered before was a social injustice, then the scolding that she was now receiving came from the people's imaginations.

And the only reason why people thought about it was because of one person ? ? Shangguan Xinyan.

Xu Fangzhou was infuriated, she went up and slapped Shangguan Xinyan.

Shangguan Xinyan was startled by the attack, she never thought that this woman, who was attacked from all sides, would actually be able to make such a powerful counterattack.

She repeatedly called out to her bodyguards to hold Xu Fangzhou down, she wanted to teach this woman a lesson.

Even if he was pressed down to the point that he couldn't move, Xu Fangzhou's gaze towards her was not one bit timid.

Shangguan Xinyan hated her eyes the most. She had the same expression as Shangguan Yilu, as if she felt that she was forever on top of him.

She was going to pull her down, pull them down, let them know who the real winner was.

However, just as she raised her hand, she was suddenly grabbed by someone.

Shangguan Xinyan turned her head to look, and she did not know when Zhao Ran had appeared beside her.

Shangguan Xinyan immediately retracted her hand, "Young Master Jiang, you're mistaken, I just wanted to have a joke with Fang Zhou."

"A joke?" The man's cold voice did not contain any emotion, he bent down to pick up the photo, and turned to Zhao Ran and asked.

"What does slander say in our criminal law?"

Zhao Ran continued, "Article 246 of the Criminal Law, intentionally fabricating and spreading fictitious facts, is enough to downgrade another person's character and damage their reputation.

Jiang Siming threw the picture onto Shangguan Xinyan's face, "Such an exquisite picture, is it a joke or a slander? Shangguan Xinyan, you should know this in your heart! "

Once Shangguan Xinyan fell and sat down, she wanted to pull Jiang Siming down and let him hear her explain, but Jiang Siming had no mood to bother with her.

He then quickly walked to Xu Fangzhou's side, took off his jacket and put it on her.

He didn't say anything, but everyone in the company knew it.

This so called star of the next day, was actually Big Boss Jiang Siming's woman!

The onlookers immediately went silent in fear, afraid that their future boss or his wife would come after them to settle the score. All of a sudden, they dispersed.

Xu Fangzhou held Jiang Siming's hand tightly and followed him out of the shop.

For Jiang Siming to suddenly appear and save the situation, it would be a lie to say that he was not moved.

But like this, his work as a errand boy was completely gone. Seeing that the information he had brought back was still far away, Xu Fangzhou could not help but look at Jiang Siming with an aggrieved expression.

Jiang Siming did not reply to her gaze, but instead said steadily, "You have fulfilled your promise, so not only will I return that information to you, I will also prepare a great gift for Ji Luyi!"

Old Man Ji is in his fifties this year, and is an influential figure in both the red and white sides of the East City.

According to the local custom, it was impossible to live past one's birthday.

Therefore, Ji Luyi had long since started to organize a birthday feast for his father.

On the day of his birthday, Ji Luyi booked the best restaurant in the world, Spanish Girona.

After that, he spread out the invitation card and invited all the famous people in East City over. It could be considered a hall full of guests.

Of course, the most essential one was the leader of the Jiang Group, the youngest CEO in history, Jiang Siming.

When they found out that Jiang Siming was willing to come, not only Ji Luyi, but even Shangguan Xinyan felt that he had a lot of face as they held Ji Luyi's hand and said, "Dearest, Young Master Jiang must have already seen through Xu Fangzhou's disguise and found out what kind of woman she was, that's why he agreed to attend the old man's banquet to reconcile with you."

Ji Luyi turned his head and looked at the beautiful woman in his arms. Although Shangguan Xinyan was gentle and considerate to him, in his heart, he was still thinking about Xu Fangzhou.

He had once begged Xu Fangzhou to reconcile with him once again, but to no avail as he angrily bought the clubhouse where Xu Fangzhou worked and chased her out.

He had originally thought that Xu Fangzhou would come to find him in a desperate situation.

Who knew that she would never hear any news of Xu Fangzhou again.

Where the hell have you been?

Ji Luyi was lost in thought.

Shangguan Xinyan pouted, "Darling, what are you thinking? "They're all ignoring me ~"

Of course Ji Luyi couldn't tell her what he was thinking.

He lifted his hand to his watch and said vaguely, "It's getting late, baby. We should get in. Although this is my father's birthday banquet, you are the only one present, Xu Fangzhou! "

After Shangguan Xinyan heard this, she shyly leaned her head against his shoulder.

He was secretly delighted in his heart.

Xu Fangzhou, what are you going to use to compete with me?

Your identity or your man.

It's all mine now.

All of them!

Ji Luyi made this birthday banquet look completely different. Not only did he invite the world-class superstars, he even invited the hosts to be on the internationally class.

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